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August 1, 2021


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One last only girl Episode 56 to 59

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Episode fifty six




“Stop all this nonsense romena. Today is my big day , don’t ruin it, I have never shared a bed with you before how can the baby be mine? “Asked sStan.

“But its really yours”insisted romeana.

“Do you think I don’t know that you’ve been flirting with my brother Lawrence? “Stan said

“Lets not waste much of out time, i am ready to do a DNA test”stepped in Conai.

“Brother, dont bother doing the DNA test, yes she is really pregnant but not for me”daid Lawrwnc.

“Lawrence! ”

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“Shut up Romeana, don’t dare think of ruining my young brother’s wedding”Lawrence said as he dragged romena out of tge hall.


“We sencere apologize for the inconvenience “said conai.

“Well, without wasting much of our time, I now announce you as husband and wife. You may now kiss the….


Before the pastor could finish his sentence, Stan pulled Debbie into a deep kiss.

“Hey, stop it we are not yet at the honeymoon “said debbie trying to break the kiss.

“, i was just enjoying the holy kiss”Stan said.


The wedding reception took place at one of the best hotels in the country. The received all sort of presents and finally it was time to go and enjoy their honeymoon 😂. Debbie could not help the tears of joy, finally after all that has happened she is now Stan’s wife.



I am afraid, i have heard a lot that do happen to the honeymoon and I am afraid to do the same. I am not confident enough to do that. Gosh, i am going crazy.

“Debbie, come down”mom said and I took a deep breath.

“Mom, I can’t do this, can’t we skip the honeymoon? “I said and my friends laughed.

“Come on debbue, your a married woman now and youve got a responsibility on your shoulder, don’t disappoint me”mom said.

“But mom”

“Debbie, you’ve kept the words of the Lord close to your heart, now your married, it was also the same for us but i assure you, everything will be fine”said Francine.

Just when i was about to complain again, Stan approached the car.

“What are these beautiful ladies discussing here? “He asked.

“Well, just advising your wife two to three things”said mom.

“Okay, I hope she will take into consideration what you just told her”he said looking at me with much passion, yuk.

“Have a nice day kids”mom said as she stepped out of the car followed by my friends and Stan sat beside me.



Episode fifty seven


The drive was silent, not even a slight cough. Finally the car parked outside Future stars hotel. Debbie went inside first to wait for Stan at the reception.


“Young master, congratulations on your wedding, your now a grown guy, enjoy your day”said his personal driver.

“Thank you uncle, have a safe journey home”Stan said before walking into the hotel.

He got the hotel room key card and went up follows by Debbie.

🍀 🍀 everything in the room looks new, it was one of the royal suits inf the hotel and the room was well decorated 🍀




The thought of being with Stan in one room is really suffocating, I can’t take this anymore.


“I am thirsty, I need water”I said as I tried to walk out of the room.


“We have water and juice in the fridge “Stan said.


“Ooh, I forgot”I said. Gosh.


I turned and he was unbuttoning his shirt, I looked away.


“Debbie, are you not feeling hot? Let’s take a shower together”Stan said.


“No! “I yelled

“sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you”I apologized. Gosh, what is wrong with me.


“Its fine, will you help me unboton my shirt? “He requested


I feel as if I will faint if I stay in this room for another second.


“I will be downstairs”I said running out of the room never waiting for his response.




So funny right? What’s wrong with her? I just can’t stop laughing cause of this damn wife of mine.

I took a shower and went down stairs, she went back upstairs.


I wonder what today holds for me.


“Woa, your wedding was very fantastic”someone said and in no time I was surrounded by people congratulating me for our wedding. I want to have a peaceful dinner with my wife so I ordered the food and went upstairs.




I just finished taking a shower and I was putting on my orange summer dress when Stan opened the door.

“Gosh, why didn’t you knock? What if I was naked! “I yelled at him but he laughed.

“And why is that a problem? For Christ sake, I am now your husband, what is there to hide from me? “He said and that was disgusting, I just walked away.

I picked the remote and tune to zee world, Stan come and sat beside me.

The waitress brought our food and to be honest though I really love food, am not enjoying this food.

Our eyed will ocassionaly lock but I look away.

“I am going to bed first”I said.

