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Our new maid episode 11 & 12

( I saw her first)💕
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
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Episode 11
Authoress p.o.v
“Am very sorry sir” Kate said going on her knees.
Wyatt drop the pipe and gave Kate a thurderous slap.
“how dare you” he said angrily.
“Wyatt why did you do that?” olive asked Angrily. “Can’t you see she splash water on my clothe who call her here” Wyatt replied.
olive move closer to him and kick him h@rd in his forbidden area.
“Ouch” Wyatt gr0@n in pain. and Mrs Logan rush out.
“Why did you join when you know you can’t take it if we splash water on you did I asked you to help me out, I don’t even know why you start to act nice towards me, I have forgotten you’re heartless and wicked why did you slap the innocent girl is she not a human like you” Olive asked angrily.
“Am very sorry I don’t know what come over me” Wyatt said.
“I don’t know what came over me” olive mimick.
“Wyatt why are you telling this good for nothing brat sorry?” Mrs Logan asked.
and you Mrs Logan said and grab olive by her cloth collar. “why did you raise your stinky hand on my son?” Mrs Logan asked angrily.
“madam if you don’t leave my cloth right this moment you won’t like what I will do to you” olive said.
Mrs Logan look into olive eyes and see she is very serious with what she just said and leave her cloth immediately.
“if you dare raise this your stinky hand or I saw you near my son again you will be in trouble” Mrs Logan said.
“if I may ask is this son you’re talking about a toddler didn’t he have hand to fight for hiself, madam if you dare me again I will forget what I came for and deal with you mercilessly” olive said and went inside the house and Wyatt ran after her.
“Wyatt come back here” Mrs Logan call but Wyatt ignore her.
“Nathan you stand here without saying anything when that good for nothing girl is insulting me” Mrs Logan said.
“Am sorry mum but you kinda deserve it why are you always treating Wyatt like a kid can’t he fight for hiself” Nathan said and also went inside the house.
“Nathan how dare you walked out of me” Mrs Logan said but Nathan also ignore her
. “And you” Mrs Logan said and face Kate. “you caused this if you haven’t splash water on Wyatt he wouldn’t have slapped you, you better mind yourself in this house if not, why am I even telling you, am sure you knew what am capable of doing” Mrs Logan said and also went inside.
“olive shouldn’t have fight for me” kate muttered to herself.
Nathan went inside his room and change his cloth he came out few minutes later.
“Olive am going to work will you like to go with me or better still go back to your house cause I don’t want mum or Wyatt to disturb you” Nathan said.
“are you giving me a break?” olive asked. “call it whatever you like I don’t just want you alone with mum and Wyatt. you know dad is also not around” Nathan said.
“that’s not a bad idea let me inform Kate that am going and you will also dropped me off at my house to change my cloth” olive said.
“You don’t need to go back home to change you can change with any of my clothes I will buy you a new cloth when we are coming back from office” Nathan replied.
“okay hope I won’t look like a zombie in your cloth?” olive asked and Nathan smile “no you won’t look like a zombie” he replied her.
“alright” olive replied and ran inside the kitchen to inform Kate.
“you’re lucky you have a nice boss unlike my grumpy boss” Kate said.
“I will see you later” olive said and peck her cheek.
“olive” Charles called and olive turn back to look at Charles.
“when are we meeting?” Charles asked. “I will call you later in the day” olive replied.
“Alright enjoy yourself Nathan is a good guy” Charles said.
“What does that suppose to mean?” olive asked.
“enjoy your self” Charles said and ran away. “silly guy” olive said and went to meet Nathan. “what took you so long?” Nathan asked.
“nothing I was just having a discussion with Charles” olive replied. “okay let go” Nathan said and went out with Olive.
” why are you so boring?” olive asked. “why do you say that?” Nathan asked.
you are driving without putting on the music, like who does that?” olive asked.
“just tell me to, on the music and stop insulting me” Nathan said and put on the music.
“oh yeah” olive said and put her hands up in the air.
“what are you trying to do, are you trying to fly?” Nathan asked.
“can’t you see am trying to dance be a good guy and concentrate on the car you’re driving” olive said.
“has your lordship pleases” Nathan replied.
“Hi everyone” Nathan greet his workers with a smile.
“good morning sir how was your leave sir?” his workers replied.
“it was fine hope you guys are good?” Nathan asked.
“yeah we are fine we really missed you sir welcome back once again” they chorused.
“I missed you all” he replied and went inside his office with olive.
“I like your company is very beautiful” olive compliment.
“Thanks Nathan replied and open his office.
“Hi darling a lady greet sitting down comfortable on Nathan office chair.
“Cynthia what are you doing here?” Nathan asked. “what sort of question is that how can you ask me what am doing in my fiance office?” Cynthia asked smiling sheepishly at Nathan.
olive was busy looking around the office like a village girl that just came to the city.
