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Our new maid episode 19 & 20

( I saw her first)💕
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
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Episode 19
Authoress p.o.v
“don’t tell me to calm down” Wyatt shouted.
“get out of my office” Nathan said. “I won’t” Wyatt replied shouting.
“enough” olive shouted and they both keep quiet.
“You guys really dissapoint me most Especially you Wyatt. Wyatt what’s your problem are you me or Cynthia?” Olive asked angrily.
“Olive am very sorry I really love you and am thinking to confess to you before this promiscuous brother of mine beat me to it” Wyatt said.
“Let me get this straight you also love me but you didn’t tell me, why don’t you tell me before now?” Olive asked.
“Am very sorry I didn’t tell you because am afraid of rejection” Wyatt said.
“F*ck you guys” olive said and went out of Nathan office.
Nathan wanted to run after her but Wyatt block his way.
“Can you see what you cause can’t you see Cynthia is here and she really loves you” Wyatt said.
“I don’t have your time now” Nathan said and push him off the way.
He ran out and Wyatt also ran after him. But it was too late cause olive have board a cab to her house.
Nathan use his hand to scatter his hair in frustration.
“This is bullshit” Nathan said and walked to his office and Wyatt follow him.
” Nathan Can you see what you cause, you made olive angry, just pray she comes back.
Why can’t you leave olive to me at least you have Cynthia and I didn’t have any girlfriend” Wyatt said.
“You must be crazy aren’t you aware of what Cynthia did to me” Nathan said.
“But I apologize” Cynthia interrupt. “I didn’t asked for your opinion” Nathan replied him.
“you just have to leave her for me and am sure you will do it” Wyatt said.
“Never, over my dead body.
I have always give you what’s mine but this one u mean this particular one,olive am not giving you, you can do your worst” Nathan said Angrily.
“Really?” Wyatt asked and put his hand in his waist like a woman.
” You’re not gonna give me. The battle line have just been drawn between the both of us” Wyatt said angrily.
“If is war you want am ready for it. Let the battle began” Nathan said.
” So you’re not leave her for me ?” Wyatt asked.
“Read my l!ps I am not going and will never leave her to you, I am ready for the battle I mean what I said and I am not going back” Nathan said.
“Nathan what’s your problem the girl in question doesn’t love you, I really love you, we can start all over again” Cynthia said.
“You must be cr*zy you can start all over again with Wyatt. Am done for today you guys should get out of my office” Nathan said and pushed them out of his office.
“This is just the beginning mark my word” Wyatt said.
“Empty threat” Nathan said with a scoff. “I am not going anywhere I have come to stay” Cynthia said.
Olive enter the house Angrily and sat on the sofa. She breathe in and out. Prissy checked the wall clock and left her mouth open in shock.
“I guess they have sacked you from work. One plus one is equal to two we are in the same level now” prissy said smiling.
“Your wish” olive said and roll her eyes. She keeps breathing.
“What’s wrong with you hope you’re okay?” Prissy asked and sat near her.
“Am in a big mess” olive said. “Mess as how hope you didn’t fight with anyone?” Prissy asked.
“Nope my boss and his brother are in love with me” olive said and prissy burst into laughter.
“Congratulations my darling” prissy said. “What’s funny and why are you congratulating me?” Olive asked.
“Am sorry for laughing. Am congratulating you cause you have finally found love” prissy said.
“Don’t you get it I said my boss and his brother are in love with me” olive said.
“Yeah I know is that not, what you want, you have finally gotten what you want” prissy said.
“I don’t even know why I tell you this i have forgotten you’re s£nseless” olive said.
“Am sorry for laughing but I can’t help it, it very funny. Am sure you will like one of them who did you like?” Prissy asked.
“I like the both of them but I only have feelings for one of them” olive said.
“Wow you have feelings for one of them go for the one you have feelings for then” prissy said.
“Prissy they’re both my friend and they’re siblings I don’t want to cause problem between the both of them.
And am not sure the one I have feelings for truly love me” olive said.
“You’re right, but you need to act fast” prissy said. “Thanks don’t worry I will handle it” olive said and went to her room.
The next day
Olive dropped at Logan’s mansion and breathe in and out before she place a knock on the gate.
“Who’s there?” The security man asked and open the gate.
“Oh it you good morning Oliver and thanks for the other day” the security man greet.
“You’re welcome” olive replied with a smile and went inside.
“Wow Oliver my darling good morning how are you doing?” Mrs Logan greet and engulfed her in a tight hug.
“Mrs Logan I can’t breathe” olive said. “Am sorry my dear hope I didn’t wound you” Mrs Logan said checking her body for any bruise.
“What sup with you why are you acting nice?” Olive asked.
“No am not acting nice I have forgiven you I came to realize what I did to you is also bad.
Am very sorry my daughter” Mrs Logan said.
” point of correction am not your daughter and I have forgiven you a long time ago I don’t take things to heart” olive replied.
“Thanks my darling” Mrs Logan said with a smile.
“Wyatt come down olive is here” Mrs Logan said and Wyatt and Nathan ran down to greet olive.
“Good morning olive” Nathan greet calmly and olive replied with a smile.
Wyatt engulfed her in a hug. “Wyatt calm down don’t suffocate me” olive said.
“Am sorry” Wyatt replied. “Good morning” olive greet Wyatt. “Morning how was your night?” Wyatt replied with a smile.
“My night is fine” olive replied and went to the kitchen to join Kate.
In the dinning.
Olive and Kate serve the family and they also sat down to eat.
Wyatt come down to eat and see Nathan sitting down.
