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Our new maid episode 25 & 26

( I saw her first)💕
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
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Episode 25
Authoress p.o.v
Nathan call came into olive phone . “Oh I have forgotten I promise to s£nd Nathan some pictures” olive said and end the call she s£nt the pictures she snap with my father to Nathan and Wyatt “I will be traveling out of this country tommorow” she said to Herself.
Nathan call come in again and she picked at the first ring. “Hi Olive” Nathan greet. “How are you doing” Nathan asked. “Am not fine” Nathan replied.
“Why what happen to you” olive asked concern. “Olive you caused it is because I missed you I really missed you Alot” Nathan said.
“Don’t worry everything will soon be over” olive said. “Are you sure?” Nathan asked. “Trust me” olive replied.
“If you say so” Nathan replied. “Have you seen the pictures I s£nt you?” Olive asked. “Picture! I didn’t see any pictures” Nathan replied. “check your phone” olive replied and end the call.
“Olive thank you very much I really appreciate you I don’t believe I can be a manager one day, am very happy thank you very much may God continue to bless you” Kate said.
“We are friends and you deserve it” olive said. “Thank you very much” Kate said. “Let me show you to your office and round the company” olive said “okay” Kate replied happily and olive show her round the company.
“This is your office” olive said. “Wow thank you very much” Kate said and ran to sit on the office chair. “Wow I feel comfortable on it” Kate said.
“Can I start work today?” Kate asked. “No you will start on Monday let go home” olive said.
“Why now I feel like starting today” Kate said. Olive drag her up from the chair. “Let go home you need some rest” olive said.
“Bye bye my new chair I will see you on Monday” Kate said. “I will give you the key to your house and car when we get home” olive said.
“You bought me a car?” Kate asked happily. “Yes Is my right to give you a car” olive said. “Thank you very much olive you are my angel” Kate said.
Nathan open the message and was surprised to see olive with her father. “Is this not mr Thompson?” Nathan asked hiself and went out search for his pictures on net.
“Yes he’s the one what’s olive doing with Mr Thompson, maybe she’s one of his family, no she can’t be one of his family and she’s working as maid Mr Thompson is very kind none of his family is poor” he thought and went out check the picture again.
“I and my lovely father. Don’t be surprised I only pretend to be poor because I am searching for true love” olive wrote under the pictures.
“No it can’t be eyes are deceiving me” Nathan said and dial olive number.
“Mum olive s£nd a picture of her and her father” Wyatt said. “I told you she’s the popular Mr Thompson daughter” Mrs Logan said.
“What is the next step now?” Mrs Logan asked. “Am going to see Nathan I felt olive like her, I wants to see his reaction when he sees the pictures cause am sure olive will also s£nd him the picture” Wyatt said.
“That’s a good idea s£nd my regards to him” Mrs Logan said.
“Olive are those pictures real?” Nathan asked. “Yes is real am sorry for deceiving you” olive said.
“But you don’t have to do that” Nathan said. “I Know” olive replied. “Am very sorry” she said. “Are you alone?” Olive asked.
“Yes” Nathan replied not knowing Wyatt is at his office door listening to him. “I want to call my address for you I don’t want to s£nd it for security reasons” olive said.
Olive call the address for Nathan and asked him to call it back for her to be sure if Nathan get it right.
Nathan call it out and Wyatt brought out his phone to type the address Wyatt type the address and save it on his phone. “Thank you very much olive I love you and promise not to dissapoint you” Nathan said.
“Alright I will call you back” olive said and end the call. Wyatt wait for some minutes before he enter his office.
“What are you doing here?” Wyatt asked Keeping the paper he wrote the address away from Wyatt.
“Relax brother am not here to fight you I came to apologize, am sorry for insulting you” Wyatt said.
“Are you sure you’re sorry” Nathan asked. “Sure I promise you. I won’t fight you even though you’re the one that see her first you deserve to be happy” Wyatt said.
“Wow thank you very much” Nathan replied. “Have you forgiven me?” Wyatt asked. “Sure a long time ago” Nathan replied.
“If you want me to believe you have forgiven me come back to the house” Wyatt said. “Wyatt that’s not possible I can’t come back” Nathan said.
“If you cant come back can I come to stay with you? Cause I can’t stay in that house without you” Wyatt said.
“Sure you can” Nathan replied. “Thanks brother” Wyatt said happily and hug his brother.
“Let me go and pack some of my clothes” Wyatt said. “Alright” Nathan replied. “Fool” Wyatt muttered and went out.
“Mum can you imagine olive s£nt Nathan the address” Wyatt said. “Really olive is being partial and that’s bad” Mrs Logan said.
“Don’t worry mum I Know what to do” Wyatt said and went inside his room to pack some of his clothes.
“Where are you going to?” Mrs Logan asked. “To Nathan house” Wyatt replied.
“What are you going there for?” Mrs Logan asked. “I will gist you when I get there” Wyatt said and peck her cheeks.
Two days later.
Nathan dressed up ready to go get olive. “Brother where are you going to dressed like this?” Wyatt asked.
“Am going to find olive” Nathan replied. “Oh that’s nice am also going to find her today” Wyatt replied.
“That’s good I wish you good luck” Nathan said. He got into his car and drove off.
