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Oceane episode 8

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
“Buenos díaz” Ninon greeted as she entered the company and walked towards the elevator
“Hi Ninon” Melvin greeted and ran into the elevator with her.
Melvin was a player and he had been doting on her but she wasn’t giving him attention.
“Melvin an busy and… ”
“I came to see Kyle” Melvin cut in “it’s not you today” he winked
Ninon rolled her eyes and waited till the elevator got to the 8th floor and dinged open. They walked out and both headed to Kyle’s office.
“His appointment doesn’t say he has any visitor this morning” Ninon said to no one in particular when they got to Kyle’s door and heard giggles and voices.
“you’re his secretary, you should know Melvin said and went ahead to knock.
The voices ceased and the door was opened shortly by Lovane.
“What?” Ninon yelled glaring at Lovane
“Holy Shit!” Melvin’s jaws dropped as he checked Lovane out “Kyle doesn’t let women in and she doesn’t look business potential”
“You should stop gossiping me and come in already” Kyle said from inside the Melvin chuckled and walked in while Ninon remained still staring daggers at Lovane.
“What are you doing here?” she asked Lovane. Lovane scoffed and walked inside
“Aren’t you coming in Ninon?” Kyle asked and she stormed off
“she’s furious” Melvin said watching Ninon disappear into the elevator
“No” Kyle disagreed “she’s jealous” he added and Lovane chuckled
“am not surprised” Melvin said with his eyes on Lovane
“you always thought my Señorita was a fairytale right?”
“Wait a sec!” Melvin began “she’s your old friend?”
“Exactly!” Kyle clicked his fingers “Melvin meet Lovane and Lovane meet Melvin” he introduced
“Hi” Lovane greeted and accepted Melvin’s hand which was already extended for a handshake
“you cost my buddy a lot”
Lovane blushed and looked at Kyle who was really excited.
“The handshake is taking forever” Kyle yanked them apart
“you didn’t tell me she is this beautiful”
“you’re flattering her Melvin, why are you here?”
Melvin chuckled “are you scared that am going to steal her?”
Kyle glanced at Lovane who was staring at Melvin “I’ll dare you to do that”
“Now let’s talk about business”
“Everything that makes you boring Melvin” Kyle rolled his eyes “How can a flirt like you be so good in business?”
“cause I flirt with money” Melvin replied and the laughed
“So what’s knew?”
“The Schitz board insists we pay 60% to them”
“They’re bluffing” Kyle said
“Exactly what I said when my dad told me about it last night”
“Hernández isn’t paying 60% to any board, we only owe Ximena 20% and… ” Kyle’s phone started ringing interrupting him. He glanced at the caller’s ID and it was Maeva’s tutor “what could she want now?” he sighed and answered the call
“Mr Hernández Buenos Días” Miss Mallikka greeted
“Buenos Días”
“Maeva wouldn’t learn, she insists on seeing you
Kyle sighed “give the phone to Maeva”
“Hermano mayor” Maeva greeted hysterically
“what is it this time Maeva? You have a father but you make it seem like am a parent already” Kyle said and Melvin chuckled
“Hermano mayor I want to go on a picnic, I hate this wheelchair already” Maeva sobbed
“That shouldn’t make you cry, we’ll go in a picnic this weekend” Kyle said and added “all of us”
“No, just the two of us” Maeva said
“and Océane”
“you said just the two of us Maeva”
“I changed my mind”
“Fine, now focus on your lesson”
“Hermano mayor”
“mom is maltreating me”
“That’s a lie” Lise shouted from the other end
“Hermano mayor I want to come over”
“Maeva I thought we’ve talked about this before. Am too busy to take care of you, mom and Adele and your new friend will take care of you better”
Maeva wailed “am going to jump out of the window”
“You’re not going to try such”
“am going to”
“Maeva you can’t walk”
Maeva wailed louder “you don’t have to remind me”
“Alright! You can come over”
“Yea!” Maeva shouted
“Just for one day”
“One year”
“One day”
“one month would do”
“No Maeva, one week”
“It’s a deal, one week”
“Now focus on your lesson”
“I will Hermano mayor, bye Hermano mayor”
“Bye princess”
“love you”
“You’re a father now” Melvin said when Kyle dropped the phone
“I don’t know what to do about Maeva”
“yea!” Maeva squealed and gave the phone back to her tutor “thank you miss Mallikka”
“Good, can we learn now?”