Episode 12
Authoress p.o.v
“Cynthia what are you doing here?” Nathan asked.
“what sort of question is that how can you ask me what am doing in my fiance office?” Cynthia asked smiling sheepishly at Nathan.
olive was busy looking around the office like a village girl that just came to the city.
“And who’s this bimbo with you? cause I don’t know you to be a womanizer, what am I even talking about am sure she’s your new P.A or better still your maid” Cynthia said.
“Nathan who is she, is she your girlfriend?” olive asked.
“she’s my ex fiance” Nathan replied.
“Nathan how could you call me your ex fiance I thought I have apologize to you and you told me you have forgiven me why are you now telling this bimbo am your fiance I don’t like it did you want her to disrespect me and you go outside and wait for him I want to discuss something with my fiance” Cynthia said.
“Cynthia I said I have forgiven you I didn’t say I accept you back” Nathan said.
“Am sure you’re saying all this because of this ugly looking bimbo your parents are in support of our relationship so you’re still my fiance” Cynthia said.
“To me the relationship is long dead” Nathan replied.
“Am here to stay and your mum is aware that am here so is this bimbo that will leave for me” Cynthia said.
“Am sure you’re not here for me but for my money and my mother” Nathan replied.
Cynthia stand up from the chair and walk closer to olive I said you should go out but you didn’t listen to me who are you and am sure you’re the reason he’s not picking my calls” Cynthia said.
“Am very sorry ma” olive said and Nathan open his mouth in shock.
olive turn to go out and Cynthia drag her back and gave her a slap.
“You don’t look me in the eyes whenever am talking to you” Cynthia said.
“Am very sorry ma I am foolish not to no the kind of person you’re” olive said and drop the bag on her hand and Nathan put his hand on his head.
“Cynthia you better run” Nathan said. “Why should I run I can never run for this fool” Cynthia said.
olive bounce on her and give her the beating of her life.
olive remove her wig from her head. “you’re not even beautiful as I thought I thought you are more beautiful than I am. I kept quiet because I don’t wanna cause trouble on my first day here but I can see you’re a fool am sure your so called fiance didn’t tell you who I am you dare slap me” olive said beating her.
“tell me sorry” olive said. “Am very sorry ma” Cynthia said.
“Louder darling” olive said. “Am very sorry ma I am sorry” Cynthia shouted.
olive drag her hair and drag her round the office.
“olive is okay you’re going to kill her” Nathan shouted.
“why don’t you tell her who I am before she slap me” olive said.
“olive am very sorry on her behalf” Nathan pledge. And olive leave Cynthia hair, Cynthia breathe in and out she picked her wig and bag and ran out of the office, she even forget to pick her sandals.
“That girl is a witch” Cynthia said and enter her car and she drove off to Logan’s mansion.
olive sat on the empty chair and breathe in and out.
“can you please get me a chill water” olive said.
“Alright I will be right back” Nathan said and went out to get water for her.
“Why did she ran out like a mad woman?” the receptionist asked the cleaner.
“I don’t know she looks like a person that just received the beating of her life” the cleaner said.
“That serves her right she’s too bossy and arrongant and I don’t like her for our boss” another worker said.
“come to think of it who’s that lady that came with the boss this morning and who beat that fool ? cause am sure he isn’t the one that beat her he can never do such a thing” the receptionist said.
you guys should learn how to mind your business” Nathan said.
“We are very sorry sir” they replied.
“it okay you guys should go back to your works” Nathan said.
Cynthia pack her car in the Logan’s parking lot.
she come down from the car as soon as she park and walked inside the house.
Cynthia burst into tears as she sees Mrs Logan and Wyatt.
“Cynthia darling what happen to you. “who did this to you” Wyatt asked.
“It’s one bimbo that I saw in Nathan office, the girl really beat me” bimbo Nathan didn’t went out with any one” Mrs Logan said.
“What did you do to her?” Charles asked coming out from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn in his hand.
“I didn’t do anything to her I only greet her and introduce myself to her as Nathan wife to be” Cynthia said.
“who could that be am going to that office to deal with that fool that dare lay her hand on you” Wyatt said angrily and Cynthia nod her head in support.
“Wyatt calm down, my darling what did Nathan did to the fool?” Mrs Logan asked.
“you just asked the most painful part, Nathan didn’t do anything to her” Cynthia replied.
“Am sorry that this have t to happen to you I am the one that called you to come back but I promise to sort it out I will deal with the person” Wyatt said.
“yeah my darling Wyatt will deal with the person and I am going to scold Nathan for not fighting the person for you when he comes back” Mrs Logan said.
“thank you ma” Cynthia replied sniffing.
“go in and freshen up” Mrs Logan said. “what will you like to eat?” Wyatt asked.
“Anything eatable cause I am very hungry” Cynthia said.
“alright my maid will prepare it for you welcome back to our palace” Wyatt said.


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