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July 23, 2021


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One last only girl Episode 44 to 47

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Episode 44


I sung the song with every little energy inside me.
“I thought I will be able to let you go, but no, I just made myself incomplete, my heart seems to be missing something. I am really sorry for my late apology. Do you remember you asked me what my wish was last time on my birthday? I think I can tell you my wish now, my wish is for you to love me again”I said as hot tears streamed down my cheeks.

Just then my friends joined me on stage, they all looked weak.
Song;never give up

🎵No, I’ll make it through🎵
🎵though life might seem tough🎵

I sung but messed up.
“I am sorry, I will start again”I said.
🎵no, i’ll make it through🎵
🎵though life might seem tough🎵

I messed up again
“Twinkle star, you’ve been disqualifi..

🎵though I might lack in many things🎵
🎵giving up is never an option🎵

Am angelic voice backed me up.
That voice, that voice nearly made me cry like a baby.
Debbie’s POV

I tried to take another step but I couldn’t. My heart hearts, that’s song, that song made me cry.

“Stan, what is did you wish for when you were cutting the cake? “I asked him.
“You want to know my wish? My wish was this”he pulled me in his arms and kissed me.
“Pervert”I yelled.
I laughed, cried, screamed, yelled and smiled at the same time, I felt as if I was going crazy.
Stan tried to sing again but messed up, I cannot ignore his pain anymore.

🎵even if you fall down🎵
🎵stand up and move on🎵
We sung together

🎵and move on🎵
I sung

🎵good things in life🎵
🎵never come easily🎵we all sung
I could see my fellow music members shading tears as I walked to the stage wearing the pink dress Stan bought for me.

🎵life is full of possibilities🎵
🎵and no matter what the situation 🎵
🎵never give up 🎵

🎵never, giiive up.. 🎵o and Stan finalized the song while looking at each other.
We sang passionately and other audiences even shade tears.
After like two hours, the judges walked back into the hall and everyone was silent.
“Ladies and gentle men, here is the time we’ve all been waiting for””in my hands, are the results and as we all know, only three school will win and one school will get the trophy”
“My fellow audience, guess which school got the first position? ”

Episode 45

Tears could not stop streaming down Francine’s eyes.
“Why are you crying? “Asked yashrai.
“Yadh, I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe this, I can’t believe this”she said as more tears streamed down her eyes
“Its fine, come on”he said embracing her.
Twinkle star music club members wished never to work up from this beautiful dream. Finally the trophy was theirs.
Stan took that chance to speak to Debbie.
“That k you very much for helping the music club. And I am sorry”he said but Debbie returned a smile.
“Its the thing of the past,let’s forget about what happened “she said and Stan could believe that Debbie has forgives her. He pulled her in his arms and kissed her.

“Hey! Are you not ashamed to do that on public, more over in front of your father? “Jamie said while walking to the stage.
“Dad! “Exclaimed stan.
“Well, I am happy that the 🏆 trophy is still around my school, not so Stan? “Jamie said while turning to where Stan stood a while ago, but he was no longer there, he has disappeared with Debbie. “Kids of nowadays “he said and everyone laughed.

I just wrote my junior examination and I am packing to go home for the holiday.
“Why are you looking at me like that? “I asked Stan who could not remove his eyes off me
“I feel like this two months are two much to be apart from you”h whined liked a baby.
“Come on, don’t make a big fuse, you also left me all alone when you wrote you junior exams last years “I said.
“But I visited you every week”he said as I zipped my suitcase.
“Then what will you do? “I said.
“I will just arrange our marriage”he said.
“Jerk! We are still young”I said
“Mmh, but am afraid that some guys will take you away from me”he said.
“Don’t worry, am all yours, your my one in a million”I said
“I don’t trust you, there is only one thing that will make me trust you. Let’s make love”he said and I hit him with a pillow, one thing I like about Stan, he is always straight forward.
“Pervert! Just wait till our wedding night”I said taking one suitcase.
“Debbie, I wonder if your still a maiden”he said and I hissed.He took my other suitcase.
“You will find out soon”I said.
I bid farewell to Francine and Sitritha then find my way home.
“Mom! Debbie is home”Lindiwe exclaimed
“Debbie! “Mom said as she hugged me.
“Debbie, you left with a small bag, where did you get these expensive suitcases?”

