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oppa you’re my everything batch 45

💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💟Episode Fourteen 💟

❤ Mia’s POV ❤
{Wudang Mansion, Seoul}
🕐 12:05AM 🕐

I stood watching them as they k!$$£d as if their lives depended on it. My heart shattered into a million broken pieces and I’m not sure it can ever be fixed. I was speechless, I felt like a nob©dy, I felt invisible, I’ve always been invisible to Baekhyun. No matter how much care and attention I showed him, he never seems to notice me.

I had been thinking about him all day, thinking about the time we spent together in L.A, thinking about how we had bonded just like we used to when we were kids. I had thought about how handsome he had looked that day in his h0tel room, the way he had held my hands tenderly and searched my eyes with his beautiful ones.

I had practically spent the entire day with him on my mind so I decided to come over and see him. I had asked the b©dyguard where he was and he had told me that he would be in his room. So I had climbe-d up the stairs and weaved my way to his room only to find the door wi-de open and both of them k!ssing!

They were so engrossed in the k!ssthat they didn’t even notice me watching them. I saw everything! I saw how her hands pla-yed with his hair as she k!$$£d him back, I saw the way his hands explored her b©dy, I saw the way he had slid his hands un-der her shi-t to t©uçh her ba-re skin.

I felt my b©dy convulsing, my blood began boiling h0tter than a fiery sea. I was feeling anger, hurt, rage, jealousy and hatred all at the same time.
“B……Baeky?” I finally managed to voice out and they broke the k!ssinstantly and turned to stare at me with wi-de, shocked eyes.
“Mia?……what are you doing here at this hour of the day?” Baekhyun asked as he carefully set Hyuna on her feet. She stood behind him, avoiding my eyes. I glared at her furiously, I felt like strangling her right there and then! She had disobeyed my orders!……..not only was she still seeing Baekhyun, but now she’s managed to crawl her way up to his room and is shamelessly k!ss!nghim while they’re both half n-ked
“I [email protected]£ to see you Baeky, but I can see you’re busy with……….THAT” I sneered, referring to Hyuna and she snapped her head up to glare at me………that bit-ch! 😠

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Baekhyun sighed and t©uçhed his forehead, he could tell that I was hurt but he doesn’t know why
“Mia we need to talk, let’s go to the study” he uttered and I blinked severally before nodding
“Alright then” I said and walked out of the room.
I felt h0t, angry tears welling up in my eyes but I quic-kly blinked them away

💋 Hyuna’s POV 💋

“What are you going to say to her?” I asked Oppa as he [email protected]£d a shi-t and pu-ll-ed it on
“She deserves an explanation for what she just saw. I’m going to tell her about us” he replied and I snorted, rolling my eyes
“Why does she deserve an explanation? Is there something going on between the two of you?”
He paused and stared at me with wi-de eyes
“Of course not…….look, Mia is like a second sister to me. We tell each other everything and I feel guilty for not telling her about you and I” he said and I folded my arms. If only he knew how Mia truly feels about him, but I’m definitely not going to be the one to tell him.

💗 Baekhyun’s POV 💗

I walked into the study and found Mia resting on a desk, facing me. I sighed and walked closer to her, her face was blank and showed no emotions so I couldn’t tell what she was feeling
“Mia…..” I began but she cut me off
“What’s going on between you and that girl?” She asked
“First of all, she has a name and secondly we’re together” I said and she snorted
“I don’t care if she has a name Baeky, and what do you mean by ‘together’? Are you saying that you’re [email protected]!ng?”
“Yes Mia, Hyuna and I are [email protected]!ng. She’s my girlfriend and I am de-eply and madly in love with her” i replied and she inhaled sharply

“When did this happen and why didn’t you tell me about her before you asked her out?” She inquired and I frowned
“Now you sound like my mum. Look, Mia, if you really care about me as a friend then you’ll accept Hyuna. Nothing would make me happier” I muttered and she kept quiet for a while before standing and walking even closer to me
“If that will make you happy, then fine…….I’ll do it” she whispered and my eyes beamed
“Thank you so much!” I squealed and lifted her up in a bear hvg

