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Our new maid episode 1 & 2

Title:- OUR NEW MAID 👩‍🍳
Subtitle:- ( I saw her first)💕
Genre:- Romance and Comedy
Tags:- love triangle, maid, billionaire, betrayal, jealousy, death.
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Wyatt use his car to double cross his brother car. he came down from his car and walked Angrily to his brother car.
“hey come down from the car” Wyatt said and Nathan come down from his car majestically and sat on his car bonnet.
“young man how may I help you?” Nathan asked in his usual husky voice. “woman snatcher, i come to warn you to stay a h*ll away from my woman” Wyatt said.
“if I may asked who’s this woman you’re talking about” Nathan asked calmly. “olive of course, I saw her first.
I knew you don’t love her you just wanna use her for your selfish interest” Wyatt yelled.
“look here boy you know I don’t like noise I won’t spare you next time if you stop me for no reason” Nathan said and went back to his car and he drove off.
Have you ever been in a love triangle before? Did you know how it feels to be in a love triangle.
love triangle turn the Logan’s once sweet family to a battle field….. meet Nathan Logan the first child of the Logan family.
C.e.o of Logan enterprise and many more. he is a person with qualities of a personality known as introversion,
which means he feels more comfortable focusing on his inner thoughts and ideas, rather than what’s happening externally.
he enjoy spending time with just one or two people rather than large groups or crowds. let me just say he is an introvert.
enough of Nathan let talk about his brother Wyatt Logan the second and last child of the Logan’s.
he is the opposite of his brother. he is an extrovert.
and lastly meet Oliver Thompson. a beautiful lady with a touch of craziness. she left her home town in search of love and job.
what happen when she found a work as a maid in the Logan’s mansion.
what happen when the two brothers want her.
who did you think she will choose between them.
grab your popcorn and follow me on this mind-b!0wing journey.

Oliver P.o.v😊
“Oliver Oliver Oliver Thompson get up from that bed you lazy @ss” my friend prissy said.
“hey what’s your problem?” I asked. “my problem is your phone beeping have been disturbing me since” she said.
“who’s calling me?” I asked. “your mother of course” prissy replied. “Hello mum” I said.
“Oliver where did hell are you” mum shouted from the other end of call. “mum am fine” I replied her.
“don’t tell me you’re fine tell me where you’re I and your father have been worried for the past two weeks you left this house” mum said.
“mum all that matters is am fine you don’t need to be worried tell dad I love him” I said and cut the call before she will say anything else.
am sorry I haven’t introduce myself to you guys. “am Oliver Thompson I am from united State of America, I left American in search of Truelove and job. before I forget am 25years old.
“hey am talking to you” Prissy said. “am sorry how may I help you?” I asked her.
“there are many way you can help me, you haven’t tell me the reason why you left American” she said.
“but I told you I came in search of work” I replied. “work but you haven’t go in search of job since you came here all you do is to sleep and press your phone” prissy said.
“prissy” I called. “yes” she replied. “did you know the problem I have with you?” I asked. “no” she replied.
“you talk too much” I said. “you must be crazy” she said and hit the pillow on my head. “hey what says the time?” I asked.
“this is past 9” she said. “jesussssss!” I shouted. “what happen why are you shouting” she asked.
“I have an interview today by 8am dummy” I said. she mouthed an “oh” and burst out laughing. “good luck’ she said in between laughter.
“f*ck you” I replied and dash into the bathroom. “I don’t think I can have my bath this morning I will do that when am back from the interview” I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and brush my teeth I washed my face and ran out to my room. I met prissy.
“what are you still doing in my room?” I asked her. “don’t forget this is my house” she said. “and so?” I asked her.
“Olive don’t tell me you didn’t take your bath this morning” she said. “yeah am late and if I bath too much my beauty will fade” I said. I worn my cloth and rushed out of the house. I stop a cab. “drop me at Logan’s mansion” I said.
Wyatt p.o.v😍
“Hey bro” I greet Nathan he didn’t replied me he was busy pressing his phone. I collected the phone from him. “Nathan am talking to you” I said.
“what did you want from me this time around?” he asked and I smile. he is always ready to give me anything I asked for whenever he asked me that.
“erm I want to go out with your new Ferrari and your driver said you asked him to wash it for you” I said.
“alright” he replied. “should I go with it?” I asked. “whatever” he replied. “thank you. you’re the best I said and hug him.
one thing I like about my brother is that he is ready to sacrifice anything for me. thank you I will be right back I said and head out.
I am Wyatt the second child of the Logan’s family. I am the c.e.o of Wyatt fashion house. am 25 years. enough of me you will get to know me better I gat to go.
Authoress p.o.v
Olive get down from the car and was surprised to see a magnificent building before her.
“are you sure this is the Logan’s mansion” olive asked the cab driver. “yeah young lady give me my money and let me go” the cab man said.
“you’re so saucy I only asked a question I didn’t say I won’t pay you” olive said and throw the money on his body.
she knock at the gate and a security man open the gate for her. “young lady how may I help you?” the security man asked olive.
“I came for the interview” olive replied. “you’re late” the security man said. “I Know just let me see the boss and I will explain why I came late to him or her” olive replied.
“am sorry I can’t let you in cause they have employed a new maid this morning” the security man said.
Olive pushed the security man off the road and enter the building.
“hey young lady come back here” the security man said. but olive Ignore him
Wyatt was happily coming out from the house before he hit olive and she fall on her butt.
Wyatt hissed and continue going. olive stood up from the ground and ran after Wyatt.
Wyatt was about opening his car door before olive pushed him and he also fall on his butt.
“how dare you” Wyatt shouted Angrily. olive lock the car door and stand by the car.
“tell me sorry or you’re not going anywhere” olive said. “you must be joking” Wyatt said and stand up from the ground.
“Ben who let this mad woman in?” Wyatt asked the security man Angrily. “did you just refer to me as a mad woman?” Olive asked Angrily

