On the lioness tail episode 4

Episode 4.
Lula thought of all the ideas that Didi was bringing but none was favorable.
And with the way Opa held onto her baby it won’t be easy convincing her.
She won’t buy into the idea.
Is quiet obvious that she wasn’t re-ady to trade her girl child for anything.
The knock on the door was becoming more and more intense.
It wasn’t just one person knocking, they were more than one on the door.
Lula moved closer to Opa’s be-d side.
Opa who’s eye was fully on the baby looked up and said.
“I hope you are not coming to me with any filthy ideas?
Lula g@sped out.
She looks tired and worried at the same time.
“,My lady, I only wanted to ask what exactly is your plan? I will stand with whatever you want… Despite how disappointing it is for the villagers who have been out there since morning singing while waiting for the new born whom they thought will be a male, despite it all I’m here for you and will stand with whatever you decide.
Opa looked from Lula standing beside her beside to Didi who was at a far end, with hand in akimbo style.
She was obviously boiling from either anger or from frustration.
“Thank you Lula for this, it means a lot to me. No harm will come to my child as far as I’m alive and anyb©dy who dares to do otherwise will be contending with me. I will face the villagers, bear the shame. The shame is my full cross to carry. But I won’t stand down for anyb©dy to make jokes with any girl child of mine. plea-se open the door. The several knocks is almost driving me insane…
“Alright my Lady. Remember… I’m with you on this.
As Lula moved to open the door Didi st©pped her.
“You are wors£ning the whole situation Lula. I couldn’t hear everything she said but I heard yours. That wasn’t what we agreed on. Why will you even be encouraging her, she disappointed everyb©dy with that child of hers and still proving stubborn to those trying to help out. She deserves every bashing and any awaiting trouble that she will face. I expected you to team up with me let’s make her comply to the ideas but instead you went there supporting her when you know she doesn’t deserve any form of support or encouragement. I wash my hands off everything that got to do with her or the baby…
Lula frowned at Didi. She did not hide her anger towards the ton-gue wagging young colleague of hers.
“You make all this seems like is her fault. Channel your disappointment to the gods because they are the ones that gives children and if they choose a female child instead of the expected prince… who are you to question them. Look, her decision stand and I’m supporting her every wish. Is very okay if you don’t want to be p@rt of it…
Lula started moving to open the door.
Didi was talking but she ignored her.
“Maybe the gods did not find her worthy to be a mother to the next Chief of Zukumo land. All of this is her fault because if she was inwardly and outwardly clean the gods could have favored her but even the gods are disappointed in her. The moment you open that door Lula, all hell will break loose… everyone will know and darkness will befall on the whole land with the sad news of the birth… Is better I leave here before people start fussing and cussing. I will never be p@rt of this… the blame will be on you and heavily on that baby girl and her mother who stubbornly refused to switch her baby for a male or buy into any of the suggestion I raised…
Didi kept talking and did not care if Opa can hear her or not.
Lula opened the door and Dre with his mother rushed in.
“, The opening of the door was almost taking forever. Where’s my wife and my son?
Dre asked rather in a rush.
Lula pointed towards the inner curtain where they are.
Dre rushed to where Opa lay, a beautiful baby was wra-pped up beside her and slee-ping.
His mother followed him behind.
When Opa saw her husband coming, her heart beat increa-sed.
She tried to stay calm and strong for her baby.
Dre smiled as he ca-ressed Opa’s arm in a loving way.
Bambira, Dre’s mother looked at Opa and said.
“Thanks to the gods for safe a delivery. Everyone was worried sick. I will tell the maids to prepare as£n soup with dry black fish and enough sissi leaf for you…
Opa looked up at Dre, he was staring at the baby.
“He…he is so handsome. I could have say “very beautiful” but such expression are meant for a female. Thank you Opa for birthing the next chief of Zukumo. A great Chief who will rule after me. You made me proud and every person out there who has been looking forward to welcoming him into our kingdom. Mario will not have words to taunt me neither will anyb©dy who never believed that a chief will come from my loin.
He t©uçhed the baby’s forehead with full smile.
Opa turned and looked at Bambira, her mother in-law.
