Omolara’s faith Episode 7

Omolara’s faith Episode 7
“Thank you” Lara said givng some naira notes to
a cab driver.
She took a de-ep breathe, and glanced around
The magnificent church was standing before her.
She had brou-ght her case to God.
She wondered if God would listen to her again.
The last time she c@m£ to church was when her
father was alive, she was ten yrs then…
“Good morning sir” she greeted a man in security
“plea-se is the Resident Pastor around?”
“Yes, let me tell him you want to see him.” the
security man replied before speaking into a
“he said you should come in.”
“Thank you sir!” Lara said before walking towards
the church basement.
She muttered a silent prayer before knocking.
“Come in.” pastor Wilson said from within
“Good morning Pastor Wilson.” she flexed her
“Morning sister…plea-se sit!”
Lara sat on a chair facing him, clutching at her
hand bag.
“You c@m£ to see me?” Pastor wilson asked.
“Yes pastor, My name is Omolara Popoola..” Lara
“Omolara Popoola? You mean Lara the daughter
of late Deacon Popoola?” Pastor Wilson asked in
“Yes sir.” Lara smiled.
“Wow…how are you? How have you been?” he
looked plea-sed.
“Fine sir…”
“God is great! You’re married now?” he gestured
at her wedding band.
“Yes sir,…that’s why I c@m£…”
“Is anything the matter?” Pastor wilson s-en-sed
all is not well.
Lara told him about her troubles, shedding tears
in the process. He looked t©uçhed by her story.
“Its well, God is with you.” he told her.
After praying with her, he gave her some Bible
verses to re-ad, before asking her to fast for just
a day.
“Sister Lara, If you must fast; your faith in God
would determine how your answer will be.” he
told her.
“I have faith Pastor.” Lara as-sured him.
“Not just in the mouth but from the heart…and
mind you, you must go back to your matrimonial
home!” he told her.
“No…But…” she frowned.
“You must go back there!” he said firmly.
“Okay, thank you…” she didn’t look happy.
“Take care Lara, God is with you.” he waved her
Lara walked into her home, she felt nervous
when she walked into the sitting room.
“I thought you aint gonna come back.” sophia
“I’m back!” Lara said, before walking into her
She’s got no time to start quarelling with Sophia
now, its almost time for her to break her fast.
She was in a kneeling position, rounding up her
prayers when she heard a commotion in the
sitting room. She paused abs£nt mindedly to
listen…Sophia was quarelling with
someb©dy…perhaps Tony.
She ended her prayer in a hurry and ti-ptoed out
of her room.
What she saw made her jaw drop.
“You have no right to ask me who i’m looking
for!” Amara- Tony’s mother sh0t at Sophia.
“You can’t walk in like that! This isn’t your
home!” sophia fired back.
Just then Amara noticed Lara’s pres£nce.
“Welcome ma.” Lara greeted her.
“Who’s this uncultured woman? Your maid?” she
gestured towards Sophia.
“Errrm..”Lara began.
“Sophia, meet …ermm..Tony’s mother, and
errmmm, ma plea-se meet, Sophia- Tony’s
errmm…” Lara stuttered.
“So it is true?!” Amara exclaimed.
Just then Tony c@m£ back from wherever he
“Mum? What are you doing here?” he asked
suprised letting his breifcase drop.
“What am I doing here? So what I heard is true?
So its true that you’ve been maltreating Lara?
That you even brou-ght your mistress into your
matrimonial home?” Amara skrie-ked.
Tony bent his head, he knew he was in trouble.
“So this is what you’ve turned into? A Dog?”
Amara yelled.
“I know what to do…I’m calling your father right
away!” She threatened picking her phone.
“No no no..plea-se mum, don’t do that…I’d be in
trouble if you call dad…Sophia is leaving right
away..I’l turn a new leaf…” Tony held her hand
He walked into the guest room, appeared
carrying Sophia’s bag.
“Sophia, leave now!” he shoved the dumbfounded
Sophia towards the exit.
“You too, go and bring your bag, you’re coming
with me!” Amara told Lara who was silent.
“But…ma…” Lara’s eyes wi-de-ned.
“I say go and bring your bag, I can’t leave you
here with this beast! What if he murders you!”
Amara skrie-ked.
“Mum..plea-se don’t take her away.” Tony
“Try to st©p me!” she glared at him, dragging
Lara out of the house; with her bag.