💋 Hyuna’s POV 💋

I kept pacing back and forth in the living room, I couldn’t st©p myself from wondering what Oppa and Mia could be talking about. What if she does something crazy to him? Or what if she makes up some crazy stuff and tells Oppa not to keep [email protected]!ngme ?
I was still lost in thoughts when I heard voices coming close, I looked up and my eyes wi-de-ned slightly when I saw Oppa and Mia walk in holding hands. Oppa smiled at me and I returned it with a nervous one before taking my eyes back to Mia who was surprisingly not looking as angry as I had expected her to be
“Good news babe, I told Mia about us and she’s totally cool with it!” Oppa said, beaming with smiles and my jaw dropped

Mia is okay with me [email protected]!ngOppa? I don’t believe that at all, what could she be up to?
“Jinjja?” I voiced and Oppa nodded before Mia cleared her throat
“Umm Baeky, could you leave Hyuna and I alone for a while? I’d like to talk to her alone” she said and my heart beat tripled.
“Oh umm okay…” Oppa muttered before walking up to me and planting a k!sson my forehead.
“Be nice” he whispered in my ear but I didn’t reply
“I’m leaving now” he announced before walking out of the room.

Mia waited until he was out of sight and earsh0t before walking up to me and gr-abbing my arm r0ûghly.
“You bit-ch!” She rasped, digging her fake nails into my flesh
“Let go of me!” I hissed and swiped my arm away from her painful grip
“How dare you disobey me! I told you to stay away from Baekhyun but you’ve refused to listen and you even had the audacity to agree to be his girlfriend!” She growled and I felt something go off in my head .

I shoved her back r0ûghly
“I have had just about enough of you and your threats! I am not scared of you, I don’t care if you shove my head in the toilet or if you push me in front of a moving train. Baekhyun is my b©yfri£nd! He chose me because he wants to be with me and there’s nothing you can do about it so why don’t you just find someone else cause I’m not giving up Baekhyun for anything in this world!!” I yelled and her small eyes wi-de-ned in shock.

We stood mute, staring at each other with hatred then she suddenly sm-irked ;
“I see, you may have won this battle but the war is just beginning. Baekhyun WILL be mine” she uttered and walked out of the room

I slumped on a couch, breathing heavily the only thing going throu-gh my mind was; “what the hell have I done?”
💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💙Episode Fifteen 💙

💋Hyuna’s POV 💋
{JP Building, Gangnam Province, Seoul}

🕓9:45AM 🕓

Today is the day of the general meeting, both the un-derground and above -ground parking lots were filled to the brim with cars of different shapes, sizes and hues. In all my time of being signed un-der JP Entertainment, I have never seen the building so full and buzzing with life and activities.
Every single person that is signed un-der JP was pres£nt and were still arriving. The Music artistes, Actors & Actresses, Models, Dancers and even the Trainees. I got to see so many of my favorite actors, dancers and models that I had never seen around the agency before.

Welchi and I were standing in front of the [email protected] hall in the building that could hold the capacity of about one thousand persons. We were standing with a small group of other female models signed un-der JP too
“Woww, look at Namjoon! He’s looking so much s£xier than before! I heard he just finished his compulsory military service” Welchi squealed, referring to a male actor who was standing with another male actor a few feet away from us.

The meeting was yet to begin so we were all waiting outside the hall. Welchi and I held each other and squealed when another famous, dreamy male actor joined the other two, all of them shaking hands and hvgging while grinning from ear to ear. They looked like they hadn’t seen each other in a long time.
“Who is the h0ttest among them?” A female model named Hyeri, who was standing with us asked, smiling. She was referring to the male actors who were now talking and laughing with crazy abandon
“Definitely Namjoon, no one can compare” another girl named Suzy replied her and Welchi nodded in agreement while the third and last girl who was with us snorted
“I totally disagree, Min-woo is the h0ttest. Have you seen his latest movie? There was a scene were he took off his shi-t and nearly s£nt me to the emergency room with his h0t b©dy!” The third girl, whose name I don’t quite remember, said and we all giggled.