“Good morning Wyatt I greet you this morning and you didn’t replied me” Nathan said calmly.
“I don’t need your greeting” Wyatt said and turn to leave.
“Wyatt” Mr Logan called. “Yes dad” Wyatt replied.
“Where are you going to aren’t you going to have breakfast?” Mr Logan said.
“I can never seat here with this woman snatcher” Wyatt said.
“Wyatt did you realize you’re in my front” Mr Logan said.
“Am sorry dad tell Nathan to Leave my woman alone” Wyatt said.
“Nathan darling, you need to leave his woman alone.
You know he haven’t fallen in love before, though I don’t know the woman he is talking about. But he’s your younger brother and you guys should understand each other better” Mrs Logan said.
( I saw her first)💕
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
Episode 19
Authoress p.o.v
You know he haven’t fallen in love before, though I don’t know the woman he is talking about. But he’s your younger brother and you guys should understand each other better” Mrs Logan said.
“Mum enough why are you always on Wyatt side am I not your son am your first child for crying out loud?” Nathan said angrily.
“No am not at Wyatt side you don’t just understand me you have a fiance you shouldn’t be dragging woman with your kid brother that’s what I mean” Mrs Logan said.
“Sarah I don’t get what are you talking about” Mr Logan said. “It nothing my darling they will sort it out and I can handle it” Mrs Logan said.
“Mum am sure you won’t want me neither Wyatt to get married to the girl I know what am saying” Nathan said.
“Nathan you need to calm down but you have Cynthia you shouldn’t be fighting for any other women” Mr Logan said.
“Dad have you forgotten I told you I and Cynthia aren’t dating anymore” Nathan said.
“Oh Nathan am very sorry I have forgotten” Mr Logan said. “Nathan I won’t say you should leave the girl for your brother atleast let her decide who she wants by herself” Mr Logan said.
“Am sure she will choose me you better back up now” Wyatt said. “Olive” Nathan called. “Yes” olive answered.
“Meet me in the car” Nathan said and went inside his car. Olive stood up from the dinning and Carry her bag.
“Olive darling bye have a nice day” Mrs Logan said and olive flash her a fake smile.
“Olive don’t tell me you’re going with him” Wyatt said. “What does it looks like” olive replied. “Are you angry with me?” Wyatt asked.
“Why asking did it looks like am angry with you” olive replied. “Nope but your answer sounds like you’re fighting with me” Wyatt said.
“Look I am not fighting with you, you’re my friend” olive replied. “Olive just know I am the one good for you, Nathan isn’t good for you, I can kill myself if you didn’t choose me” Wyatt said.
“God forbid why will you kill yourself” olive replied. “That’s because I love you” Wyatt replied.
“Okay I will talk to you later my boss is waiting for me I don’t want to keep him waiting” olive said.
“Don’t worry about Nathan, I will get you a new and better job if he sacked you” Nathan said.
“No thanks I don’t need it” olive said and went out. “Am sorry for keeping you waiting” olive said and enter the car.
Nathan just shake his head I’m response. “Why are you not answering me are we fighting?” Olive asked.
“Nope we are not fighting am just thinking about something’s” Nathan replied.
Olive and Nathan walk inside the company without uttering a word to each other.
2hours later Nathan isn’t still saying anything. “Why did you ask me to come with you when you knew you won’t talk?” Olive asked.
“Am sorry am not just happy am not in a good mood to talk” Nathan replied. “Why aren’t In a good mood is it because of me?” Olive asked.
“Yes olive I knew you will choose Wyatt because Wyatt is opposite of me” Nathan said and olive smile.
“Mum what should we do about this Nathan is also In love with her” Wyatt said.
“I should have told you to Leave her for Nathan cause Nathan Truely loves her. But Nathan won’t agree to our plan” Mrs Logan said.
“Mum this is not about the plan anymore I am also in love with her I just realized it and how sure are you that Nathan didn’t know her secret you knew Nathan is very secretive ” Wyatt said.
“Wyatt am very sure Nathan isn’ aware of it but I don’t have Choice I will have to be at your back because of the benefit.
Don’t worry I will talk to olive and Nathan and I believe they will listen to me” Mrs Logan said.
“They better listen to you” Wyatt said and went out. Cynthia carried her luggages and drag it out.
“Cynthia darling where are you going to?” Mrs Logan said. “Isn’t it obvious I am going back to where I come from” Cynthia said.
“Why did you wanna go, didn’t you love Nathan again?” Mrs Logan said. “I do but Nathan didn’t love me anymore I want to move on with my life” Cynthia said.
Mrs Logan place her hand in Cynthia shoulder. “Cynthia you don’t have to go I will talk to Nathan.
Because I want you for my son and I am very sure he will listen to me” Mrs Logan said.
“he should better listen to you” Cynthia said. “He will, smile for me my dear” Mrs Logan said and Cynthia smile.
“Where’s this foolish girl. “Kate or whatever is your name” Mrs Logan shouted and Kate ran out. “Am here ma” Kate said. “Useless fool take this bag and return it to her room” Mrs Logan said. “Alright ma” Kate replied and ran off.
“Nathan I love you but I don’t want to cause problem between you and your brother, because I knew Wyatt is desperate and can do anything I don’t want him to hurt you” olive said.
“Did you just say you love me” Nathan said and engulfed her in a tight hug. “Look here olive I don’t care if Wyatt is desperate or not” Nathan Said.
“I care I read do Wyatt is also my friend” olive said and I don’t want to be the cause of your fight. But I have a condition” olive said.
“What condition is that? ” Nathan asked. “I will tell you tommorow Wyatt will be also there if I want to tell you” olive said.


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