“Some other time Miss Mallikka, my ears are hurting me” Maeva replied and wheeled herself out
“At least I get paid at the end of the month” Miss Mallikka said packing her books “I still don’t know what to do about Maeva”
“Océane! Océane!” Maeva sought Océane’s attention as she wheeler herself into Océane’s room.
“Océane it worked”
Maeva nodded “he agreed I’d stay with him for one week”
“when is he coming to pick you?”
“we didn’t talk about that”
“Oh! Maeva he probably deceived you”
“Kyle can’t deceive me”
“what makes you think so?”
“unless that witch tells him to”
“let’s just hope he comes”
“He’s going to”
“please madre” Maeva pleaded
“No way Maeva, how could you tell Kyle and maltreating you? Now he’s going to hate me”
“he’s not going to please”
“Maeva no”
“am going to stick a ring boiler into my ears”
“That’s stupid Maeva”
“Then let me call Kyle with your phone”
“No, no, no, and no”
“Madre!” Maeva wailed
“Maeva you’re noisy am trying to fix my hair” Lise said
“let her cry madre” Maëlle snarled
Maeva wiped her tears which were becoming real and wheeled herself out. She wheeled herself to the kids room then climbed up the window and sat on the window sill.
Minutes later, Adele went to check their laundry and found Maeva sitting on the window sill.
“Maeva get down from there”
“No Adele, am going to jump out”
“You’re going to break all your bones”
“And when that happens, tell Kyle mom really maltreats me”
Adele scoffed and proceeded to go nearer
“Don’t come close Adele” Maeva prompted
“Maeva get down no one is maltreating you”
“Then call Kyle”
“I don’t have a phone”
“Tell mom to call Kyle”
Adele took in a deep breath and ran out to call Lise. She returned almost immediately with Lise and the trio.
“Maeva?!” Lise gasped “call Kyle”
“Call Kyle”
“Okay, I will but don’t jump” Lise stuttered and took out her phone with shaky hands
📱 Hello Kyle … there’s an emergency now… yes… please hurry….
Lise ended the call “Kyle would be here soon, get down”
Maeva ignored her and started whistling
Kyle drove into the compound and pulled over in the driveway.
“Kyle is here” Adele breathed out in relief as Kyle alighted from his car. He looked up and Maeva was sitting on a window in the second floor.
“Maeva?!” he muttered under his breath and ran into the mansion, taking long strides up the stairs.
“Maeva get down this minute” he ordered and she slowly turned around to face them still sitting on the window
“being harsh won’t bring me down from here” she said adamantly
“how did you get up there?” Kyle asked
“That I can’t walk doesn’t mean I can’t climb” Maeva stated pointedly “come carry me down”
Kyle sighed then walked to the window and carried Maeva down.
“What were you thinking?” Kyle asked as he sat her on her wheelchair
“mom maltreats me a lot… ”
“Maeva!” Lise gasped
“she wouldn’t let me talk to you even when I threatened to jump out the window” Maeva went on and Kyle shot Lise a scowl
“I don’t maltreat Maeva and you know it”
“can I come with you please?” Maeva went on to plead
“Maeva I… ”
“am going to flush myself in the toilet drain”
“Maeva aren’t you tired of trying crazy things?” Kyle snapped
“please hermano mayor”
“you have to be nice to Lovane” Kyle instructed on their way to his house. He had finally succumbed to Maeva’s pleas and agreed to her request.
