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oppa you’re my everything batch 43

💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💝Episode Eleven 💝

💗Baekhyun’s POV 💗
{Lakewood h0tel, Los Angeles California}


I placed the last piece of clothing that I had carefully folded inside the duffel bag before Zi-pping it shut. I walked to the wardrobe and made sure that I hadn’t forgotten to pack anything before closing the wardrobe again.
I heard a soft knock on the door and I walked over to it and opened it. I smiled when I saw Mia standing with a bottle of champagne and two wine [email protected]
“Can I come in?” She asked, smiling
“Sure…… Of course” I replied and she giggled before sashaying into the room.

“Care for a drink?” She offered, opening the champagne and pouring it into the two [email protected] She handed me a [email protected] and I accepted it before joining her on the sofa in the room
“Thanks but what are we [email protected]? What’s the occasion?” I asked, taking a sip from my [email protected] and she giggled
“We are [email protected] my return from Australia” she replied
“Wow…… really? But what’s so special about this return? We didn’t [email protected] your first return after 5 years…….why are we [email protected] this one?”
“Because this return is the beginning of great and wonderful things in our lives” she said with a dreamy look in her eyes and I chuckled
“I have no idea what you mean by ‘great and wonderful things in our lives’ but I’ll toast to that” I uttered and she laughed before bringing her [email protected] close to mine

“Cheers” she purred, gently tou-ching my [email protected] with hers
“Kampaii” I echoed in Japanese and she rolled her eyes pla-yfully at me
“I know you can speak Japanese so you don’t have to show off” she muttered and I chuckled
“Well it’s not like you don’t show off your perfect French when we’re together” I pointed out and she threw both hands up in mock surrender
“Alright…….. Fine, you got me. But what does that word mean in Japanese?” She asked giggling
“It means ‘cheers’ ”
“Ohh I see…….niicccee” she cooed and i chuckled
“How much are you going to pay me for this free Japanese lesson?” I asked in a taunting voice and she scowled at me pla-yfully
“Oh plea-se, give me a break. You want money for teaching me just one word? I taught you French for an hour last night and I didn’t ask for a penny!”
“French isn’t as complicated as Japanese! Do you know how [email protected] I worked before I could [email protected] my Japanese [email protected] when I was a trainee? And don’t even get me started on Chinese mandarin……..that [email protected] was hell!” I said and we laughed

“Alright, let’s make a deal……..I’ll teach you French and you’ll teach me Japanese. What do you say?” She offered, stretching her hand for a handshake and I chuckled
“I say it’s a deal” I announced and accepted her handshake. We shook hands laughing.
“Gosh, you have no idea how much I’ve missed this” she said after a while
“Missed what?”
“Spending time with you” she replied and I smiled
“I missed it too…..” I sighed “you know, when you left for Australia at 12, I thought I would never see you again. I asked J-Park why you had left without telling me and he said that you didn’t want to stay in Korea anymore. He said that you had begged him to s£nd you to a boarding school abroad. I know I should have asked this question a long time ago but I’ll ask now; why did you want to leave Korea so badly that you left without even informing me?” I asked in a low tone and she sobered up, her good mood got replaced with a sad one

“I left because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I needed some time away from you and everything concerning you so I could get my thoughts right and figure out what I was feeling” she whispered and I frowned
“What you were feeling? I don’t un-derstand at all”
“You will un-derstand when the time is right but I want you to know that I never st©pped thinking about you when I was in Australia” she uttered and looked up to meet my eyes and that was when I noticed the tears that were threatening to fall. I [email protected] and moved closer to her, taking her hands in mine
“I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me, Mia” I muttered “something I should know, just tell me……….I really want to know” I urged but she shook her head negatively and sli-pped her hands away from mine before using it to cup my face.
“I promise I will tell you but not now, it’s not the right time or place to talk about it. Just finish up your packing so we can fly back home to Korea and get plenty of rest before the general meeting that’s taking place the day after tomorrow, okay?”

I sighed and nodded slowly, I know there’s something she’s been trying to tell me but I won’t f0rç£ her to spill it, she will tell me whenever she wants to. Besides, she’s not the only one who’s keeping a secret, I still have to tell her about Hyuna and I

“I’m done packing anyway now all we have to do is wait for 6PM” I said, standing and walking over to the be-d. I flopped down on it with a sigh
“I’m just going to take a nap before then” I muttered and she giggled before picking up the bottle of champagne and the wine [email protected]
“I’ll leave you to rest, see you at the airport although my flight is the 8PM flight” she said, walking to the door
“Okay……..oh! and by the way………do you happen to have any idea why J-Park wants to hold a general meeting?” I asked just as she had opened the door
“No, he didn’t tell me why but he did say that there’s going to be a lot of changes at the agency after the meeting” she replied and I nodded
[email protected]
“Bye then………. Love youuu” she purred and blew me a k!ssbefore closing the door behind her

I smiled at her antics before turning over on the be-d. I can’t wait to see Hyuna again, I’m sure she will be so mad at me for not contacting her since but i want to surprise her by just showing up at her door unexpectedly with flowers 😊
I closed my eyes and was about drifting off to dreamland when the door suddenly opened and Taeyang walked in

“What is it?!” I snapped
“A girl just called our suite, she said her name is Sarang and that she’s waiting for you at your place in Seoul ..?” He replied and I [email protected]

Sarang is in Seoul! 😱
💖Oppa! You’re My Everything 2
[The Story Continues]
💚Episode Twelve 💚

