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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

One last only girl 33 to 35

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Episode 33


“Stan, why do you always talk about making love? Do you kno.. “Before she could speak again, I pulled her into my arms and planted a deep kiss.
The kiss was getting more intense and am sure if we were in a room, I could have had my way, coz she was wilted. The door opened but I don’t broke the kiss, i just pressed the close again.
“Debbie, i will love only you, in my life”i said as soon as I broke the kiss.

I am in the living room waiting for Mrs Patel.
As soon as I saw her coming down stairs, I started crying.
“Romena, what is it? Why are you crying? “She said sitting beside me.
“Mom, I am not ready to lose Stan, I cannot lose Stan”I said.
“And who said your losing him? “She asked.
“Mom, Stan has a girlfriend whom he loves so dearly”I said.
“What? Who is this girl? “Caro asked.
“You cannot believe it, she is a nobody, from what I know, her father passed away years ago and she lives in the village with her mother”I said.
“What?! Village? This is not true, don’t worry, no one can taj stay away

from you, I am going there right now”
stan’s pov

“The way debbie eats, I feel sorry for you Stan, one bag of rice won’t last a week”Yashrai teased his cousin.
“Stop it yash”deebie said.
“Yashrau is right, am sure you will be needing 30 bags of rice per month”Manuel added and we all laughed.
“Outch, my back itch”Debbie said trying to scratch her back but failed.
“Francine, help me”she said and Francine was to help her.
“Halt! No one touch my wife while I am around”i said.
“What does that means! “Debbie asked.
“I will help you”I said.
“Do you have a death wish? “She said giving me a deadly glare.
“Then suit yourself coz n one will help you”I said folding my arms.
“Ouch! Okay, fine help me”she gave in.
I put my hand on the itchy part and scratched her.
Just then I found my hand in her tiny sexy waist.
“Remove your dirty hands now”she said in a commanding to.
“I don’t think I can, my hand has found refugee in your waist”I sao moving my finger smoothly in her waist.
She flinced and almost fell but I caught her, sacrificing my phone in the process.
“Gosh, look at what you’ve cost, Debbie, you will never change, you always cause me trouble”I said.
“Is it my fault? You caused it”she said.
“Senior, your mother is here”Angel said and my heart skipped.
“What is she doing here? “conai asked
“Who knows? ”


Episode 34
By Juanita
I entered the visitors room but mom was not there. Our principal told me that mom left so I called my driver and went home.
“Good afternoon, little brother”David said while typing on his phone.
“Afternoon, where is mom? “I asked him.
“She is ups.. There she comes”he said as mom walked down the stairs.
“Afternoon mom”I greeted.
“What is good about this afternoon? “She yelled at me, I wonder what I have done wrong again.
“Mom, why are you talking to him like that? “Lezita, our only sister asked.
“Will you shut up! “She said giving her deadly glare. “And you, what have you been doing with beggers at school? “She yelled at me.
“Mom, what do you mean? “I asked.
“Will you stop pretending, I chose romena for you and no one else can take you away from her. About that begger at school, break up with her uf you want peace with me”she said in anger.
“Please mom, I love Debbie so much and I will never breakup with her”I said.
“Seriously? Is this what your stupid mother taught you? “She said and that awakened the anger inside ms.
“What concerns my mother about this? “I fired.
“Everything, everything do concern her, she was a fool, your a fool, she was a husband snatcher, your a husband snatcher. For Christ sake Stan, your Mr Jamie favorite son, your from a very worth family and who is that girl? She is a nobody. “She said”and for your information, I know everything about that girl, she is the same girl that you payed her bills years back and she is the same girl you bumped into at the borehole. Stan, are you sure she is not after your family’s wealth? I am sure the spirit of your stupid mother is ashamed of you”I could not take is anymore so I just walked out of the house.

Since stan come back from visiting his mother yesterday, he has not eaten, called or text me. He even skipped classes. I am so worried about him.
I must go and find out what’s wrong with him.
“Stan, you don’t look fine, are you okey? “Yashrau asked him.
“I am fine”he gave a short response.
“You not even eaten since last day, do you want to kill yourself? “Yash asked again.,
“I just wish to die and follow my mother”he said and that broke my heart.
“Why are you behaving like this? Debbie is so worried about you, you have to go and meet her”Manuel said and his answer shocked me.
“Don’t mention that name in front of me”he said.


Episode 35

But stan Debbie… “Conai wanted to say something but he was cut short by a hostile response.
“Shut up!! If you dare mention that name in my presence again, you won’t like what I will do to you, I have nothing to do with that girl called Debbie”he said and just then I heard footsteps and the door opened, it was Stan.
We looked at each other for a while without saying a word and just then he was to bypass me.
“What have I done wrong? “I asked him but got no response.
“Stan,what have I wronged you?!”I repeated.
“Please Debbie, I am not in mood to speak to you now”he said.
“Why are you avoiding me? “I asked him.
“I am not avoiding you”he defended himself.
“But its written all over your face, Stan your hurting me”I said near tears and just then he faced me.
“Hurt? Did you just say hurt? Just look at me and see who is hurting the most? Debbiei really loved you and wanted you to be my wife, but let’s end it here”he said and my heart sunk.
“What does that mean? “I asked him.
“It means that its over between us! “He yelled and I almost collapsed.
Please someone should wake me up from this terrible dream.


“Please Stan, tell me is a joke”she said in tears.
“I am not joking Debbie, its over”I said and tried to walk away but he grabbed my shirt and it torn a little.
“So, I am sor”I couldn’t let her finish her words. She has not changed at all, she always course me trouble. Why did I fall for her out of all the girls?
“Enough! I don’t wanna hear that word from you coz I am fed up of it”I said and dipped my hands in my pocket and brought out the hair pin I picked years back.
“This must be your”I said showing her the hair pin and I could see the shocked expression written all over her face.
“My hair pin?! “She exclaimed and looked at me, just then she gasped. “Are you Mr jamie’s son? “She asked and I guess she has remembered me.
“What is going in here? “Conai asked.
“Cinai, this girl is bad lack to me, because of her, my late mother’s spirit has never been at rest, bexuae of her I was called an illegitimate son because of her my life become a total mess, I regret meeting her in the first place”I throw the hair pin at her and walked away.




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