One last only girl Episode 13 to 16

Episode 13
I am so happy that I won’t be alone here, I really missed my best friends.
“So girl, tell me, how is the acadamy? “I asked.
“Well, this academy is one of the best but.. ”
In no time there was silence in the cafeteria and everyone stood up except me.
“What’s going on? “I asked Francine.
“Shii, just stand up”Francine said and I stood up, five boys entered the cafeteria and as soon as they sat down, everyone also did.
“What was that? “I asked.
“Well, those are prince’ of this school, their words are our command, no one dares them this school is a living hell or because of…
“I am sorry, I am very sorry”a girl said.
“What nons-en-se is this? “Asked the boy I bu-mped I to earlier.
“Sorry, I was just trying to help”pleaded the girl.
“Help? Who nee-ded your help? Your two months suspended”he said.
“plea-se give me a second chance, I will not repeat the mistake again”the girl kneel down and pleaded in tears. But in return the boy poured jui-ce on her.
“Didn’t you get me? Leave this place before I suspend you from this school permanently”the boy said and the girl run out of the cafeteria in tears. In no time the boy and his friends walked away.
“What nons-en-se was that? “I asked.
“That’s Stanaziel, the leader if the group, he is so ruthless, don’t close paths with him”Francine said. “By the way, what is the name of your hostel? “Asked Francine.
“Well, its Vipya hostel “I said and Francine almost chocked.Sitrutha looked at Mr as if I we’re a ghost.
“What is it girls? “I asked.
“Your in the lions den”sitrutha said.
“Meaning? “I asked.
“That’s romena and her dark angels room”Francine said.
“Who is romena? “I asked and they explained everything to me.
“Don’t worry girls, I am Debbie, I will never be a slave to anyone, I am here to learn so as everyone, I will free this school, I will end this nons-en-se”I said.
“Debbie, watch your mouth”Francine warned me.
“Girls, I am Debbie”I said taking a sip of my jui-ce.
“Rule one, don’t dare t©uçh our stuffs, rule two, if you want to speak to any of us, make sure to brush your teeth’s or chew gum, rule three, wash your be-dlings everyday”said a girl named Jane.
“Really”I asked in disbelief.
“Rule four, don’t speak whilst we are speaking”said another girl.
“Girl, I have heard your rules but plea-se I am sleepy”I said.
“Rule five , don’t sleep while we are awake”another girl said, are they kidding me?
Episode 14
“You must not sleep while we are awake”said another girl, seriously? Are they kidding me?
“What stupid rules”I said with a sm-irk.
“Did you just call our rules stupid? ”
“Girls, I am very tired let me sleep and continue explaining the rules tommorow”I said while laying on my be-d.
“Like seriously? No one dares to go against our rules and go Scot free”Romena said while pouring water on my be-d.
I could not sleep that night, this is not a school but hell on earth, students leaving in fear and bearing expelled and insurted for no reason.
“Girls, to be honest, I am fed up with all this, I have remained silent for a long time, I am from a poor family and they are rich yes, we are scholarsh!pstudents but they don’t have the right to treat us like trash, I hate that boy named Stan or whatever they call him”Debbie said.
“I hate it when people do talk behind my back”Stan said entering into the clas-s everyone was shaken but not Debbie.
“Thank God your here, and by the way, I have no time to gossip about a trash like you”Debbie said to the shock of everyone. “Stanaziel or whatever they call you, I will deal with you personally”she said and walked out of the clas-s.
“Stan, how could you just let her go? “Manuel asked him.
“Don’t worry guys, I am thinking of a good punishment to give to her”stana said with a sm-irk.
It is a must that every student must join to atleast one or school groups, well as for me, I prefer the music club.
I walked majestically to the music room.
“So, the chords go li.. “The teacher was interrupted by my pres£nce in the clas-s, everyone looked at me.
“How may we help you? “Asked the teacher.
“Well, I want to join the music club”I said.
“Have you took permission from the club president? “The teacher asked.
“Who is the clas-s president? “I asked.
“Stanaziel”by the mention of that name I felt like throwing up
“Is there no other way I can join the group without getting permission from that called president? “I asked the teacher.
“No”he said.
I looked around the clas-s and saw Stan on a corner. I walked to him.
“Stanazuel, can I join the club? “I said like a humble sheep, he face me a deadly glare.
“Don’t mention my name”he said and tried to walk away. I followed him.
