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oppa you’re my everything batch 46

💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💝 Episode Sixteen 💝

💋Hyuna’s POV 💋
{JP Building, Gangnam Province, Seoul}

🕓11:50AM 🕓

I was seated on a bench in the girls locker room scrolling throu-gh an online store. Today is the one month anniversary of Oppa and I as a couple and I still couldn’t figure out what to buy for him as an anniversary gift.
I kept scrolling and scrolling but nothing appealed to me
“Girls, what can I get my b©yfri£ndfor our one month anniversary?” I was throwing the question at Welchi, Hyeri and Suzy who were seated on another bench beside me. Hyeri [email protected] and flew to me

“Omg! I didn’t know you have a b©yfri£nd! Awwwwn that’s so cute……..what’s his name?” She asked and I instantly regretted telling them about it.
$h!t! I definitely can’t tell them that it’s the Baekhyun they all know, cause if I do ; Oppa and I will be the number one trending t©pic in less than 5 hours
“Ummm, his……..his name is B…….Byun” I stuttered and Welchi coughed while Hyeri and Suzy squealed
“Awwwwn, When will you introduce us to him?” Suzy purred, batting her long lashes and I sighed

“S…..Soon but it’s just that he’s a very busy man” I replied and they squealed again. I glanced at Welchi and she shook her head at me
“But I still don’t know what to get him for our one month anniversary. Do you girls have any suggestions?” I asked and Hyeri smiled a mischievious smile
“Why are you smiling like that?”
“Because I can’t believe how naive you are! You don’t need to buy him anything fancy or big………you just need to give IT to him” she said and I frowned
“Give what to him? I told you that I haven’t bought anything” I argued and they all laughed
“Oh Hyuna, you’re so naive” Suzy mouthed and I gro-an ed
“st©p saying I’m naive and just help me by explaining what you mean!” I whined and Suzy and Hyeri exchanged looks before Hyeri scooted closer to me on the bench.
“Hyuna, are you a vir-gin?” She asked in a whisper and I [email protected]

“What kind of a question is that? Of course I am!” I yelled
“Calm down girl, we’re not saying you’re not but since you are; don’t you think it’s time?” Suzy muttered and my eyes wi-de-ned slowly as I began to un-derstand what they were driving at.

Online shopping for buyers and sellers in Ghana is the answer.

They’re trying to tell me that it’s time to loose my vir-ginity 🙈🙊
I scratched the back of my head nervously, I honestly don’t mind loosing my vir-ginity to Oppa. I mean, I’m crazy in love with him and I’ve always promised myself ever since I was 13 that I would give myself only to a man I was in love with…….and, maybe it really is time. I mean, if Oppa is re-ady then I’m definitely re-ady too

“But girls, what if he’s not re-ady to have s*x with Hyuna?” Welchi asked in a whisper
“Oh don’t worry about that, when Hyuna walks in wearing what I’m going to give her, he’ll be the one going on his knees to beg for it” Hyeri @ssured with s-xual humour and she and Suzy shared a Hi-five while giggling
“What are you going to give me to wear?” I asked Hyeri
“C’mon let me show you” she replied and took my arm, pu-lling me to her locker.

She unlocked it and searched for something for a while
“here it is” she announced as she pu-ll-ed out a piece of clothing, showing it to us and we all [email protected]
“Whaaaat! You want me to wear that for my b©yfri£nd?!” I skrie-ked with bulging eyes. I stared at the sheer piece of clothing with wi-de, unblinking eyes. It was a one piece lingerie, the kind that str!ppers wear when they’re dancing on poles. The lingerie was red and was made with a net-like material. It was very thin and would show off all my pri-vate [email protected] like my @ss, b00bs and h!ps

“When your boo sees you in this he’s going to have a mini heart attack” Suzy said and Hyeri nodded in agreement before tossing the lingerie to me. I caught it but held it far away from myself
“Girls I don’t think I can wear this” I uttered, shaking my head negatively
“Yes of course you can! It will look perfect on you, you’ve got the b©dy for it. Your b©yfri£ndwill go crazy, or don’t you want to drive him crazy?” Hyeri tea-sed and I blu-shed

I do want to drive Oppa crazy and make him want me. But I don’t want to look too desperate and this clothing screams desperation. I sighed and hvgged the clothing to my b©dy. I’m going to do it, I’m going to wear it but I just hope Oppa will like it

“Fine, I’ll put it on for him” I muttered and they all squealed
“That’s great! Now call him and make arrangements for tonight at his place” Suzy urged and I nodded like an obe-dient student before dialing Oppa’s number. I placed the phone on my ear as it rang and walked a bit farther from them

📲 “Happy one month anniversary to us, babe!” His voice rang out cheerfully immediately he picked and I smiled
📱”yes, happy anniversary to us” I echoed with my voice sounding duller than I intended
📲 “babe, are you okay?”
📱”yeah I’m totally fine, why are you asking?
📲 “cause your vibe is a little off. You sound like you got something on your mind” he replied and I scratched my head
📱”umm yeah, the truth is I was going to ask you if we could spend our anniversary night together at your place”
📲 “sure, absolutely! That sounds nice and ro-mantic. So what time will you be coming over?”
📱”I’m thinking 6PM”
📲 “6PM is perfect, I’ll see you then”
📱”o……okay bye then, I love you” I said and ended the call without even waiting to hear his reply

