Omolara’s faith Episode 26

Omolara’s faith Episode 26
“Baby…I’m home….” Tony called out walking
into the sitting room.
“Welcome Tony” Amara greeted.
“Good day mum..” he hvgged her.
“Where’s Lara?” He asked looking about the
“She left some time ago, that she was taking a
walk, she isn’t back yet” Amara explained.
“Why? What’s keeping her? Its late alre-ady, this
is 8pm, gosh!” he said dailling Lara number.
“I tried dailling her earlier, but she left her phone
in her room.” Amara said again.
“Excuse me.” Tony walked out of the house.
He searched aimlessly round the streets for an
hour before going back home in despair, he
decided to go and check Funke’s place, perhaps
Lara should be there.
He got into his car without a word to his mother.
“ah! Tony! Its you, by this time of the night.”
Funke said as she let Tony in.
“is Lara here?” he asked.
“Lara? Its been months since I saw her o!”
Tony searched her eyes for a while, she possibly
couldn’t be hiding Lara.
He exhaled sharply
“What wrong?” Funke queried.
“She left home few hours ago and..and…she
isn’t back, she didn’t go with her phone..she…”
Tony explained in a tired voice.
“Ehn! Did I hear you say my daughter is
missing?” Funke squealed.
“Haaaa! Mo kpe o! Mo ti ku!”
Tony turned to leave, he isn’t in the mood to
watch her drama
“Where do you think you are going?” Funke asked
barring the door.
Tony blinked ra-pidly
“You are not going anywhere o! I want my
daughter o! So you and your family want to use
her for money rituals ehn! You must produce
Omolara for me o” she ranted.
Tony’s heart missed a beat at the mention of
rituals, was it that Lara was kidnapped?
“plea-se madam, get off my way, I don’t have
time for your drama.” he said wearily.
“Drama! You’ll see drama! Shey you want to see
drama!” Funke screamed at him.
She locked the door with keys, threw the keys
into her br@, before proceeding to make a call.
“Hello? Inspector wale? E mi ni, its Funke o,
plea-se s£nd me some police men o! There’s one
ritualist in my house o!” she squealed into the
Tony stood rooted by the door, he watched her
with keen interest, this woman is definitely
“I swear Officer, that’s all I know.” Amara said
wiping a tear.
Tony squee-zed her palms, he wanted her to st©p
“plea-se inspector grant them bail.” Ifiora said.
Tony brightened up, he wasn’t sure he would
survive another night in the cell, the previous
night was hell.
“write your statements.” Inspector Wale pushed
a book towards him.
Tony’s hand shook as he wrote, he wasn’t even
sure he wrote something good. His mind was
miles away, he wondered where Lara was, he just
hoped she is fine.
Lara scratched her legs furiously, mosquitoes
had feasted on her the previous night.
She had st©pped crying cos her tears st©pped
flowing, even her baby was silent, no more
movements, she wondered if the baby was
alright, it must be weak, cos she hadn’t eaten
since the previous evening.
She gazed at the only window in her ‘cell’, it was
big enough to escape throu-gh. But the question
is how? The place was surrounded by armed
A laughing female voice drawed her attention,
she edged towards the door…
“Don’t worry! When the money comes; I go do
you well!” the voice said amidst fits of laughter.
The voice sounded familiar.
Just then the door was pushed open; Lara
almost lost her balance.
A fetish looking old man; clad in red satin walked
into the room, he was holding some calabashes.
He squ-atted beside examining her bulging
stomach. Lara didn’t push his hands away; she
knew it’d be useless.
He shook his head disappointedly
“Madam come in” he said in a loud voice.
“so when will you take the baby out?” the woman
said gingerly.
Lara’s heart was beating fas-ter, she knew that
voice so well, she looked up sharply..her jaws
Deji sm-irked at her, chewing a gum noisily.
Lara felt sweat coming out throu-gh every pore on
her skin
“Deji?” herl-ips quivered.
Deji rolled her eyes, a smile pla-ying on herl-ips.
“We shall take it by night.” The fetish man
“Good then! I can’t wait to be a multi-billionaire”
Deji laughed.
“Deji you?” Lara skrie-ked as they turned to leave.
“Yea! Me! Do you think I c@m£ into this world to
watch others progressing? I nee-d to make
money, and I’m not sorry- I have to use you and
your baby.” Deji chucked wickedly.
“Deji me Lara? Do I deserve this?” Lara sobbe-d
“I don’t know that one o! Better prepare to meet
your late father tonight.” Deji cl@pped, before
ban-ging the door behind her.
Lara sat, shocked to the marrow. Her b©dy
bec@m£ numb. That night her unborn child would
be used by Deji for rituals! Deji of all people.
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