One last only girl Episode 17 to 20

Episode 17
My dad could not make it to my birthday because his plane delayed but he just bough a bland new car for me as a birthday gift, I can love him less.
Debbies friends pushed him into stan’s arms and in no time they we’re on the dancing floor. Stan, put his, arm in Debbies w@!st and she flin-ched coz i t was the first time a guy ever put his hand there and he put the other hand on her shoulder”Everything I do “was pla-ying slowly by the DJ, Debbie kept on stepping Stan but he was just smiling at her, in no time they we’re out of the hall.
“Leave me alone! Let go off my hand! “Shouted Debbie as a guard opened the car door for them.
“Get in”Stan said.
“Do you expect me to get in there? Your wrong”Debbie said but Stan dragged her into the car and locked the door.
“Let me be, where are you taking me to? I will scream if you won’t let me go”debbie said hitting the car.
“Hey, can’t you just be quite? By the way, st©p hitting my bland new car”he said”uncle, take us to a silent place”Stan instructed and Mr James his driver responded with a smile.
“Let go of me, what do you want from me! “She kept yelling and finally Stan let go off her only to find herself surrounded by flowers.
“Where I am, what am I doing her? What do you want from me? ”
“plea-se one question at a time”instructed Stan. “Well, as you know, today is my birthday and I want you to make this day unforgettable “he said.
“How? “Debbie asked.
“I want you to k!ssme”he said with a smile and debbie’s eyes almost popped out.
“Your such a per-vert, do you expect me to do that? “Debbie fired at him.
“Its not like its our first time, we alre-ady had our first k!ss”stan tea-sed.
“Its was not a k!ss, it was an accident”Debbie said.
“Accident or not, I enjoyed it”Stan said.
“Nons-en-se, take me back to school, am not in for your jokes”Debbie said.
“Well, if you know the way you can go alone”Stan said and just then Debbie walked away.
“Debbie, there is a snake over there “Stan shouted and in no time Debbie was in shan’s arms.
“Really? Where? “She said and Stan bust into uncontrollable laughter.
“Your afraid of petty things”he said.
“Nons-en-se”she said and was to set herself free in stans arms when he suddenly pressed himl-ips on hers.
Debbie tried to set herself free but to no avail, Stan over powered her and finally he let her go.
“per-vert! Idiot! Moron! Bastard! I hate you”she cried out.
Episode 18
“Take me back to school! “Cried Debbie.
“If you want me to take you back to school then behave yourself “Stan said and at last, Debbie was like a sheep re-ady to be slaughted.
They sat on the swing.
“Debbie, do you know that your beautiful? ‘Stan said.
“And what does that supposed to mean? “Asked Debbie.
“Well, just that I think your hungry, come one let’s go and eat”Stan said taking debbies hand
in no time they we’re in the restaurant.
“Give me two plates of ch!ps and one plate of rice”said Debbie.
“Really? Will you finish all that? “Stan asked.
“Mind your own business”Debbie said.
In no time the orders were set on the table and Debbie was eating as if she have been starving for hundred years.
Stan just ate a little and left the food.
“Gosh, I really wonder why rich people behave like this, well I will eat all of this”she said taking stan’s own and adding it to her food. Stan couldn’t st©p laughing.
“I have been wondering why I couldn’t punish your for your insolence and now I think I can un-derstand”he said.
“What is that you un-derstand? “Debbie asked.
“Well, in all my life,there was not even a single person who foes agaisnt my orders not until you showed up into the school, I have been wondering why I don’t get and at and I think.. No Debbie, I have fallen for you”he said ma-king Debbie choke.
“Hey, eat slowly’ “coutioned Stan.
“Do you think I have chocked coz of the food? Its because of what you just said j£rk! “Debbie cursed.
“Well, Debbie I really love you and plea-se love me back, give me a chance to love you”Stan said and Debbie looked at him for a while.
“Do you really love me?I am just a girl from a poor background “She asked.
“Yes I do, I don’t care whether your from rich or poor family I just want you”
“If I give you my heart, will you cherish it? “Asked Debbie looking straight into stan’s eyes.
“I swear on my mom’s grave Debbie, I will love you for eternity”he said.
“, well, I just made a ha-rd decision here, but make sure to change your attitude towards the other students coz I won’t like a devil bearing a sheep cloth for a b©yfri£nd”Debbie said shoving a spoon full of rice.
“Can I take that ad a yes? “Stan asked.
“Whatever you like”she said.
Stan could not st©p smiling as she watched Debbie eating everything in the plate.
