One last only girl Episode 21 to 24

Episode 21
I could not ba-re it any longer.
“Mom, thank you very much”I said as cut the call.
“Stan, are you okey? You look sullen”Debbie said. I picked my phone and dialed my drivers number.
“Uncle, plea-se come here now”I said. “Debbie come with me “I said holding her hand.
The movie was so fantastic and I was enjoying it not until the love ma-king scene appeared on the screen 💻.My feelings were awaken and my eyes were glued to the screen I don’t even know when I put my hand into the popcorn container only to meet with Debbie’s hand and our eyes met, I quic-kly looked away.
“Stan! “She called.
“Ye? “I responded.
“I think we’ve watched enough, let’s go”she said.
“What did you say? “I asked but she just hold my hand and lead me to the car.
In the car I could not re-move the scene off my mind, I looked at Debbie’s S-xyl-ips and I don’t know when my hand was found smoothing her w@!st, she j£rked it off.
“What’s wrong with you? “, she asked me.
“I don’t know but I just want to do it”I said.
“But that’s not good, you know we are still young for that. Let’s wait till we get married”she said.
“But that’s will be far”I said.
“I cannot do this because its a sin for couples that are not married yet to do it and I am not re-ady for it. I have my education first. Let’s wait till our wedding night”she said courageously.
“That could be 6 to 7 years to come. But Debbie, I am wondering if your chaste”I said and she gave me dagger looks.
“What sort of stupid question is that? “She said and walked out of the car.
“Young master, many girls feel irritated when they are asked such a question. plea-se avoid it”my driver said.
“Okay uncle, thank you”I said and stepped out of the car.
Debbie was in her friends hostel when Romena and her friends approached them.
“Well, I can see that you girls are having a nice time”said Romena.
“Dont beat around the bush and go straight to the pont romena”said Francine.
“Well, I am here to warn you”she said looking at Debbie, the three girls looked at each other.
“Whom exactly? We are three here”said Sitrutha
“Debbie, don’t pretend as if you don’t know that am talking to you plea-se stay away from Stan”she said and Debbie laughed.
“I think you should warn Stan coz I cannot stay away from him”Debbie challenged.
“Really? You don’t know whom your pla-ying with Debbie”
“I think I know, are you not Romena? “Debbie said
Episode 22
“Debbie, your pla-ying with a lion”said Romena furiously.
“Then i will consider it that the lion is teethless”fired back Debbie.
“Well, since you’ve proved to be stubborn, prepare to dance to my music”said Romena as she walked out of the room followed by her girls.
After the first term holiday
“God, I cannot believe that I didnot visit mom this holiday, I was with Stan”said debbie.
“Debbie, like seriously? You were with stan for two week? Do you know how worried your mother was? “Asked Sitritha.
“I just dont know what come over me”Debbie said.
“You and your Stan, I hope your being careful”Francine cautioned.
“Come on girl, you know that i am a girl with a strong mind. I cannever let a boy control over me”said Debbie.
“That our Debbie, well let’s go for music practice, remember soon we are having a competition “said Francine holding Debbie and sitrutha’s hand.
“Debbie didnt visit me this holiday, I wonder if she is fine”I said.
“Well, i come here to deriver this letter to you, its from Debbie”saud Agnes my friend while handing me the letter.
“Mother, I am sorry that i didn’t visit you this holiday. A friend invited me to her house and I spent the holiday there. plea-se don’t worry about me. I am very fine. I love you mom”the letter said and my heart was once at ease.
“I hope its not a make friend she spent the weeks with”Agnes said.
“Debbie is not that kind of child”I defended her.
“You cannot un-derstand kids of nowadays”agnes said.
“Debbie is not one of those kids, she is only thirteen”I said.
“Age is just a number ”
“I trust Debbie a lot”i said.
“Well, if you insist ”
“Dad, you called for me? “Stan saud as soon as he sat down.
“All your friends come home the last holiday,”Mr Jamie said.
“Dad, I was with my friend. She insisted that we spent the holiday together”Stan said.
“She? “He asked.
“Did I just say she? My bad, I mean he. You don’t get me well”he said with a fake smile.
“Well, you can go, I just missed you”he said.
I was in the room with my friends when Harriet began scattering things.
“Harriet, whats the problem? “I asked her.
“My money, my ten thousand is missing, I left it in my bag before going out”she said.
“Then who has the guts to steal in this school? “I asked.
Episode 23
“Why don’t we search around the the hostels? “Jane suggested and in no time webwerw done searching in the other hostels.