“Am Debbie”Stan called”never mind, goodnight”he said


Episode fifty eight


“Debbie? “Stan called me and I looked at him. “Am, its nothing, goodnight”he said.Thank God he didnt say anything. I went on the bed and un no time Stan joined me.We prayed and turned of the light and we slept off.

Wait, did I just said slept off? Whom am I kidding, I can’t sleep at all.

In no time the waitress come to correct the plate.

“I thought I have disturbed you on the middle of something, but I guess no. I wonder if you too are not cold blooded youths, if I we’re you age, I would have already pounced on my husband. Well, never mind, enjoy your night”she said and walked out, gosh, what is wrong with that woman?


I tried hard to sleep but to no avail, I tried to pretend as if Debbie is not next to me but matters won’t help. I can’t take this anymore, I turned and faced debbie’s back,am sure that she is not asleep yet.

I gathered courage and out my finger in her waist line, he breath seized and she was like a corpse.I start caressing her but no movement from her. I turned her to face me and I planted a deep kiss on he lips, she was not responding, just then I put my hand on the soft material on her chest, she flinched.

“Stop it! Stop it Stan”she said.

“What is it? “, I said.

“I am not ready for this”, she said.

“Stop joking”I said while trying to kiss her again but she looked away.

“Stan please, I am very tired, since morning I have never had time to rest, let me be there is a lot in my mind”she said and I laughed in anger.

“Like seriously?, Debbie are you kiddig me? For seven good years I have been respecting your decisions and stayed low, is this all you can say to me now? For god sake we are a married couple now and there is nothing that can stop us from doing it”I fired.

“But I just said I tired”she fired back.

I scoffed.

“Tired right? What a lame excuse, You want us to sleep as brother and sister right? Fine, give me you pillow”I said.

“Why? ”

“Just do as I say”I yelled and she gave me the pillows, I put them between the bed as a separation between me and her.

“Goodnight sister “I said and look away.


God, what have I done again? Its not my fault just that I am nervous.

“Stan, I am sorry”I said but no response.

“Stan? “I said as I out the pillow away. I touched his hand but he shooked me off. Gosh, he might be really angry, what should I do?


Episode 59



God, what have I done?


“Stan, I am sorry”I said but got no response, what should I do? He might be really angry with me, this is the second time for him to be angry at me after that incident at school.


“Stan”I called him again but he just moved from the bed and went to watch TV.


I need to act fact, just then an idea popped into my mind, I have to give up already or things will be worse. I walked to the closet and changed to something sexy.


I went to where Stan was and stood in front of the TV but he pretended not to notice me.


“Stan, I said I am sorry, why don’t you just forgive me? “I said.


I seductively walked to where he was and sat on his lap, I pressed my lips on his but he didn’t respond.


“Are you really going to be like this? “I said.


“Fine, look into my eyes and say you won’t forgive me”with that he hold my hands and turned me upsidedown the chair.


“Don’t you ever do this again”he warned and I nodded shly.


He pressed his lips on mine while caressing the contours of my body, I found myself enjoying the moment, gosh I feel as I am in heaven, I felt so weak.


He carried me from the chair to the bed and upon reaching the bed, we we’re both naked.


“Are you afraid? “He asked me, I guess he now understand my fear.


“Yes”I said.


“Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I assure you,”he said while pecking me and I gave him a shy smile.


In no time, our bodies melted in each other arms with passion.



The next morning, Stan was the first to woke up, he looked at his beautiful bride who was sleeping like a baby beside him.


“How could you be this beautiful “he said as he moved a strand of hair from her forehead and pecked her. He went out of the room.


Debbie woke up but when Stan returned into the room, she closed her eyes, she was too shy to face the one that just took her chastity.



“Come on sweety, I know your awake.You look so weak and tired, eat up and get some rest”I some rest”I said and she sat upright not even bother to look at me.


“I will take a shower first, when you feel a bit well, meet me down stairs, our friends are waiting”I said.


A housekeeping lady walked in and asked us to give her the sheets to wash but Debbie said she will do it herself with reasons known to herself.




“There comes the groom,where is your bride? “Conai asked.


“She will be here soon, ”


In no time Debbie come downstairs looking dashing.



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