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Our new maid episode 15 & 16

( I saw her first)💕
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
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Episode 15
Authoress p.o.v
“You don’t have to worry about that they’re fine everything is going well but your father is not fine” Charles said.
Wyatt enter the bar and sat at a corner watching there moves. “He will be fine after all I always pick his call if I decide to go see him am sure he won’t allow me to come back” olive said.
“All the same you still need to visit the old man” Charles said.
“Good evening ma good evening sir, what may I offer you a waitress asked.
“Ask my lady to tell you what she needs first lady first” Charles said and Wyatt was pissed off already where he sat he was fuming in anger.
“Is he trying to flirt with her?” He asked hiself.
Wyatt keeps clenching and unclenching his fist. “alright give me any soft drink” olive said.
“Alright I will be right back” the waitress said and went to get the drink for her.
“So have you finally found a soulmate?” Charles asked.
“Nope I haven’t I am still searching” olive replied. “Not even my brother” Charles said. “which of your brothers?” olive asked. “Nathan of course” Charles replied
“Common I didn’t love him he’s my boss” olive replied.
“Then why did you followed him to his office today?” Charles asked.
“Nope that’s because he want me to go with him” olive replied.
“What if he told you that he loves you” Charles asked.
“Though he’s a very good and gentle guy but I don’t think I will ever accept” olive replied. “But why?” Charles asked.
“I won’t accept because of his mother” olive replied. “How’s that your girlfriend?” Oliver asked trying to change the topic. “she’s fine why are you asking of I thought you never like her” Charles said. “I just didn’t like her because she’s too pompous for my liking” olive replied
” but She’s a very sweet person I don’t just know why you doesn’t love her and she likes you Alot” Charles said.
“You said she’s sweet because you are in love with her and you’re blinded by Love.
that girl is not close to sweet. and she loves me simple because she knew am richer than her, I don’t like how she treats people that are low to her” olive said.
“Hey your earring hook have just remove can help you fit it back?” Charles asked. “Alright” olive said.
And Charles help her put the hook well.
“Oh no” Wyatt shouted Angrily. Wyatt and olive look towards his direction. “Wyatt what are you doing here?” Olive asked.
“Oh olive I never knew you are here” Wyatt said.
“What are you doing here by this time?” Olive asked.
“Oh me you mean me?” Wyatt asked scratching the back of his head.
“Yes you” olive replied “Don’t mind me am waiting for a Friend” Wyatt replied
. “Are you sure you’re waiting for a friend because you’re becoming too obvious this days” olive said.
“I am not lying am really waiting for a Friend” Wyatt said.
“Thank God am not going anywhere I am patiently waiting for your so called friend” olive said.
“Olive let join him since you want to see the friend he his waiting for” Charles said.
“That’s a good idea let do something fun before your friend comes” olive said.
“Cynthia what are you f*cking doing in my room?” Nathan asked angrily.
“Relax babe this is not the first time I would be coming to your room” Cynthia said.
“That was when we are still dating not anymore” Nathan said.
“Sorry to disappoint you my darling no one is going out of this room this night cause your mum have Locked your door and she has taken the key away with her” Cynthia said.
“She dare not lock the door of my room and leave you here. get out of my room right this moment” Nathan said angrily but calmly.
“Relax I should be the one angry but I am not because of the love I have for you” Cynthia said.
“Get angry for what?” Nathan asked. “For letting that dirty girl beat me up” Cynthia said.
“You’re not even ashamed of yourself a girl like you beat you up and you’re still talking. and don’t ever call her dirty cause she’s more neater than you are” Nathan said.
“I Know what you’re trying to do trying to insult me so I can go back it can’t work I have come to stay my darling” Cynthia said.
“Suit yourself” Nathan said and took one of the pillow. “Where are you going to?” Cynthia asked.
“To sleep on the sofa of course” Nathan replied.
“Why will you sleep on the sofa when the bed is big enough to contain the both of us” Cynthia said.
But Nathan ignore her and went to sleep on the sofa.
“Hahaha” Wyatt laugh out load don’t tell me you did all that to your teacher?” Bryan asked.
“Yes I did” olive replied. “I don’t believe you how could you do a thing like that?” Wyatt asked laughing.
“Then you don’t know olive” Charles replied.
“For how long have you know her?” Wyatt asked.
“More than six years” Charles replied. “You’re a lier it six years and a week” olive replied.
“but is still the same thing” Charles said.
“Nope just accept you lied and stop arguing with me” olive said.
“As your lordship pleases” Charles said with a bow. “it’s six months and a month like olive said earlier” Charles said.
“What this is past 11 and your friend hasn’t come his he coming from heaven?” Olive asked.
“Actually I don’t think he will come again” Wyatt said.
“Hu hu” Olive sniff the air. “Why are you sniffing the air?” Wyatt asked.
“I can smell lie” olive said. “Who’s lying? Charles why did you lie to her. Wyatt asked.
“Charles didn’t lie to me but you did” olive replied him.
“but how?” Wyatt asked. “I knew you came here because of me I saw you when you come down from your car and hide I just pretended as if I didn’t see you” olive replied. “Hope this girl didn’t know my motive” Wyatt thought to hiself. “so why are you stalking me?” olive asked in a serious tone.