Bambira returned the look, her expression was very obvious.
Opa knew that her mother inlaw knew even without being told.
Dre continued fantasizing over the baby.
“…I was almost loosing my patient as I stood outside knocking with no answer. Thanks to the gods for their kindness…They have blessed me with a son. I have a name for him alre-ady and I can’t wait any longer to bless him with his name. I call him Pasim Kuvi…I name him after my father. The 12th Chief of Zukumo kingdom…
Opa derived courage from her mother inlaw who was squee-zing her shoulder gently.
she was silently telling her to be strong for the unforseen things.
Whenever she looks at her she smiled down at her with another firm squee-ze.
Opa spoke up courageously, interrupting Dre, her excited husband.
“Why don’t we name her Bambi Kaya after your mother. Dre…is a baby girl… not a boy. I’m sorry…but this what God blessed us and the entire land of Zukumo with….we can’t question him but thank him for this precious gift.
Dre pause for a second.
His facial happy expression changed immediately.
He withdraw his hand from the baby.
“A whaaat… another girl??. No…no…no. this can’t be. This cannot be happening. It can’t be….no..no. tell me is a joke. Opa is a joke right???
He looked at Opa waiting for an answer but Opa didn’t say anything. He looked up at his mother but she has nothing much to say either except.
“Drema just like your wife said, a child is a gift to mankind… every child is special. They come with different blessings….
Dre quic-kly spoke interrupting his mother.
“Mama, not a girl child. Every child is special indeed but what is really special about a girl to royalty. She can’t rule or be found among elders. I…I don’t know mother… this is definitely not what the gods showed me. The gods have dealt harshly with me. They have expo-sed me to my enemies…my face is in the dust. I have nothing to boast off…I…
Dre turned and stormed out of the room.
Didi gently followed him behind.
As he c@m£ out he went straight into the wood without answering the villagers.
His actions left the villagers wondering.
The singing and rejoicing died down.
Mario and his second wife, Tira with some other villagers who are supporting them, were sitting in front of the palace when Dre walked past ignoring all the questions thrown at him from the villagers.
Mario with his wife held back there joyous laughter.
They don’t know what the problem is.
Is either the baby is a girl or is a boy but dead.
They waited for more news.
The villagers were anxiously waiting for answer.
They wanted to know what was going on.
They looked up and saw Didi, one of the midwives coming.
She was the one that filled them all concerning the gender of the child.
The villagers were totally disappointed.
They started leaving group by group, one after the other with some gossip to go round the kingdom.
The laughter that Mario and his wife Tira with some of their supporters have been holding in bur-st out.
They went into their house to finish the whole laughter.
As they entered inside, Mario beckoned on Romo, his son..
“Son, prepare for your soon to be coronation because you will definitely be the next Chief of Zukumo. Dre’s wife gave him another girl which means the gods are looking at our end with smile. Dre wouldn’t want to marry another wife and he will be afraid to try again with his good for nothin wife…he will be really afraid because is obvious that is only female eggs that filled up her wo-mb. The chieftaincy door is gradually opening on our behalf… may the gods be praise….hahahahaha…
He laughed and Tira joined him.
Romo sat looking at them.
“Why aren’t you laughing Romo? I said that Dre’s wife gave birth to another hen…a girl child. Which means that..
Romo interrupted his father…
“… which means that I may probably be the next chief of Zukumo land. I get it father…I know. Is just that I don’t find Lady Opa giving birth to a baby girl funny… pardon me but is not funny….
“May the gods strike that your stupid mouth for being an ungrateful child. Look at how the gods are paving ways for you and instead of you to rejoice with me, your mother and everyone giving you their full support you are here talking ru-bbish. I have worked so ha-rd in preparing you to be the next chief of this land, don’t make me regret it. Don’t make all my efforts to be in vain. Don’t dare me Romo or you will regret it for the rest of your Life.Tira, talk to your son or I will talk to him in a way that he will hate himself…
Mario stormed out angrily.
Opa later left the birth house with her mother inlaw who stood by her side and Lula the midwife too.
She was surprised to see few villagers still waiting for her outside the birth house.
Among them was Salabi, Mario’s first wife.