Omolara’s faith Episode 18

Omolara’s faith Episode 18
Funke tossed and turned on her be-d. She had
suffered from chronic fever ever since her last
encounter with Lara.
“What have I done to deserve such treatment
from my daughter?” she asked herself.
“The child I bore for nine months, brou-ght up at
my own expense, decides to turn against me.”
she gazed at the ceiling.
She counted the ceiling for a long time.
“Hmn!” she chuckled wickedly.
“So far I’m her biological mother, she must leave
that marriage! Whether Tony gets well or not!”
she said firmly.
She br@zed up a plan, she pu-ll-ed her cellphone
towards her and dialled a number.
“Hello, Deji ?” she said into the phone.
“Hello, eka le ma! Good evening.” Deji said in a
sleepy voice.
“Deji plea-se, come over to my place tomorrow
morning. We have something to discuss.” Funke
told her softly.
“okay ma.” Deji said cautiously before ending the
“Deji eat and drink now, its your home o.” Funke
said as Deji sipped her drink shyly.
“Deji there’s something I’ll want us to discuss.”
she said after Deji finished her snacks.
“I heard of a girl back then…the girl that used to
be Tony’s mistress…I mean Sophia…” she
“uhum!” Deji gr-unted giving her suspicious look.
“Errm..Deji, I know you and your exploits, you
have this city un-der your f!nger ti-ps…” Funke
appraised her.
“So?” she grimaced.
“So I want you to tell me where she is! I know
you monitor her movements! plea-se let me have
her address.” Funke explained.
“just like that? What do you want with her?” she
“I’ve got some business plans, and I heard she’s
good in such business…”
“Of all the business women in this city?” Deji
interrupted her.
“Common Deji, just give it to me! I’ll pay any
amount you nee-d.” funke said this because she
knew Deji is a su-cker for money.
“hmmn, I just hope this ‘business’ won’t affect
Lara o!” Deji cautioned.
“Nooo…not at all! You forget Lara is my
daughter!” Funke laughed.
“Okay!” Deji said scribbling Sophia’s address on
a note pad.
“Thank you, name your pay!” Funke smiled
“no nee-d for that! Meanwhile, I must go and see
Lara now, I promised her I’m going over.” Deji
made to go.
“Okay bye, and plea-se don’t tell her about this
o.” Funke saw her off.
She waved as Deji drove away, a donkey smile
pla-ying on her face.
First mission accomplished, next target on point!