Omolara’s faith Episode 13

Omolara’s faith Episode 13
“Ehen! Deji what’s there in life that you should
forget me na!” Lara queried.
“Nooo, bestie, its not like that na!” Deji laughed
as she sipped her glas-s of jui-ce.
“Eh is like what? Tell me! Deji toh bad!” Lara
laughed again flopping beside her friend.
“Girlie, yan me, I heard Tony is sick?” Deji began
to say in a mocking tone.
“yes, he’s been ill.” Lara said carefully.
“I heard the only snake in his forest is dead?”
Deji asked again.
“Now Deji, don’t start! That’s so cruel…”
“So cruel?” Deji mimicked her.
“You don’t know how happy I was when I heard
the news! I danced ehn!” she looked excited.
“Deji!” Lara gave her a reprimanding look.
“What? Isn’t it worth celebr@tion?” Deji laughed
“This isn’t fuuny” Lara frowned.
“You’re happy at the misfortune that has befallen
my marriage?”
“Which misfortune? When that man was
fraternizing with all the women in town, isn’t that
a misfortune!” Deji made a face.
“Deji plea-se!” Lara looked offended.
Just then the beeper made a shrill sound.
“Excuse me bestie, Tony nee-ds me now!” she got
to her feet in a hurry.
“come o!” Deji held her dress.
“so you don turn dog wey na beeper dem dey use
call you shey?”
the shrill sound c@m£ again, louder this time.
Lara pushed her friend’s hands away, rushing
towards Tony’s room.
Deji watched go, she cl@pped her hands in gossip
fashion. She quic-kly ti-p-toed after her friend.
“I’m just tired of being in here, can you take me
outside plea-se?” Tony pleaded peering at Lara.
Lara wished she wouldn’t take him outside, she
feared Deji’s razor ton-gue.
“Lara? Anything wrong?” Tony patted her arm.
“Errrm, yea…no ” Lara helped him into the wheel
“okay…” Tony smiled as she wheeled him out of
the room.
They were at the hall way when they met Deji’s
mocking gaze.
“Good afternoon o, Mr Tony!” Deji made sure her
voice was loud and clear.
“Af’noon Deji, its been a long time.” Tony smiled.
“Yes o! I heard about your illness…errm…I mean
the paralysis of your legs and ….and…..your…”
Deji replied a mischievously smile pla-ying on her
Tony didn’t miss the message she was trying to
pas-s across to him.
“lets go!” Lara whispered as she wheeled him out
trhought the back door.
“I’m sorry about Deji’s attitude…” she apologised
as she balanced him on the gras-s in the mini-
He simply nodded.
“You nee-d a snack or something?”
“No, I’m okay.” he was re-ading some invisible
things on his palm.
“you don’t nee-d anythin, anything atall?” Lara
searched his eyes.
“Yes, you can go now, your friend is waiting.” he
waved her off.
“Okay!” She sighed walking on the ba-lls of her
feet out of the garden.
“welcome back! Iya Tony!” Deji quipped as her
friend walked in..
“Seriously what you did Deji was really bad! Do
you have to remind him of his problems?” Lara
feigned anger.
“Atleast he got the message!” Deji bit into her
“Deji…do you know you are too bad?” Lara
squee-zed beside her.
“Oh yea! You nee-d not remind me! Anyways,
we’ve gotta enjoy our lives o.” she quipped and
they laughed in unision.