He was about to get to the Airport before two of his car tyres remove and he lost break his car hit a moving trailer. The only thing he heard before he close his eyes is. “Ha”
Episode 26
Authoress p.o.v
“The only thing he heard before he close his eyes. Is “Ha” A man rushed down from his car and carried him to his car.
His wife took Nathan phone along with them. And they both rushed him to the hospital.
The wife went back to his car to take Nathan phone. “thank God the phone is unlocked” she said and dial the last number on his call log which is Mr Logan number.
“Hello Nathan how are you doing” Mr Logan said from the other end of the call.
“hi this is not Nathan I am Mrs joe, Nathan is in a very critical condition right now” Mrs joe said.
“What!!! Nathan what happen to my son” Mr Logan asked.
“He has an accident and we have rushed him to the nearest hospital” Mrs joe replied.
“s£nd me the address please” Mr Logan said with a shaken voice.
“What happens to Nathan darling?” Mrs Logan asked.
“They said he’s involved in an accident” Mr Logan replied.
“What!! My son hope he’s fine” Mrs Logan asked.
“I don’t know” Mr Logan replied. “Where’s the address.
” Mrs Logan asked crying. “Am waiting for the caller to s£nd the address” Mr Logan replied.
“s£nding the address will take Alot of time you should have tell her to call it for you instead.
Nothing must happen to him” Mrs Logan said.
“Sarah calm down am sure he’s fine” Mr Logan said.
“He should better be fine” Mrs Logan replied.
A message enter into Mr Logan phone. “She just s£nd the address let go” Mr Logan said and Mrs Logan went out with him.
Mr and Mrs Logan rushed into the hospital and went straight to the reception.
“Where’s my son” Mrs Logan asked crying. “Who’s your son madam?” the nurses asked.
“Nathan dummy” Mrs Logan replied. “Excuse me are you Nathan parents?” Mr and Mrs joe asked.
“Yes” Mrs Logan replied. “I am the one that call you earlier” the woman said and Mrs Logan lock her by her cloth.
“What did you do to my son?” Mrs Logan asked angrily.
“Madam calm down I didn’t do anything to your son” Mrs joe replied.
“Don’t tell me to calm down where’s my son and what did you do to him?” Mrs Logan asked.
“I didn’t do anything to him. I and my husband are good Samaritan that help your son” Mrs joe replied.
“Sarah leave the woman alone” Mr Logan said.
The doctor come out and Mrs Logan left Mrs joe cloth and rushed to the doctor.
“Doctor how is my son?” Mrs Logan asked. “Who’s your son” the doctor asked her.
“The guy we rushed in earlier” Mr Joe replied.
“Oh that guy see me in my office” the doctor said and went to his office.
Mrs Logan phone rang. “Excuse me I will be right back to go to the doctor office without me” Mrs Logan said to her husband.
“Hello Wyatt where the hell are you, didn’t you hear that your brother was involved in an accident and he is in the hospital?” Mrs Logan shouted angrily.
“It’s none of my business” Wyatt replied. “Are you crazy how could you tell me your brother health is none of your business” Mrs Logan said.
“Mum guess what?” Wyatt said. “You’re not serious I am not guessing anything” Mrs Logan replied.
“Fine I will tell you I am close to the address olive s£nt Nathan” Wyatt said.
“Let me get this straight olive s£nt Nathan her address and you outsmart him, don’t tell me you’re the one the cause of his accident” Mrs Logan said angrily.
“Mum calm down I did it to delay him and it’s for our own good” Wyatt said.
“You must be crazy for saying that, you make your brother have an accident because of your selfish interest” Mrs Logan said.
“Mum I will talk to you later bye I love you” Wyatt said and end the call.
“Oh no what have this boy done” Mrs Logan said and rushed to meet her husband.
Olive went out for shopping “I need to look good and sweet for Nathan” she said happily.
She came back hours later and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.
She put on a leather short skirt and a leader shirt she packed her hair in a perfect ponytail and apply a l!p gloss she looks at herself in the mirror and she smile satisfying by her look.
later she dial Nathan number to knew if he is still coming or near.
But the number is switched off. “What happens to his number I called him with this number this morning and he told me he’s on his way” olive thought.
“Maybe he has flat battery” she said and dropped the phone. “Why’s he not here” olive thought worriedly.
The door bell rang and olive stand up happily and rearrange her dress she opened the door and was surprised to see Wyatt.
“Wyatt” she called with a surprise look on her face.
“how are you my darling aren’t you happy to see me or should I say you’re surprised” Wyatt said.
“I am happy am just surprised” olive replied. “can I come in?” Wyatt asked.
“sure olive replied. Wyatt went inside the sitting room and sat on the sofa.
“wow this place is beautiful” Wyatt said. olive went to the kitchen to get Wyatt a drink.
“why’s Wyatt here did Nathan gave him the address” olive thought and dial Nathan number.
“oh no switched off again” olive thought and went to the living room.
“how did you get to this place?” olive asked. “I did research I can do anything to get what I want” Wyatt said. “really?” olive said with a fake smile.
“Doctor how is he?” Mrs Logan asked. “he is not fine at all” the doctor said.
“what did you mean by he is not fine” Mr Logan asked.
“his chance of surviving is very little when I said little I mean 10 percent the doctor said. “what!!!!” Mrs Logan shouted and fall on her knee.


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