omolara’s faith episode 4

Omolara’s faith Episode 4
“5 am!” Lara said as she rolled on her be-d. She
had been sleepless all night. She pu-ll-ed her
Bible, re-ad some Psalms before saying some
prayers of appreciation to her creator.
She washed her face, and walked slowly out of
her room. She decided to make breakfast early,
so that by the time ‘the devil’ will wake-up, she
would be safe away in her room.
She walked past the guest room, Soft m0@n s
escaped the door. She st©ped momentarily and
listened some more.
Where’s Tony? She ti-p-toed into his room. It was
empty, no sign like someone sle-pt there last
She felt like mad as she rushed back to the
guest room..
She heard Sophia giggling.. David’s gr-unts were
audible now..
Yikes! He was ma-king love to her, right inside
their matrimonial home?
She tapped the door sharply, the whole place fell
silent. She knocked some more before Tony
opened the door.
Their eyes met, she held his gaze for a while
before looking him all over. He was unclad
except for the towel tied loosedly round his
“Tony?” she g@sped.
He didn’t look at her.
He looked like he was ma-king up his mind to do
“Tony you!” her voice shook.
“What do you want?” he cleared his throat.
“Honey, I’m waiting…” Sophia called from the
“What do I want? Tony are you supposed to be
doing this?” Lara asked in fierce whisper.
“It’s none of your business!” he snapped.
“True! ” she swallowed ha-rd .
“Mind you, don’t ever come knocking this door
again!” he warned sternly.
“Okay…” she shook her head turning to leave.
“But Tony? Have it in mind that my God will
judge you…if not today…it’ll be tomorrow!” she
told him before running back to her room