Episode 16
Authoress p.o.v
“Hope this girl didn’t know my motive” Wyatt thought to hiself. “so why are you stalking me?” olive asked in a serious tone.
“Is not like am stalking you am following you because I wanna be your friend” Wyatt said. “Aren’t we friends?” olive asked.
“we are but you’re not close to me as you are close with Nathan” Wyatt said. “that’s because you’re too harsh” olive replied.
“I am not harsh I am friendly” Wyatt replied. “if you say so” olive said. “olive it’s getting late let go” Charles said.
“Wyatt we are going you can keeps waiting for imaginary friend if you like” olive said. “can I drive you home?” Wyatt asked.
“no thanks I came with my car” olive replied. “Alright I’ll see you tomorrow then” Wyatt said. “olive get into her car and wave at Charles and Wyatt.
“what took you so long?” prissy asked. “oh I have forgotten my mom is waiting for me at home” olive said.
“you’re not serious, how’s it hope you had fun?” prissy asked. “yes I did. I thought you will have sleep by now why are you still awake?” olive asked.
“Am chatting with Tyler” prissy replied. “oh your love how’s he” olive asked.
“he is fine and he also s£nd his regards” prissy replied. “did you tell him am here with you?” olive asked.
“yes I did, I told him when he asked of you” prissy replied. “how could you ?” olive asked.
“you don’t expect me to keep such thing away from my boyfriend” prissy said. “don’t you know he can tell my parents about it?” olive asked.
“and how’s that my business” prissy asked pressing his phone. olive hit her with a pillow and she run for her dear life olive also run after her. olive catch up with her and started ticking her.
“he promised not to tell anyone” prissy said between laughter. “the fact that you’re dating my cousin doesn’t mean you can tell him everything about me” olive said still tickling her.
“I promised not to tell him about you anymore” prissy said still laughing. “am very sure you are lying” olive said.
“no please olive I promised not to tell anyone” prissy said. “can you see I am more crazier than you are” olive said standing up from her.
“I am not dragging with you moron” prissy said and ran Inside her room.
“Aunty Aunty come and see the girl that beat me up” Cynthia shouted.
“are you calling her to come and fight for you or what cause I don’t get you” olive said.
“what are you doing here, you have the mind to come into this house after beating me up you b*tch” Cynthia said.
“Cynthia darling what’s the problem?” Mrs Logan asked. “mum this is the b*tch that beat me up” Cynthia said faking tears.
“am sure you will need a bucket to cry into let me get you one inside” olive said and about to walk p@ss Cynthia before Mrs Logan stop her.
“hey come back here what are you trying to do?” Mrs Logan asked.
“I should have greet you but you have warned me not to greet you again. and as for your question an sure you heard when I said am going to get a bucket for this b*tch here” olive said.
“how dare you call me a b*tch?” Cynthia said walking closer to her. “are you coming to beat me? oh I am afraid” olive said and placed her hand on her chest and Cynthia move back.
“Is not as if am afraid of you I don’t just want to stain my hands with your blood” Cynthia said.
“oh I see” olive replied. “you again who gave you the right to beat my daughter in-law up?” Mrs Logan yelled.
“your daughter in-law but Nathan denied her yesterday or am I lying?” olive asked and face Cynthia.
“why are you so Stubborn, worthless people like you shouldn’t be stubborn” Mrs Logan said and twist olive ear. olive pushed her slightly.
“Mrs Logan you’re lucky I don’t fight on Tuesday, if not I will have remove two of your teeth” olive said and went inside the kitchen to join Kate.
“aunt why did you allow her to leave without doing anything to her?” Cynthia asked.
“don’t worry I knew what I will do to that girl just let her go for now” Mrs Logan said.
“mum you better don’t do anything to hurt her” Wyatt said coming out from his room.
“when did you start caring about her?” Mrs Logan asked. “good morning mum” Wyatt greet.
“Wyatt did you know her?” Cynthia asked. “yes she’s my friend” Wyatt said. Mrs Logan open her mouth wide open in shock.
“when did you become friends with her because the last time I checked you don’t like her” Mrs Logan said.
Wyatt move closer to her mother and whisper to her ear. “I will gist you later”. he whispered.
“you better” Mrs Logan replied him.
“you should be at my side not her, I am your best friend” Cynthia said. “I know but she’s more important to me than you are” Wyatt replied.
olive and Kate serve the breakfast on the dinning and the Logan’s family sat down to eat including Cynthia. olive also join them and drag Kate to join.
“Are you crazy?” Mrs Logan asked angrily. “no I am not” olive replied and put a spoon of cereal in her mouth.
“why are you asking ma?” olive asked with a mouthful of cereal. “will the both of you stand up from this dinning right this moment” Mrs Logan yelled.
“it’s the boldness for me” Cynthia muttered and roll her eyes. “I heard you but I won’t reply you until I finished eating. aunt continue eating your food and stop staring at me like that” olive said.
“shit I can’t eat with this poor brats” Cynthia said and stand up. Kate wanted to stand up but olive drag her down.
“they should learn how to treat their workers right, we are also human like them” olive whisper to Kate but Mr Logan heard her.
“you’re right my daughter” Mr Logan said.
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