Omolara’s faith Episode 14 & 15

Omolara’s faith Episode 14 & 15
Lara combe-d her hair and oiled it properly. She
had earlier on called her hair stylist that she’d be
coming that morning.
She wondered what hair style she’ll plait, she
loosed shuku yeterday, maybe this week she’d
use two-step or sade…
“Lara?” Tony called out interrupting her thoughts.
She rolled he eyes
“oooooh, pesin won’t rest again ni?” she hissed.
she hissed again, she was beginning to get sick
and tired of Tony.
“Always Lara,Lara,Lara…na we-tin sef!” she
“Lara are you there?” Tony called out again.
“Ooooh, free me jor!” she whispered.
“Yes? I’m coming!” she put in a lot of effort for
her voice to become polite.
“Here am I.” she f0rç£d a smile.
“I can see…just wanted you around me.” he was
smiling too.
See this one o! When did that one start? Lara
“are you going out?” he asked.
“Erm, yes, I’m going to make my hair.” she
“Hmmm, I’d be alone then…” he said in despair.
“Well, I nee-d to go now.” she started walking
“Okay.” he sighed.
He was sure going to miss her.
Tony looked from Funke his mother in-law to his
parents, he wished Lara was at home; maybe
she might defend him some how…
“Thank God your wife is out, so we can discuss
properly.” Ifiora began to say.
“Yes, her abs£nce is very ess£ntial.” Funke
chirped in, she personally thanked God Lara was
abs£nt, she couldn’t bear those looks on her
“Errrm..Tony, what has your wife got to say
about your illness?” Ifiora asked.
Tony looked away, what does he want him to
“Tony, your father just asked you a question.”
Amara said impatiently
“Nothing.” Tony replied.
“What do you mean by nothing?” Funke asked
eyeing him.
“I think she should be in the best positin to
answer that.” he frowned. He had never had an
atom of respect for his mother in-law.
“Tony, you’l be travelling out of the country next
two weeks for your treatment…”
“I know that alre-ady.” Tony cut his father short.
He wondered why they all gathered a meeting
without informing him earlier.
“Good! What matters now is Lara, we can’t keep
her like this, she has a future.” Ifiora ignored his
son’s rudeness.
“What’s your point?” Tony asked grithing his
teeth, he was losing his temper.
“The point is you should divorce Lara, you fool!”
Amara sh0t at him.
Tony held her cold gaze for a while, he wondered
when he and his beloved mother bec@m£
“I can’t divorce her!” he spat out.
“Why?” Funke sneered
“She is my wife, and I love her, our marriage is
sealed. Gerrit!” He glared at Funke.
“listen to me Tony! Love or no love, seal or no
seal, you must divorce lara! You can’t saddle her
with your disability! How far do you think she can
cope?!” Amara said menacingly.
“That’s none of your business! I wonder if
anyone has ever asked you to divorce your
husband!” Tony sh0t at her.
“You dare talk to me that way?” Amara made to
sl@p him but for the timely intervention of her
“No darling, you can’t do that, look at his
condition” Ifiora f0rç£d his wife back into her
“We’re here to rule out some case, not to fight.
Tony, Lara’s mum c@m£ to us, she wants you to
divorce her daughter…” Ifiora gestured towards
“Yes o! Be ni! You must to divorce my daughter
o! My daughter can’t marry an impotent man o!
Lai lai!” Funke started to rant.
Amara exchanged looks with her husband.
“I meant it o! Its me Funke that talk it! I nee-d
grand children, and they don’t fall from heaven
shey you know that! A man must to perform ni,
and when you can’t perform, we’ll look
elsewhere.” Funke’s b©dy shook as she ranted,
her gold ban-gles ma-king ch!ping sounds.
Tony bit his lowerl-ips. Life could be cruel
“that’s so rude! We are not quarelling here!”
Amara tried to pacify Funke.
“Robb ke! Mentholatum ni! The quarell has just
begun niye o! Tell your impotent son to divorce
my daughter o!” Funke turned to face Amara
“plea-se calm down.” Ifiora told her.
“See who is talking! Like father like son! Who
knows maybe you too is an impotenti?…”
“You don’t dare insult my husband!” Amara sh0t
back at her.
“How can you become this lousy? Is it how you
yoru-ba’s behave?”
“Behave ke! You will soon see behaviour! Let me
go and tell her fathers people that’s when you’ll
see the real Yoru-ba behaviour. Oshi!” Funke
yelled at her before stamping out the room.
Amara gaped at her. People change so easily,
could this be the same woman whom they
lavished so much money on?