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March 2, 2021


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Omolara’s faith Episode 5

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Omolara’s faith Episode 5

“Haaaa! Are you kidding me?” Deji screamed at
her sobbing friend.
“Dear friend that’s my story..” Lara wiped a tear
“oh Lara you are too soft…she’s been in this
house for weeks now, and you can’t throw her
out?” Deji squealed.

“I think she has come to stay…” Lara began to
“Come to stay for where? Lara don’t just provoke
me o! I wonder why I wasn’t in town all this
while…” Deji bit her finger.

Just then Sophia walked lazily into the sitting
room, she catwalked towards the fridge.
“Errm…Lara?” Sophia called out sipping from a
bottle of yoghurt.

“Ma?” Lara said rising to her feet, to the suprise
of Deji.
“Isn’t it high time you prepare lunch? I’m
starving.” Sophia added authoratively.

“Okay ma, Let me…” Lara began to say.
“Shut up!” Deji cut her short.
“Who is your ‘ma’ ? This ingrate? This monster
with a face of a donkey?” Deji chided her.

“Who are you referring to?” Sophia dropped her
“You!” Deji replied rising up.
” you are the donkey! Oshi! Witch! I wonder
what’s wrong with this Igbo woman! Husband
snatcher!” Deji added with her hands akimbo.
“Deji please don’t!” Lara tried to stop her.

“Leave me jor! Abi she jazz you ni? Imagine this
vegetable eating Igbo claiming oyinbo! Olori buru
ku!” Deji’s body shook as she spoke.

“You don’t dare insult me!” Sophia glared at her.
“Insult ke! I’ll beat you ni! Rubbish!” Deji pushed
Sophia roughly.
Wham! Sophia slapped Deji.
“Deji…” Lara was alarmed.
“Haaaa! Yeeee! You slapped me? You dey form
Igbo geh abi? I go show you say I no be yoruba
geh for nothing!” Deji screamed before grabbing
sophia from her feet.

They engaged in a scuffle, Deji sitting atop
Sophia feeding her with punches and slaps.
“Deji please…” Lara was very frightened.
“Deji to ri Olohun, please stop!” she finally pulled
Deji off Sophia.

“Allow me jor! Lemme show this Donkey!” Deji
charged at Sopia again.
“No No No! Deji don’t!” Lara pushed her friend
into a sofa, giving Sophia the opportunity to run
into the guest room.
“You have to go now!” Lara led the fuming Deji
towards the exit.

“Are driving me away?”
“No…I don’t want Tony to meet you
here…please, I can handle it..” Lara pushed her
“Ehen the Tony sef! Let him come na, lemme
teach him his own lesson!” Deji ranted.

“Noooo, just go please! For my sake!” Lara
pleaded with her.
“Okay! If anything should happen, call me! You
hear?” Deji ordered.
“Yes, bye!” Lara rushed to her room.

She sat down at her bed’s edge. She knew she
was in hot soup. Tony won’t spare her.
Lara supported her aching head with her hands,
she was far far away in the land of thought’s and

Yikes! Tony is back! When did he come back, she
must have thinked deep!
“Lara!” Tony called out again.
“Sir?” she walked out of her room, her legs were
weak, her heart pounding furiously.
“Welcome!” she flexed her knee
“What did you do to her?” Tony gestured towards
Sophia who was weeping profusely.
Lara’s heart missed uncountable beats, her eyes
widened in terror
“I…I…I….d…did…not..did…” she began to
A resounding slap landed on her right cheek,
making her mouth to twist, She saw stars
“You are really proving to be stubborn! This
illiterate girl!” Tony ranted as he pulled a cable
off the TV set.

Lara backed away on sighting the wire he was
“Come back here!” Tony ordered
She didn’t obey, instead she stood by the wall
staring him wide eyed.
“Okay then, let me come to you!”
Tony walked towards her, his eyes were

Lara shut her eyes tightly, as the cable landed
on her arm. She didn’t wince or let out a cry, she
just stood there absorbing all the pains.
She walked quitely into her room after Tony had
let her go.

She poured some cold water on her head, she
thought it was on fire.
She looked up at her reflection in the mirror.
Her right eye was swollen and red, tiny lines of
blood streaked throught the corner of her lips.

She let her tears flow freely, she wished her
mother would be here to watch what she’s going


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