“point noted” Maeva said and added “as long as she’s nice to me”
“Lovane is really nice, you’re going to love her”
“Oh! P–lease!” Maeva rolled her eyes in disgust and Kyle pulled the cat to a halt by the road side
“Hermano mayor!”
“That’s not how to be nice”
“am sorry, I promise to be really nice this time”
Kyle huffed loudly then turned on the engine and drove off. They arrived at his apartment then Kyle carried Maeva down from the car and placed her on her wheelchair.
“Good morning Lovane” Maeva greeted when they entered the living room
“it’s evening Maeva” Kyle corrected
“Oh! I forgot but that’s by the way” she said with a wave of the hand “I love your skirt” she added trying to appear nice
“Thank you” Lovane said suspiciously. She knew Maeva didn’t like her and it was a surprise she was acting nice.
“Maeva show her the way to your room so she can keep your things there” Kyle instructed and walked out
“Fork-tongued!” Maeva muttered with a scowl
“Maeva I heard you” Kyle shouted from the stairs
“I wasn’t referring to anyone”
“Good for you”
Maeva turned to Lovane who was glaring at her “Hey! push me to my room already”
Lovane scoffed rolling her eyes then walked out
“Bug eyed” Maeva cussed
“Am talking to myself”
Océane laid wide awake on the grassy lawn. The day’s work was over but the street wasn’t enough to send her to bed. Maeva hadn’t called her and she was worried. She feared for the safety of the necklace, she didn’t want Lovane to have it and she would do anything to make sure she doesn’t get it.
“It’s late already, let’s go to bed” Adele said zoning Océane out of her thought
“have I been here for long?”
They walked into the mansion then went straight to her room.
“Sleep tight” Adele said then turned off the light switch
“I miss Maeva” Océane thought out loud
“me too, I hope she’s okay”
“No!” Maeva screamed
“cut it out Maeva it’s late” Kyle snapped.
Kyle has been trying to convince Maeva to sleep in the room she normally slept whenever she visits but she wouldn’t agree because Lovane wouldn’t leave his room.
“I can’t stay here with Maeva anymore” Lovane spat out
“But I just came in few hours ago”
“I can’t tolerate you”
“it’s just for a week Lovane” Kyle pacified
“She’s a thorn in the flesh”
“Maeva isn’t a turn in the flesh” Kyle defended
Lovane hissed “am sorry”
“There are 14 bedrooms here, I don’t see why my room should be a problem”
“and I don’t see why she should be sharing your room with you” Maeva stated
“Lovane isn’t sharing my room with me” Kyle said and entered his room then returned shortly with the few things he got for Lovane “she’s staying in one of the rooms” he said and carried them into one of the bedrooms
“Problem solved” Maeva grinned and wheeled herself into her room
“I hate staying alone” Lovane said pretentiously
“you have to cope with it” Kyle said
“For how long?”
“till you get used to it”
Lovane huffed loudly and stormed into her room.
Kyle was devastated, he wanted to please Lovane but he couldn’t displease Maeva.
“miss Mallikka is going to come over to teach you, I already instructed my driver to pick her” Kyle told Maeva as he hurried out
“I don’t want to learn I want Océane”
Kyle sighed “Meava you’re getting stubborn”
Maeva’s smile faded “am sorry”
Kyle breathed out in frustration and moved closer to Maeva “I don’t like seeing you sad” he said and squatted beside her “I’ll get your Océane”
“really?” Maeva’s face brightened
“yes” Kyle nodded “but you have to be a good girl”
“I promise”
“good” he got up “my driver will go get her”
“No! pick her yourself”
“Maeva am running late for work”
Kyle glanced at his wrist watch “this is your last request for the week”
Maeva smiled “I’ll be waiting”
Kyle nodded and walked to his car.
“and please treat her well” Maeva prompted just when he was about to enter his car.


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