“Stan, plea-se, plea-se mmm Stan”I made puppy eyes, just then I bu-mped someone’s legs and ended up on t©p of Stan with ourl-ips locked😳
Episode 15
Just then a h0t sl@p landed on Debbie’s cheek.
“I have tolerated a lot from you, I am now starting to loose my patience, do I look like your toy? Just wait, I will give you the worse punishment that you will never forget for the rest of your life”Stan said and walked away followed by his friends.
“Debbie, are you okey? “Sitrutha asked.
Debbie could not say a word, she just run her f!nger on herl-ips.
“Stan, like seriously for how long will you let that traitor be? “Anthony said.
“You kept saying that you know what your doing till when? Now it seems as if she is the one controlling us”Manuel added.
“Guys, take heart”Stan said.
“Till when Stan? Why don’t you make a move? You’ve even aowr that traitor into the music clas-s”conai said.
“Did I allow her in? I don’t even know”he said looking all drained.
Debbie’s POV
“Like seriously? I can’t believe that Stan has allowed you into the music club after all the insurts”Francine said.
“By the way, I didn’t insurt him, I was only telling the truth”I said taking a sip of my drink.
“I heard that next week its his birthday and the p@rty will take place In the school hall”Francine said happily.
“That day will be the worse day of his life”Debbie said and just then the Rahcc entered the cafeteria.
“Stan, I heard that its your birthday soon”sitrutha said. Stan looked at her like some trash.
“Are you out of your mind? How dare you ask me such a stupid question? “He said furiously,
“I am sorry”sutritha said.
“Right this moment, go and get fifteen glas-ses of jui-ce”he commanded.
“But.. ”
I cannot take rthis anymore.
“Sitrutha, stay back, I will do it”I said.
“Stay back miss”Stan warned me.
“Its either I go or you s£nd someone else coz Sitrutha is going nowhere”I said in a firm voice.
“Well, as you wish but make it nineteen glas-ses”he said.
“OK your majesty”I said sarcastically.
In no time I walked to where the boys sat with a tray in my hands.
“Here is your order your majesty”I said putting the tray down and one glas-s fall and all the contents dropped on his white shi-t.
“What the heck? Do you know how much this shi-t costs? “He yelled at me.
“I don’t even wish to know”I said folding my arms.
“Like seriously? Just wait here “he said and walked out of the room.
In no time he brou-ght the shi-t and throw it to my face.
“Wash it, make sure its as white as snow”he said.
Episode 16
“Here, go and wash it, make sure it turns out as white as snow”he said.
“Like seriously? What is the use of your hands? “I said.”fine, I will do it out of pity coz I can see that your too blind to see the way to the laundry”I said as I walked out of the cafeteria.
In within ten minutes, I come back with the shi-t in my hand, I throw it at his face.
“I have done my job your majesty, well, just to inform you, no one at this school is your slave, just like you, we are also here to learn so st©p treating us like your dogs. If you nee-d anyone to run errands for you, I will do it. “I said and he was just looking at me.
“You know what, yes, your good looking but no one likes you, I even hate you, your worse than the devil”I yelled at him and just then he stood up and walked towards me.
“What did you just say? “He asked me.
“Well, I was born once and will die once, so I can never repeat my statement, if you didn’t hear me, its not my fault”I said looking at him fearless.
He looked at me from head to toes then he suddenly smiled and that shocked everyone in he cafeteria including me, its his first time smiling ever since I stepped into this school.
Just then he walked out of the cafeteria and his friends followed behind
“I think my eyes just deceived me”romena said.
“No romie, your Stan just skilled now”Harriet said.
Stan’s birthday 🎊
The hall was full, everyone dressed his or her best, rich kids from outside the school even attended the p@rty. Debbie just dressed in a simple blue blouse and white Sk-irt. Stan wore a blue shi-t as well.
“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you”they all chorused and just then Stan made a wish, b!ow down the candles and cut the cake.
The Rahcc sung two songs and Stan told everyone that he had a song and that song was going to someone special in the room.
As he was singing, his eyes we’re glued to Debbie.
“Stan, can we dance? “Romena asked Stan as soon as he come off the stage.
“Sorry, I am not in the mood of dancing”he said as he walked away.
“Hi girls”I said.
“Stan happy birthday”said sitrutha.
“Thanks, by the way, Debbie can I have this dance? “I said offering her my hand but she just rolled her eyes and looked away.
“Debbie? “, her friend called her.
“Leave me alone”she said.
“She can, dance, you can have her”her friends said as they pushed her to me.