Episode 19
As usual, the Racch entered the cafeteria and everyone stood up.
They took their sits and everyone did the same just then a girl accidentally sli-pped and fall on the Racch table ma-king everything scatter.
“plea-se I am sorry, I am really sorry, I can accept any punishment but don’t expel me”she pleaded.
Stan looked at her do a while.
“Its fine, it was just an accident, you can go” Stan said to the shock of everyone.
Things changed, the school turned into Canaan everyone was happy once again.
Stan’s POV
“What an irresponsible b©yfri£ndI am, just look at how my girlfriend is dressed, that doesn’t suit my family standards “I said as Debbie approached me at the parking area.
“Didn’t you notice that I am a local girl when you we’re falling for me? “Asked Debbie.
“That’s why I want to change you to meet my family’s standard “he said opening the door for her.
I took Debbie for shopping and spent about 200 thousand.
“Since, we are back, I will go in first”Debbie said as soon as the car packed.
“Not anymore, I cannot hide our relationsh!pat all, come on”I hold her hand and we walked into the ¢v-mpus, and we turned to be the h0ttest news of the school.
Yashrai’s POV
“Guys, who’ve got pain killers here? “I asked my friends.
“Yash, pain killers wont work,I am thinking of injection”Manuel said.
“Injection?let’s just take him to a hospital, I think he is mentally Ill”Anthony said and we all laughed.
“St©p it guys”Stan said.
“Don’t, don’t hide anything from us, what kind of relationsh!pdo you have with that girl? “I asked while sitting next to him.
“What do you expect? She is my girlfriend of course”he said with a smile.
“Guys, someone should call an ambulance now! “I tea-sed,
“Yash! “He hut me with a pillow as we all bust into laughter.
Just then someone entered the room without knocking.
“Romena, why didn’t you knock? “Asked Stan.
“Who cares about nocking, Stan, why on earth must she be her? “She said furiously.
” what does that mean? “Stan asked.
“Why that beggar, why that begged Debbie and not me? “She cried.
“Don’t you never ever even in your dreams call Debbie a beggar, am not even afraid of my parents, she is my girlfriend and you better go your way,”Stan said.
“Is that what you can say? Stan, I won’t just sit and watch her take you away from me, “she said.
“Then suit yourself, get out of this room”
Episode 20
“Jamie! Jamie! “Shouted Caro as soon as she entered the house.
“What is it this time? “Asked Mr Jamie.
“Jamie, I went shopping with one of the cars, as soon as I entered the shop, Truth was gone with the car”explained Caro.
“Truth, what is she talking about? “Mr Jamie asked the driver.
“Sir, when she entered the shop, dad called me that young master urgently nee-ded his car so I had to go and hand over the car to him”Truth explained.
“Is it Stan’s car that we are talking about here? Truth, you may go”Mr Jamie said while trying to go up the stairs.
“Is that all you can say? “Asked Caro.
“What do you expect me to say? You’ve got over four cars and you took Shan’s only car is it my fault? Excuse me”he said and walked away.
“Really? Fine I will deal with this illegitimate son “she said furiously.
As usual, I was with Stan in his room. He was teaching me Physical science.
“Stan, what do you plan to be in future? “I asked him.
“What else? I want to be your husband of course “he said and I hit him with the pillow.
“St©p it and answer the question”I said.
“Well, with no doubt, I have to look after my father’s companies so I will study business”he said”what about you? “He asked me.
“Well, I want to be a lawyer for the poor and helpless”I said and he smiled.
“Back to business, kinetic theory of matter.. “He was explaining the theory to me when Romena suddenly entered the room.
“Stan, we have to talk”she said.
“So, the other theory is.. “Stan pretended not to hear her.
“Stan, I am talking to you”yelled romena.
“What do you want this time? “Stan asked.
“Let’s talk”repeated romena
“I am listening “, Stan said looking at her.
“Stan, for Christ sake your someone who was born with a silver spoon, what are you doing with this village rat? She doesn’t suit you”said Romena.
“What’s your problem there? Rich or poor she is the girl I want to make my wife and I will make her suit my level”Stan said and just then Yashrai, his best friend entered the room
“Stan, you’ve got a call from your mother”he said handing him the phone.
I wonder what I have down this time around.
“Hi mom? “I said.
“Nons-en-se, who is your mother? “She yelled on the phone.
“Mom, what have I done again? “I asked.
,”your evil child, why are you pretending?do you think I don’t know that you killed your mother?If your trying to do the same to me it won’t work”