💋Hyuna’s POV 💋
{Wubeat Building, Gangnam Province, Seoul}


Welchi and I were seated in front of the TV in my [email protected] watching a movie. I just sat staring at the screen blankly, I was lost in my thoughts, today is the fifth day since Baekhyun left for the States and still no word from him. I’ve actually given up on calling his number.
I was miserable, I miss him so much! I miss his voice, his smile, his hvgs and his t©uçh. I miss hearing the sound of his laughter…………I just miss EVERYTHING about him 😞😞

I thought I heard Welchi call my name but I didn’t even care until she tapped me and I flin-ched. I turned to her as if I was just noticing that she’s in the room.
“You called me?” I asked tiredly
“Well duhh……….I’ve been calling your name for like 3 seconds now!” She retorted and I sighed, tou-ching my forehead
“Well what is it?…….. ” I prodded and she scooted closer to me on the couch, peering at me keenly
“Why are you staring at me like that?”
“Cause you’re acting weird” she replied and I rolled my eyes
“You think…..?” I echoed with sarcasm and she scoffed
“Well what’s up with you? The movie ended like 2 minutes ago and you didn’t even move” she said and I [email protected], turning to the TV. I didn’t even notice that the movie had ended

I shrugged and stood up, stretching
“Well since its over, I’m going to make a sandwich” I muttered and walked to the kitchen while she trailed behind me
“It’s Baekhyun………..isn’t it?” She suddenly said as she sat facing me on the kitchen counter. I sighed and [email protected]£d two slices of bre-ad
“Yes I still haven’t heard from him and I’m loosing my mind!” I gro-an ed and she giggled
“St©p laughing it’s not funny!” I glared at her and she raised both hands in the air.
We didn’t say anything else after that and I just made sandwiches for us while she got herself busy on her phone

Then suddenly;
“Hyuna, are you sure Baekhyun hasn’t called to tell you that he’s back?” She asked and I snapped my head to look up at her
“No he hasn’t called”
“But according to the news……….he flew into the country last night” she said still looking at her phone and my jaw dropped
“W……… What! Which news website is that?!” I [email protected], gr-abbing my phone from the counter
“” she replied and I quic-kly went to the website. My eyes wi-de-ned and nearly popped out when I saw a news article with pictures showing Baekhyun at Incheon airport yesterday
“I can’t believe this…………he’s been in the country since yesterday and he didn’t call me” I muttered as it dawned on me and then suddenly, as if I was possessed by an unseen f0rç£, I [email protected]£d a knife from the stand and darted out of the kitchen while Welchi ran after me

“Hyuna! Where are you going with a knife?!”
“I’m going to murder my b©yfri£nd” I replied throu-gh clenched teeth
“What! Are you crazy? Get back here!” She skrie-ked but I ignored her and waltzed out of the [email protected] still clutching the knife. I [email protected] by Luhan’s [email protected] and walked to the elevator. It opened and Luhan walked out of it, he st©pped when he saw me holding a knife
“Where are you going with a knife?” He asked but I ignored him and walked into the elevator. The doors closed and I gro-an ed in the privacy of the elevator .

I can’t believe Baekhyun has been in the country since last night and he didn’t call… ..not even a single text from him! I’m going to teach him a lesson
I got to the ground floor and to my greatest relief, Welchi wasn’t behind me. I boarded a taxi to Baekhyun’s mansion, ignoring the weird looks the driver was giving me because of the knife.


{Wudang Mansion, Seoul}

The taxi pu-ll-ed over a few metres away from the hvge gate and I alighted. I walked up to the gate but I knew I wouldn’t be able to go in without the help of someone who the security system recognizes so I began ban-ging on the gate loudly until it rolled open to reveal Bobby standing behind it

“Hyuna?….” He called, obviously surprised to see me
“Hello Bobby, plea-se excuse me. I [email protected]£ to do something very important” I said breezily and walked into the premises, heading straight for the door.
I pushed the strong wooden door open and walked into the enchanting mansion.
“Hyuna are you sure you’re okay?” Bobby asked worriedly, walking up to me
“Yes I’m fine, where is your young boss?” I asked, referring to Baekhyun
“He’s in the TV room with……….” I didn’t even wait for him to complete his s£ntence, I dashed off to the TV room with the speed of lightening. I walked into the room and [email protected] when I saw Oppa seated on the couch with a girl and his arm was around her shoulder!

“Baekhyun!” I skrie-ked and they both flin-ched and turned to me. Oppa’s eyes wi-de-ned when he saw me
“Hyuna….” He called and his gaze slid down to my hand that was still clutching the knife
“Khyun, who is she?” The girl asked and I turned to her. She’s so gorgeous with shiny long black hair, perfect fair skin and bright cat-like eyes. But wait, who is SHE? and what is she doing alone with my b©yfri£ndin a dark room? I can’t believe this………he’s cheating on me with a girl that looks like a Barbie doll 😱
“You cheater!” I skrie-ked, pointing the knife at him
“What?! Hyuna what are you talking about? I’m not cheating on you……… ”
“Yes you are! You’re cheating on me with this doll face girl!!” I yelled, walking to him and gr-abbing his n£¢k. The girl screamed and ran out of the room

I pushed Oppa on the couch and sat on his tummy still pointing the knife at him
“Hyuna calm down and listen to me…. ” he tried saying but I cut him off
“I’ve been calling you but you’ve not been picking then you [email protected]£ back and didn’t even bother to call me only for me to come here and find you with another girl!!”
“It’s not what you think! I can explain! That’s Sarang, my sister, the one that I told you would be coming to Seoul” he said and I [email protected], the knife slid from my hand and crashed to the floor just as the girl ran back in with Bobby
“Get off my brother you crazy woman!” She screamed and I placed both hands on my head

Ohh I’ve messed up again 😖😰😳

Hyuna is the queen of mistakes 😅😅

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