I sighed and turned back to Welchi and the girls
“Well looks like it’s happening tonight” I announced and they all squealed for the hundredth time. I looked down at the piece of clothing in my hand

It’s finally going to happen, tonight is THE night……..the night I loose my innocence to the man I love 🙊🙊

💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💓Episode Seventeen 💓

❤Mia’s POV ❤
{JP Building Gangnam Province Seoul}
🕓12:57PM 🕓

“I want that painting taken down” I instructed and the female interior decorator nodded before signalling her workers to do it
“Is there anything else you’d like to add Miss Park?” She asked and I looked around the office that used to be my father’s with a smile pla-ying on myl-ips
“No, that would be all for now” I muttered and she nodded before walking away while the workers continued moving stuff out.
They were redecorating MY new office. Yes, this office now belongs to me because I am now going to take over from my father and I can @ssure everyone in this agency that they have never seen a CEO like me because I’m going to be nothing like my father

“Good day Miss Park” a high-pitched female voice greeted behind me and I turned around to see my father’s @ssistant; Goo-Rae, standing
“What do you want?” I asked in a sour tone and she blinked, clearly taken aback by my rudeness. She cleared her throat and adjusted her [email protected]
“Well I just wanted to let you know that I’m reporting for duty” she replied and I snorted
“You want to be my @ssistant? No way, you worked for my father so you can’t work for me”
“B…..But Miss Park, I’m very efficient and I know this job well” she argued and I scowled at her
“Are you deaf? I said I don’t want you! I’ll hire my own damn @ssistant so get lost!” I yelled and she bowed before walking out

I [email protected]£d a paperweight from the desk and threw it towards the door with a loud grunt. The workers st©pped and stared at me with wi-de eyes
“What are you fools staring at? You know what? Get out! I want to be alone!” I yelled and they quic-kly gathered all their tools before scurrying out of the office.

I sighed and walked over to the chair behind the hvge desk and sat on it
I’ve been in a terrible mood ever since the day I found out that Baekhyun and Hyuna are [email protected]!ng

I should be the one! The one getting all those k!sses from him, the one he calls ‘babe’, the one wearing his shi-t and spending nights at his place. It should be be and not some poor church rat from the slums

I [email protected]£d another object from the desk and threw it at the door just as someone was walking in. I [email protected] and covered my mouth with my hands but luckily for me; the object fell right in front of the person’s feet. I looked up at the handsome young man who was dressed in expensive designer clothes, I [email protected] again when I recognized him as the Japanese business tycoon who bought half of the agency’s shares

“Mr Hamatoyuoshi? What are you doing here?” I asked politely in English and he sm-irked before stooping to pick up the object I had thrown
“I hope I’m not disturbing, I just [email protected]£ to see my co-CEO” he said, walking into the office and I smiled
“Of course not, we’re both the CEO’s of this agency and it’s our right to disturb each other” I replied and he chuckled softly

I scanned him from head to toe, he’s definitely very handsome and attrac-tive, any woman would die for him but unfortunately for me, the only man I want to die for is Baekhyun

“I must say that you look even more beautiful from up close” he complimented and I giggled
“You’re just flattering me so you can score brownie points” I grinned and he sm-irked
“I’m not flattering you, I’m only saying the truth. You are very beautiful and that’s a fact, don’t misun-derstand my intentions though because the truth is you’re really not my type” he shrugged and I scoffed

“Are you for real?”
“I have my eyes set on someone else and I can @ssure you that she is one hell of a woman” he grinned, l!çk!ng hisl-ips hungrily and I chuckled
“Well I feel sorry for her because with the look in your eyes and the way you’re l!çk!ng yourl-ips; I don’t think she’ll make it out of your be-d alive” I remarked and he laughed briefly

“You’ve lived in Australia?” He asked suddenly and my eyes beamed
“Yes I have, how could you tell?”
“Your accent, you have adopted a strong Aussie accent” he replied and I smiled
“Well your accent also gives you away as a former Londoner” I pointed out and he nodded
“I’ve lived in London since I was 9”
“Wow that sounds nice” I remarked and he snorted

“It’s really not that nice, the weather in London is sickening. It’s always raining and whenever it’s not; the cold weather is enough to turn a human to a block of ice” he uttered and I laughed.
“Well thank goodness the weather in Australia is always favourable” I said and he kept quiet for a short while before standing on his feet

“I’ll have to be on my way now, I’m flying to Japan tonight to attend a board meeting” he announced as I stood on my feet too
“Alright then, it was nice talking with you. Have a safe flight and come back soon” I said reaching out for a handshake but he took my arm and k!$$£d the back of my palm instead

“Farewell my fair lady, till we meet again” he muttered and k!$$£d my hand again before walking out of the office
I watched him go with a dreamy look in my eyes

Ah, if only Baeky is this sweet to me

It seems Mia and Suho are bonding….
Let’s find out what BaekHyuna is up to in the next episode

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