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One last only girl Episode 9 to 12

Episode 9
Stan POV
I just come home a week ago and I was in my room when mom budged into my room without nocking.
“Stanazuel, is it true that you don’t give romena your time? “She said furiously.
“Mom, I have a lot to do, I’ve got my education and have the music club in my arms, I cannot add Romena to my schedule “I complained.
“That’s non of my businnes, right now re-move that your dirty @ss and go meet up with her at [email protected] restaurant “she said in a film authoritative voice.
“But mom”I tried to complain more but she showed me her back.
Fine, since is what they want, I will go. I entered the bathroom and in few seconds I was done, I something better but not the best and walked out of the house. My driver was arleady waiting for me.
In no time I arrived at [email protected] restaurant. I found a better seat and sat down then start typing on my phone.
“Sorry I am late”romena said but who cares?
“Stan, plea-se do the chair for me”she said and i dropped my phone on the table and faced her.
“Miss, what is the use of your hands? “I asked her.
“Fine, fine”she sat down, just then a waitress walked to us.
“What should we offer you? “She asked.
“Just give me room temperature water”I said.
“Give me a plate of plain ch!ps, a [email protected] of Ceres apple jui-ce and chocolate cake as a desert”she said the waitress jotted something on a small paper and in no time the food was brou-ght to her.
“Are you done eating? “I asked her.
“Yes”she said, I pretended to check my pockets.
“God, what should I do? I think I have left m wallet at home”I said.
“That’s bad, well, I will pay the bill but make sure to return the money”she said handing the waitress some cash.
“Keep change plea-se”I said and she smiled while walking away.
Just then I brou-ght out my wallet.
“There is your wallet, give me back my money”Romena said and I laughed.
“Are you kidding me? You we’re the one who insisted we go on a [email protected]£ so you expect ms to spend my money on you? “I asked her. “That’s your punishment “I added
*fine, let’s go”she said. Is she joking.
“Wait, go where? Did you come here with me? My friend go your own way and I go my own, let this be the last time you make me go in a [email protected]£ with you coz you don’t like what I will do next time. For the last time, it will never work between you and me miss, excuse me”I said and walked away.
Episode 10
Holiday time was over and new students we’re enrolled among them we’re Sitritha and Francine, Debbie’s best friends.
Stan and his friends entered the cafeteria and at once everywhere was silent and they all stood up.
Stan looked around the cafeteria and sp©tted two girls seated, he was annoyed that he walked them and over turned their table.
“What the heck? “Asked Francine only to see a handsome devil standing in front of them giving them deadly glare.
“I can see that you guys have the guts to go against my rules, as a punishment, get me five plates of ch!ps, five zombie [email protected] five bottles of jui-ce and five paper seviets in one round”,he said in an authoritative voice that s£nt goosebu-mps all over the girls b©dy.
I wonder why God gave me children, how I wish I was just barren rather than having kids that I cannot even afford to raise them.
“Debbie, i am sorry that you have an incompetent mother like me”I said to Debbie
“Mom plea-se don’t start, I have told you countress times that I am fine”she said.
“Your not fine Debbie, your the only one who’ve been selected to a national secondary school but you cannot go because you’ve a mother like me, I really wanted you to go far with your education”I said.
“Mom, if its about school, don’t worry about it, I will make sure to go back to school no matter what and as I said I will make you proud, wile out your tears, you know I hate seeing you sad”Debbie said”in thick or thin you will always be my mother”she added.
Debbie is my happiness and she gave me hope when their us no hope.
“stan, I wonder why you are so harsh toward girls”Manuel said.
“Its nothing”I said.
“Or by chance, are you planning to become a priest? “Anthony tea-sed and everyone laughed.
“Its not like that guys, just that I do not want to have a dozen of ex girlfriends, I just want the first girl I love to be the only for me till I grow old”I said and they all laughed
“What a waste, sometimes I wonder if your really my brother, my friend, many girls are crushing on you, do you want to waste your youthful life all for one girl? “Conai asked.
“Guys plea-se, when I see the right girl you don’t ask”I said just then I saw romena coming from the end of the corridor, I pretended not to see her.
