Omolara’s faith Episode 6

Omolara’s faith Episode 6
Lara sat on the tiled floor, she pu-ll-ed a bowl of
h0t water towards her, added some dettol, before
di-pping a face towel into the bowl.
“Easy girlie…” she soothed herself as she
mas-saged her b©dy. It had ached her all night.
“Ouch! Eeish!” she exclaimed as she pressed her
swollen eye a little.
Her door squeaked open, she didn’t bother to
look up, she knew it was Tony.
Tony stood for while watching her mas-sage and
press her b©dy in pains. He felt his heart melt!
So he was now a ‘wife beater’ ?
“Good morning Lara.” He said gently.
“ouch!” Lara exclaimed pressing a swollen p@rt of
her arm.
“Errm….sorry…” Tony said squ-atting beside her.
She didn’t reply, she continued her work.
“Errm..Lara, I’m very sorry for what happened
yesterday…” he began
“Hmph! Did you brush your teeth this morning?”
Lara covered her nose with her free hand.
He felt offended, he exhaled sharply
“I shouldn’t have done what I did yesterday…my
anger took better p@rt of me…” he was trying his
best to sound gentle.
Lara laughed quitely.
He peered at her face, he wondered if she heard
She applied some balm to her wounds before
looking up at him.
“So what now? You c@m£ to kill me?” she asked.
“No…Lara I’m truly sorry for…”
“Abegi! Spare those thrash talk! Go and meet
your Igbo sister and leave me alone! Who are
you trying to decieve?” she interrupted him.
“Lara..” he tried to hold her but she pushed him
away. Her hands moved to the bowl of water and
Swoosh! She threw it at him- towel and all.
Tony looked suprised, he surveyed his drenched
office clothes with his eyes
“how dare you!” he sh0t at her.
“Oh yea! I just dared you! ru-bbish! Because I’m
not an Igbo that’s why you are treating me this
way shebi?” Lara rose to her feet.
“Don’t you ever try that on me again!” Tony’s
anger let loose.
“So what if I do? You’ll flog me? Ehn? Answer
me! Oshi buruku!” she cl@pped her hands.
“You’ll pay for this!” he told her walking towards
the door.
“Mr Tony?” she called after him.
He st©ped holding the door knob.
Lara walked slowly towards him, a smile pla-ying
on herl-ips.
“Tony, I just felt I should remind you, that, the
law of karma still reigns!” she chuckled before
walking into her bathroom.
“Hello? Mummy?” Lara placed her phone on her
ears. She knew what to expect. Tony has taken
her report to her mother again.
“Hello Lara? What’s this I’m hearing about you?”
her mother began.
Lara grimaced
“So what did you hear?”
“Lara! I want you to come over to my place
now!” her mother ordered cutting the call.
“Sure…just a few minutes, and you’l see your
beautiful daughter with a swollen face and
wounds all over her b©dy!” Lara said to the
phone, though she knew her mother won’t hear.
She walked into her mother’s sitting room
without bothering to knock. She looked around,
the room was re-furnished. Even her mother
looked furnished.
“Good day mum!” Lara threw her bag at an
“Lara? What happened to your eyes-your face?”
her funke asked with concern.
“nee-d to see some more?” Lara chuckled
showing her wounds to her mother.
“Who did this to you?” Funke asked again.
“of course my loving, sweet, adorable husband!”
Lara said sarcastically.
“What?!” Funke was shocked.
“Which one is ‘what’ again? Shebi this is what
you want? Ehn? Are you suprised?, better save
your suprised look till when they bring …” Lara
said carefreely.
“How could he do such to you? I’m sure
something went wrong! Was it after you poured
h0t water on him?” funke said ignoring her
daughter’s sarcasm.
Lara laughed..
“my daughter, its well, you should just go back
home, I’ll call Tony…” Funke began to say.
“not yet! I’m staying here for atleast two weeks!
I nee-d to rest, before going back to that
dungeon!” Lara protested, before taking her bag
Funke watched her daughter walk inside. She
picked her phone and dailled Tony.
“Hello? My in law?”
she listened for a while
“yes! plea-se do me a favour, let Lara stay with
me for like a week, plea-se..” she lowered voice.
“Okay thanks, God bless you!” she ended the call