We searched our bags and finally We took Debbie’s bag and a mathematical instrument fell from her bag.
I picked it up and opened it.
“Jesus Christ! “Said Debbie with her eyes wi-de.
“Will you shut up. Don’t mention that holy name with your dirtyl-ips”I said.
“I swear, I know nothing about this money. I don’t even know hoe that mathematics instrument got into my bag”she said.
“Shut up you poor thing, who can believe a poor village girl like you? “Jane fired at her.
“Hey, I might be from a poor family but stealing is not my priority “she said.
“This won’t work, let’s take her to the principal now”I suggested and we all walked out of the room.
We we’re in the corridor when everyone suddenly st©pped and was quite.
“What nons-en-se is about to pu-ll this building down? “Stan asked with his hands in his pocket.
“Stan,Harriet’s money went missing and we found it in Debbi’s bag”I explained.
“I know nothing about the money”Debbie said.
“Shut up you thief’ Harriet said.
“How did you know that the money was Harriet’s and not Debbie’s”Stan asked.
“She is from a poor family and her parents can not s£nd her such hvge amount of money”I said.
“What if I say that I am the one who gave her the money? “Said Stan.
“Debbie, is this yours? “Stan asked Debbie.
“No, the instrument us not even mine”Debbie said.
“Well, since the instrument doesn’t have an owner, you may have it with the money”Stan said.
“No, not my ha-rd earned money”Harriet said taking the instrument away for Stan.
“Don’t try this silly trick again next time”Stan said.
“How did you know that it was a lie? “I asked him.
“Its obvious to me. St©p troubling this innocent girl or I will deal with you personally”Stan warned “all music members meet me in the studio now”he said and walked away,.
I really deal defeated.
“What should we do now? “Asked Jane.
“I cannot let him take Stan away from me”I said.
“Whatever must be done,we will help you”said Harriet.
“Debbie, did you really steals the money? “Yash asked Debbie.
“I have never stole before ever since I was born”Debbie said.
“Are you sure? “Yashr asked.
“Hey, leave my baby alone, eat up my glutton angel”Stan said running her f!ngersin debbue’s hair.
“Am not a glutton”said Debbie.
“Of course you are”he saud.
Episode 24
The hall was parked with students.
“Everyone, the song that is about to be performed here is the same song that our music club members will perfome in the upcoming competition so plea-se let’s give them our support”said the mc.
🎵little moments are what reflects your life🎵
🎵Cherish every little memory🎵
🎵 For it might be a way to your future 🎵
Sung Stan and Debbie went for her lines
🎵 no matter how painful 🎵
“A memory can…
She fell down, Stan rushed to her aid.
“Debbie, are you okey? “Stan asked her.
“I am fine”said Debbie.
“No, you don’t look fine, let’s go to the hospital now”Stan said and tried to help her up but she couldn’t so he piggybacked her.
“Its just a small fracture, she will be fine in two weeks”said the doctor.
“But what did you say happened exactly? “Added the doctor.
“Her heels suddenly broke.. Wait, I bought those heels this morning and they we’re perfect fine. How could that suddenly get damaged? “Stan asked himself.
“Do you think someone messed with the shoes? “The doctor asked.
“Doctor, I will be back”Stan said as he rushed out of the hospital.
Romena and her girls were chilling when the door suddenly opened.
“Stan, how is Debbie? “Romeana sounded so worried but Stan gave her dagger looks.
“St©p it miss, st©p pretending because I know your behind this. Why did you do it? “Stan asked in anger
“Well, since you know it, what will you do? I warned her to stay away from you but she was stubborn “romeana said while folding her arms just then Stan sl@pped her.
“Stan, you sl@pped me? “She said holding her cheeks.
“I will did it again if you won’t shut that your silly mouth. Romena, stay away from Debbie, let her be the next time you try this nons-en-se I won’t let you be”he said and walked out of the room.
“Did he just sl@p me? We shal l see”romena said.
“Dad, you didnt tell me that you will come”yashr said.
“Well, I was just pas-sing by so I decided to st©p by, where is Stan? “Asked Mr Bland.
“He is in the hospital with his girlfriend “yashr said.
“Romeana? “Asked Mr Bland.
“No, dad plea-se don’t tell his parents about this”pleaded Yashr.
“Its fine”he said “by the way, have alre-ady met sister? “He asked.
“No, I tried but I don’t know her name. What is her name? “Yashr asked.
“She is.. “Just then Mr Bland’s phone rung.
What is romena’s next step?