“Is he avoiding me? “She asked her brother.
“Isn’t it obvious? “Anthony said walking away from her.
Episode 11
I was still walking in the corridor when I heard some girls talking about me in a [email protected] room.
“Your right sitritha, a community secondary school is better of than this living hell”said a girl.
“All becausebof an devil bearing the face of an angel. Mmh, its too much, Stan is something else”said sitritha. I could not take it anymore so I entered the [email protected]
“Hello girl, are by chance talking about me”I said and they both shivered with fear, “I hate it when people talk being my back and plea-se, the next time you try to gossip about me, make sure to get permission first. You two are lucky coz I am not in the mood of expelling anyone but watch your backs”I said and walked out.
Weeks has [email protected] and finally, here I am standing in front of my old primary school hall.
“You can do it Debbie sumei, fighting”I too a de-ep breath and walked towards the hall.
“Young girl, where are you going? “A security man asked me.
“I want to [email protected] in the competition”I said.
,”where is your registration card? “He asked me.
“I don’t have any”I said.
“Sorry, you cannot go inside”he said and I felt heartbroken.
“plea-se, I need to [email protected]”I pleaded.
“What is going on here? “, another man asked me, he was wearing a suit.
The security man explained the situation
“Young girl, you have to register first “the man in sit said, I pleaded with them and he took his phone and made a phone call.
“Yes, she us not registered and she insist her name? “She looked at me and I told him my name. In no time he ended the call.
“Well, I guess luck is by your side, you can go in”he said and I entered the hall only to see more than 60 [email protected]@nts.
An hour later
“Next contestant, Debbie sumei”the organizer said and u walked to the stage.
“I didn’t have time to compose a song but I will sing Heal the world by Michael Jackson”I said.
“Fine, let’s hear it”
I hold the mc ti-ght and closed my eyes.
🎵 there is a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place be
Much brighter than tommorow
🎵 and if you really try
You’ll find there us no need to cry
In this place you’ll feel
There’s no hurt or sorrow
Episode 12
I could not resist the tears in my eyes as they stream down my yes like a river. I cannot believe this, no, this is not really happening. Mom sp©tted me from afar and she rushed to me.
“Debbie, what is it? Why are you crying? Its fine if you don’t make it”mom comforted me.
“Mom, I am going nowhere, I am not going to leave you alone”I cried in her arms.
“Debbie, did you make it? I knew it, I am proud if you my daughter “she hvgged me ti-ght.
“Mom, I got the first position, a scholarsh!pfrom secondary to university, but I won’t go”I said.
“Why dear? This is a dream come true”mom said.
“But I cannot leave you alone”I said.
“Come on Debbie, as long as your safe there, I will be more than happy, plea-se go for my sake”mom pleaded with me.
Mom walked me to the bus st©p
“Debbie, remember what I have told you, everyone knows you as a well behaved girl plea-se, just focus on your studies and not boys”mom advised me.
“You know me mom, I won’t disappoint you”I said.
“I will miss you”mom hvgged me
Which one is the way to the principles office? I asked myself walking in the corridor while checking on the school map, I was lost on the map that I don’t see what was ahead of me only to bu-mp into someone and we both fall,
“I am sorry”I said as we both stood up, I looked around and we we’re surrounded by many students.
“Watch we’re your going “that the boy said.
“Am sorry, where is the principal’s office? “I asked.
“Go go straight and turn left, at the end of that corridor”he said and I walked away after mumbling a little thank you.
A girl just bu-mped unto me but to my surprise I didn’t get angry at her. I looked around only to see that I we’re surrounded with surprised looking faces.
“What are you all looking at? Am I nûd£? At the count of four I don’t wanna see those your ugly faces or you will regret it, one”before I could say two, the corridor was empty with only my four friends and I.
I was busy eating when I sp©ttd someone who looks exactly like Debbie.
“Debbie? “I called out and to my surprise it was really her, she walked to us and we hvgged.
“Is this really you? “Francine asked.
“Its me girls, well I tried my luck in the competition and here I am”she said with a smile.
“We told you girl”I said.
“So, how is life here? “She asked.

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