Episode 46

“How was school? “Mom asked me.
“Well, school was great”I said and just then mom’s expression changed.
“Debbie, you left for school with a very small sac bag, where did you get these expensive suitcases? “Mom asked me and my heart skipped.
I don’t know how to explain this.
“Let’s go inside first, I will explain everything”I said as we entered the house.
“Mom, first, I am sorry because the answer I am about to give you, might broke tour heart”I said.
“And what does that mean? “She asked.
“Mom, there is nothing I could do, I really liked him”I said.
“You really liked him? Debbie, does that mean you have a boyfriend? “She asked.
“I am sorry mom”I said.
“Debbie! “She yelled at me and I looked down.
“Debbie, remind me, how old are you again? “She asked.
“For.. Fourteen”I said.
“I am not tolerating any nonsense,what do you know about love? Break up with him already”she yelled.
“Mom, I can’t, Stan is a very good guy, am sure you will like him”I said.
“Debbie, there is nothing to like about him, I never expected this from you, how could you repay me with this? I trusted you with all my heart, “she said and I could feel that I really broke her heart. I took out the hair pin from my pocket and showed her.
“Isn’t this the hair pin your late father bought for you? “She asked as tears streamed down my eyes.
“Yes, mom he has been keeping it for all these tears, he is the one I bumped I to at the pharmacy years ago, mom, he saved your life, he paid for the medical bills and for that I can’t love him less. He gave me the ten thousand as well, mom, we’ve come a long way, I cannot just leave him like that”I said and mom was mute.

“Foe how long have you been dating? “Mom asked me.
“Two years”I said.
“Two years? You didn’t even bother to tell me?I hope you’ve not gone far already”she said.
“What do you mean? “I asked.
“You know, love making”she said and I laughed.
“Come on mom, you know me very well, I cannot do such a thing now”I said.
“I trust you Debbie, well I am sorry for yelling at you”she said and I hugged her.


Stan’s POV

Dad sent a car to pick me and my friends up since we have fi wished our exams.
“Conai, tell dad that I will be home tommorow”I said.
“Are you going somewhere? “He asked.
“Yes, I really miss Debbie and am going to visit her”I said and all looked at me.


Episode 47

“Yashrai, I wonder what your sister did to my brother for him yo always think about her”said conai.
“To be honest, if Debbie was not my sister, I would have took her away from Stan”yashrau said
“Don’t dare even think about it even for once”I said and they all laughed.
“But do you know her exact location? “Asked Anthony.
“Love will guide me there”I said as I entered my car and my driver start the engine.

I was behind the house chilling with my two friends when I heard a sound of a car.
“Debbie, isn’t that a car sound? “Asked Francine.
“I guess your right, we might have visitors, let’s go and check”I said as I walked away followed by my friends.
The women stood there looking at the wealth smelling, goodlooking guy.
“Am, excuse me is this Mrs Sumei’s house? “Stan managed to ask and Falida wasted no time but took over the conversation.
“Yes, how may we help you? “She asked.
“I am looking for….
“Stan? “Debbie called out from the corner of the house.
“Debbie! “Exclaimed Stan and in no time they we’re in each others arms.
“What are you doing here? “She looked so happy to see me, so was I
“What do you think? I missed you of course”I said and she smiled.
“I missed you too Stan”she said and just then someone cleared her throat, it was sitritga and we quickly disengage only to find the elders looking at us.
“Hi Stan”greeted sitritha.
“Hi”I said to her and Francine.
“Debbie, who is he? “Asked Lindiwe.
“Well, am mom, sister am meet Stan, my am my boyfriend”she said and ported her lower lip as she watched the reactions from the elders.
“What are we still doing out here? Debbie, take him inside”debbies mother finally said.
Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable at all.

“Are you not Mr James son? “Asked a woman.
“Yes I am his last born son”I said.
“Woo, your from a very rich family and I heard that your father loves you a lot”said another woman.
“Of course, my father do treat me like an egg”I said and all the women laughed.
Lindiwe and her mother excused themselves to escot their friends.
“Finally we are alone, I want a hug Debbie”I said.
“You never change Stan”said Debbie and just then another girl entered the house.
“Sister serina! “Exclaimed Debbie.
Gosh, I guess I wont be alone with my lover. I just want a lonely time with my lover.




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