“Since we’re talking about h0t men we can’t afford to not mention that Japanese h0ttie who’s the CEO of SELTOS MOTORS!” Hyeri purred and they all squealed except Welchi and I
“Yeah he’s smoking h0t but………..”
“But nothing! He’s totally 100 percent h0t with no flaws!” Suzy said, shutting Welchi up and we all laughed except mine was a fake one.

We continued giggling and comparing every single male entertainers with each other, we even moved to the women; talking about who was the prettiest and all that
“So are you saying that Jessi is prettier than Mindy? I’ll have to remind you that Mindy is like the greatest and most loved actress in Asia!” Suzy skrie-ked at the third girl who I couldn’t recall her name and she huffed
“I honestly don’t see what people see in that Mindy, she’s just an ugly, bug-eyed woman” Hyeri savaged and we all cracked with laughter except Suzy of course.

I was still laughing when I saw Oppa from the corner of my eye, I turned so I could get a better view. He was looking as gorgeous as always, dressed in a stylish black knee-length coat with a white woollen turtlen£¢k sweater un-derneath. I watched him with doting eyes as he walked up to Jessi and THE VORTEX members who I hadn’t even noticed before.
They began exchanging plea-santries with warm smiles on their faces. Even Jessi who [email protected] smiled, I watched with amazement as Oppa said something about her hair, which she had dyed golden yellow, and she blu-shed while hitting his arm pla-yfully. Taeyang, who was now standing beside Oppa, t©uçhed his(Baekhyun), jet-black hair and said something which I wished I could hear and they all cracked with laughter.

I didn’t even realize I was smiling until Suzy suddenly said;
“Who’s ma-king you blush, Hyuna?”
I blinked and stared at all of them blankly for a while
“Ermm, nothing………I was just looking at Baekhyun Oppa” I managed to reply and they all [email protected], looking around until they sighted him then they all squealed
“Aigoo! Why is Baekhyun just so beautiful?” Suzy cooed and they squealed again. Welchi and I shared a glance and shook our heads, smiling. Just then, I glanced over at Oppa and our eyes met. My heart started beating fas-ter and skipped a beat when he win-ked at me. I blu-shed furiously and looked away from his mesmerising eyes before I would loose my balance and [email protected] out.

Even though he’s my b©yfri£nd, his eyes still make my heart flutter. A voice from a microphone interrupted everyone, we all turned towards it
👤”the meeting will begin in 5 minutes, plea-se proceed to the hall and take your seats”
Everyone began filing into the hall, I glanced at Oppa one last time before following Welchi and the rest into the hall.


The meeting had kicked off after Suho, J-Park and Mia had arrived. I sat beside Welchi and listened to J-Park address us with Suho standing beside him. J-Park introduced Suho Hamatoyuoshi officially to everyone as the new first CEO and that there would be a second CEO who would share ownersh!pwith him.
“I’d like to announce my retirement, I am stepping down from the position of CEO” J-Park said and the whole hall erupted in [email protected] and murmurs.

“J-Park is leaving? Why? Who will be the second CEO?” Welchi asked nob©dy in [email protected] I glanced over at where Oppa was seated and saw him talking to a male actor who was gesticulating
“Settle down everyone!” J-Park commanded in his baritone voice and a great wave of silence swept throu-gh the hall

I sighed and sat up in my seat, Suho and J-Park whispered something to each other before J-Park cleared his voice and continued
“The second CEO is going to be none other than my lovely daughter; Mia” he said and a wild [email protected] erupted like larva throu-gh the hall as my jaw dropped
Whaaat! Mia is going to be the second CEO?!!

I’m so done for 😓😓

Dan dan dan 😅
Mia is now in charge

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