Authoress p.o.v
“Ben who let this mad woman in?” Wyatt asked the security man Angrily. “did you just refer to me as a mad woman?” Olive asked Angrily.
“yeah I called you a mad woman what can you do to me?” Wyatt asked Angrily.
“Am sure you don’t know who I am cause if you do you will prostrate and greet me” olive said. “who are you?” Wyatt asked Angrily.
“I am” olive said and drag him by his collar and hit his butt on the ground. “what how dare you?” you’re still asking a question I don’t have your time this morning, is the job still available?” olive asked.
“did you just asked me if the job is still available?” Wyatt asked surprised. “yeah any problem with that?” olive asked and fold her arm under her b©©b.
“there’s no work for you in this place we can never give someone like you a job in our house” Wyatt said. Olive hold his collar and said. “give me ten reason you can’t employ me your time count now” olive said.
“you must be crazy I have were to go if you don’t have” Wyatt said and pushed her hand away from his collar. “you are going no where you must answered my damn question” olive said.
“who are you to stop me from going out of my house?” Wyatt asked. “am sure you can’t go out without this” olive said showing his car key.
“give me that” Wyatt yelled and try to move closer to her, she start running around and Wyatt was chasing her like a fool.
“what’s going on here?” Nathan asked in a calm voice. olive quickly stop on seeing Nathan.
“I think this one we be a little reasonable” she thought and run to him. “good morning sir, is there still job for me?” olive asked.
“hey jerk give me my car key” Wyatt yelled. “shhhh!! you talk to much you see am talking to boss man you should have some manners” olive said and roll her.
“as we are saying is there still job for me she asked and face Nathan.
“which job are you talk about?” Nathan asked. “the job of a maid” olive replied.
“we have amemployed new maid this morning” Nathan said.
“sir can I tell you something bring your ear closer cause I don’t want this saucy guy over here to hear what I was about to tell you” olive said.
Nathan bring his ear closer. “you must employ me” olive shouted. “do you want to block my eardrum but you said you don’t want anybody to hear about it?” Nathan asked.
“oh really did anyone heard what I said?” olive asked and faced Wyatt
“do you hear anything?” olive asked “brother you better don’t employ this crazy woman” Wyatt said.
“why are you talking like this, aren’t we friend again, sir I think you see the way we are playing when you came out, we are really best of friends olive said and moved closer to Wyatt and put her hand on his neck Wyatt take her hand away from his neck.
“don’t try to bribe me, his not gonna employ you” Wyatt said.
“Boss man since my friend have made his own decision what’s your decision?” olive asked putting on her best puppy eyes.
“I think I have someone that can help me to deal with this little brother of mine” Nathan thought.
“I think you have a chance here I will employ you cause you p@ss the interview” Nathan said.
“Nathan she didn’t do any interview so how did she p@ssed?” Wyatt asked. “behave like a mature guy and stop being saucy Boss man is talking” olive whispered.
“she will be my personal maid while the one we employ earlier will be your personal maid” Nathan said.
olive jump up happily and does some little dancing she moved to Nathan and peck him on his cheek.
“what’s that for?” Nathan asked. “that’s thank you for accepting me” olive said. “oh” Nathan mouthed.
“is that how you say thank you where you came from?” Wyatt asked.
“it’s none of your business you aren’t my boss so you don’t have any right to asked me a question” olive said.
“whatever can you give me my car key now?” Wyatt asked. “nope” olive replied. “why no” Wyatt asked.
“you haven’t tell me sorry” olive said. “you haven’t forgotten this sorry of a thing?” Wyatt asked.
“you don’t know olive did you? one thing about olive is she doesn’t forget easily” olive said.
“alright sorry give me my car key” Wyatt said. “louder baby” Olive said.
“fine please am sorry” Wyatt shouted feeling frustrated.
“this is unbelievable” Nathan said and turn to leave. “erm boss should I call you boss or you will tell me your name. is there anything I can do for you?” Olive asked.
“there’s nothing you can do for me but you will have to moved in” Nathan said and went inside.
“there’s nothing I can’t do I can drive you to anywhere you wanna go” olive said.
“miss crazy I can’t allow you to drive my brother he doesn’t have a death wish” Wyatt said
. “have it” olive said and gave Wyatt his car key. “please wait” olive said.
“what again?” Wyatt asked. “you’re too arrongant, smile a little will you?” olive asked.
“I don’t have your time am sure you won’t last in this house” Wyatt said and went inside the car.
“please buy me pizza when you’re coming back” Olive said. “your wish” Wyatt said and drove off.
“erm sir I have a request” olive said. “what’s it?” Nathan asked in a husky voice.
“I wanna asked of there’s no other uniform this uniform makes me look like a maid” olive said. “And what are you aren’t you a maid” Nathan asked.
A call enter olive phone and it changed her mood from happy to sad. “Excuse me” olive said and went out to pick the call.



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