One Last Time – episode 3

One Last Time (episode 3)

There’s nothing more devastating than finding nûd£ ph0tos of different women on your p@rtner’s phone. That’s the height of disrespect anymore can ever get from a person they love. Stacy almost had a panic attack when she saw the nûd£ ph0tos of over five different ladies on Randy’s phone. At that moment, she was completely dumbfounded cause she couldn’t have believed that Randy was capable of disrespecting and betraying her in such manner. Poor Stacy!

As she scrolled throu-gh Randy’s ph0to gallery, tears started dripping from her eyes. Stacy felt hurt and betrayed; worst still, she felt the good things of love wasn’t meant for her because she had never been fortunate in relationsh!ps. “I guess this is God’s way of punishing me for all the promises I made to him but never fulfilled any” she sadly said as she sobbe-d.

Just as Stacy sat on the be-d crying, the door opened and Randy walked in. The sight of Stacy in tears made him confused, so he went close to enquired what the problem was. “Baby what’s it? Why are you crying?” he confusingly asked but she didn’t utter a word in response to his question. Randy bec@m£ more confused and asked again on what the problem was but Stacy still kept mute. “Baby, this isn’t how relationsh!ps work, we have to always communicate whenever there’s a problem and not just keep mute” Randy said.

Stacy raised her head and looked into his eyes, “Why do you have nûd£ ph0tos of different ladies on your phone?” she soberly asked. That question threw Randy off balance and his heart almost drowned in shock, “What are you talking about?” he confusingly asked. Stacy brou-ght out his phone and handed it to him, “open your phone and check your gallery then answer my question” she said.

At that point, Randy alre-ady knew there was no way out of the situation because he was caught red-handed. He collected the phone from her and opened it. ‘Are these the ph0tos you are talking about?” he asked as he showed her the nûd£ ph0tos in his gallery, “Yes, who are they?” Stacy replied, “I got these ph0tos from the internet, they are just random ladies” he lied.

Stacy might not be the best judge of character, but she wasn’t a fool and definitely knew when someone was lying to her. “These ph0tos were definitely saved from WhatsApp and not downloaded from the internet, so no nee-d to lie” She said with tears in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Randy wasn’t re-ady to accept the ha-rd truth that he not only cheated on Stacy, but had also disrespected her. When Stacy figured he wasn’t re-ady to give in to the truth, she got up and headed straight to where her clothes were. Randy tried to st©p her from putting on the clothes because he knew she was going to leave his house immediately afterwards.

“Baby plea-se st©p this, let’s not ruin this happy Saturday morning” he said as he tried to st©p her. “You alre-ady ruined it when you cheated, lied and disrespected me by having nûd£ ph0tos of over five ladies on your phone. Jezz! I knew you were a plea-sure freak but I thought I was enough for you. How could you do this to me? I’m so tired and deserve better than this love-ma-king chocked relationsh!p. Randy you drained the life out of me by your constant request for my b©dy; I turned my back on God and my conscience countlessly just to quench you urges. I hate myself everyday for the kind of life I live but always still manages to smile when I’m with you. I now know I’m good for nothing more than just to satisfy you, it’s all good. I’m done with this stressful, dead and tiring relationsh!p; where we ha-rd ly even have a genuine conversation. I’m done! Have as much freedom you nee-d to flir-t with all the ladies on earth and to request for their nûd£s too. Bye!” She angrily said and walked out on him.

As Stacy headed towards the living room to gr-ab her car keys, Randy held her from behind and started sobbing. “Baby I’m so sorry, plea-se I’m so sorry, forgive me. I would never disrespect you like that again, I feel like a loser. Stacy plea-se don’t leave me, I beg you!” Randy pleaded with tears in his eyes as he held her ti-ghtly from behind.

They both stood there crying with no one to console each other. Stacy wanted to knack his hands off but just couldn’t because her heart belonged to Randy. She loved him even though she knew he wasn’t good for her peace of mind. Well, who could blame a lady that was un-der the spell of a man’s love ma-king prowess.

When the tension in the atmosphere calmed down a bit, Randy knelt down and apologized over again to Stacy; promising never to do what he did again. She told him to get up and they hvgged each other ti-ghtly afterwards.

Randy reached out for herl-ips that were covered in tears and planted a k!sson it. Stacy was still sobbing so Randy reached for her eyes and k!$$£d it. He jacked her up and she crossed her legs around his w@!st. Randy carried her and gently la-id her on the parlor couch. “Lie still, let me give you an apology gift” He said and gently took off her go-wn.

At that point, Stacy’s tears gently ceased and turned to m0@n ing of plea-sure as Randy su-cked her whole b©dy slowly. He took hisl-ips all the way down and made Stacy call his name over again in plea-sure.

For the first time ever, Randy made their love ma-king all about Stacy without considering his own satisfaction. He used his f!ngersto perform wonders and watched Stacy die and come back to life again. Randy was a bad boy and the kind of guys our mothers warned us about.

Randy hit every s-en-sitive G-sp©t on Stacy’s b©dy and at that point, reaching could 9 was inevitable. They made love and cu-mddled each other afterwards.

As Stacy la-id on his arms, her mind fell into de-ep thoughts of whether she made that right decision of still being in the relationsh!pwith Randy. Due to all the drama that happened that morning, her mind had forgotten about Noble entirely.

They both sle-pt off in each other’s arms because they were obviously exhausted from all that happened that morning. At around pas-sed 11am, Stacy woke up and tidied the whole house. She entered the kitchen afterwards to prepare what they would eat because they hadn’t had breakfast.

As Stacy was busy in the kitchen, her mind made a trip to where Noble’s thoughts were. She smiled faintly when she remembered him and wished she could see him again.

Just as she wallowed in Noble’s thoughts, her phone rang and she looked to see who was calling but it was an unknown number. “Could this be Noble?” she thought as she picked the call. “Hello” she greeted, “Hi Stacy, this is Noble” the caller said.

That revelation was enough to drive Stacy crazy; she was so happy. “Hi Noble, how are you doing?” she excitedly asked, “I’m fine” he replied, “How did yesterday go with your car?” he added, “It was fine dear, thanks for everything, God bless you!” Stacy said.

Noble chuckled and said; “You are welcome. I’m glad you mentioned God, can you plea-se come with me to church tomorrow?”

End of episode 3 😉

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