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Oceane episode 6

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
After dinner, Océane helped Maeva take her bathe then tucked her in bed.
“Tell me a bed time story” Maeva demanded
“I don’t know how to tell stories”
“Please” Maeva pouted
“Fine you win”
Maeva smiled “am listening”
“It’s about a…. ”
“We want a puppet show! We want a puppet show!” Maëlle, Maëlys, and Maryse shouted dragging Kyle into their room
“Do you also want a puppet show?” Kyle asked Maeva and she nodded excitedly “Puppet show wins” he surrendered
“Yeah!” They shouted and ran to get their puppets
“I guess no more bedtime story” Océane said
“Maybe tomorrow” Maeva said
Kyle asked “if you wanted a bedtime story, why did you choose a puppet show?” then he sat beside her on the bed
“Maëlle, Maëlys, and Maryse wants a puppet show and I don’t want to fight with them”
Kyle smiled and touched her cheeks “I’ll tell you a story after the show”
“Océane wants to tell me a story” Maeva said and Kyle glanced at Océane
“He…you… he… can… can… tell you… maybe tomorrow” Océane stuttered
“There’s no sense in what you just said” Maeva said and Kyle turned to Kyle “what story are you going to tell me?”
“The story of the Sleeping Princess”
“I was going to tell you that story” Océane said. It was the story Kyle told her when she was young.
“Do you know that story?” Kyle asked
“No” she shook her head “maybe it’s not the same with yours”
“Maybe, cause I came up with that story and I only told it to one person” his voice fell to a whisper
“It’s going to be a Punch and Judy show” Maeva said
“… the end” Kyle concluded his story of Punch who was always fighting with his wife Judy
“Interesting” Maeva applaused
The trio had fallen asleep and Océane was gradually dozing off, Maeva was the only one watching the show.
“wake up!” Maeva tapped Océane and she jerked awake “you dozed off”
“Did I?”
Maeva chuckled then laid on her bed and Kyle covered her with a duvet “Goodnight my little princess”
“Goodnight Kyle, Goodnight Océane”
Kyle and Océane walked out of the room after Kyle had dimmed the light.
“Thank you for being nice to Maeva” Kyle said to Océane when they were out of the room but Océane was sleep walking and didn’t hear a thing he was saying.
She was half asleep and half awake.
“Océane” he grabbed her arm and made her to face him buy her eyes were closed “don’t tell me you sleep walk” he shook her and she fell on his shoulder
“Aish! Must you always be crazy?” he carried her in his arms bridal style down the stairs but he didn’t know the room she sleeps in nor did he know Adele’s room.
He sat he TV on a sofa and tried waking her but she was just sleep walking and murmuring unreasonable words.
He carried her up to his room and laid her on his bed then covered her with a duvet and laid beside her, staring at her.
She looked familiar to him but he kept mixing here image with his business partners. Maybe he had seen her look alike in a business meeting like Maeva had said.
If he knew her then she should also know him but she wasn’t acting like he looked familiar to her. He looked away and thoughts of his Señorita came into his head. If only he could see her again.
Melvin still thinks she was a fairytale.
The next morning, Océane woke up in Kyle’s room but he already left and she had no idea where she was. She got up and started walking around the room, checking out everything she saw.
She went to his study table and grinned widely on seeing his computer. She didn’t know what it was but she really desired to touch it. In an attempt to sit on his chair, she stumbled and fell pushing the computer down.
She got scared and trued running out but ran into the curtains and pulled it down.
Her heart was beating already as she jumped over the couch and fell with her face. She hurried to her feet then ran to the door but she couldn’t open it. She started trying all the buttons on the wall and ended up pushing the fire alarm.
She paused and listened to the sound of the alarm, it sounded strange but she enjoyed it. Océane smiled as she mimicked the sound.
Then she started hearing the sound of people running like stampeding horses. She ran back to the door and that was when she realized that it was open. She pushed it wider and ran out.
“Fire!” Maëlle and Maëlys shouted running around. Océane arched her brows and watched them then Maryse joined.
“Aren’t you going to run? The house is on fire” Maëlle yelled
“let her burn” Maryse said and they ran out then paused and came back “what were you doing in Kyle’s room?” Maëlle asked and Océane ran past them shouting “Fire! Fire!” and imitating them
“we’ll talk about that later but for now…. ” Maryse paused then they all shouted “Fire! Fire!”
“where’s the fire coming from? There’s no smoke” Lise asked when they were all outside and staring at the building.
People already gathered when they heard the false alarm.
“who raised the alarm?” Adele asked but there was no reply
“Where did the alarm come from?” Lise asked getting impatient
“Kyle’s…” Maëlle gasped and the trio turned to Océane “Océane!”
Océane spread her hands open “what?”
“Océane raised the alarm”
“what alarm?” Océane asked
“The alarm came from Kyle’s room” Maeva said defending Océane
“she was in Kyle’s room when the alarm started talking ringing” Maëlys said
“what?” Lise and Adele turned to Océane who was already biting her lower lip nervously
“… calm down mother, I’ll come over when am less busy” Kyle said over the phone
“I want you here this minute” Lise hurled
“mom am working” Kyle stated and ended the call
Maeva was staring at Océane with pity while the others were furious.
“what were you doing in my son’s room?” Lise asked again after dropping her phone
Océane couldn’t say anything again. She already told them she found herself there when she woke up but they wouldn’t believe her and they think she tried stealing something cause his room was a mess.
“Madam Lise”
“I trust you didn’t bring a thief into my house”
“Océane is not a thief” Adele defended, though she didn’t know Océane, she believed everything she said.
“let’s wait till Kyle comes” Lise said and walked out.
She hated to think Océane tried stealing or stole anything cause Adele have been loyal to them ever since she started working there six years ago.
But the situation and the false alarm makes it seem like she tried deceiving the family so she can get away.
“what were you doing in Kyle’s room?” Maeva asked Océane when they were alone
“I found myself there when I woke up” Océane replied
Maeva sighed “where you teleported in your dreams?”
“what’s teleported?”
“How did you sleep in your room and wake up in Kyle’s room?”
Océane thought for a while and said “I didn’t sleep in my room”
“you slept in Kyle’s room?”
“I didn’t sleep in Kyle’s room”
“where did you sleep?”
Océane stared at her thoughtfully “in your room”
“Then how did you wake up in Kyle’s room?”
“I don’t know”
“Maybe Kyle carried you to his room, let’s just wait till he gets back”
Océane was worried for the rest of the day. She feared they would kick her out if Kyle says he doesn’t know anything about her sleeping in his room and she had no where to go.
“Am not a thief” she told herself “but what’s an alarm?”
Kyle visited that evening and was told everything that happened. Rodriguez hadn’t returned and Kyle was happy cause his dad wouldn’t take it lightly.
“nothing is missing in my room” Kyle stared without even searching
“you can’t be sure Hermano mayor” Maryse said
“Then what was when doing in your room?” Lise asked
“I let her sleep there while I slept in the living room” Kyle replied but the last part was a lie
“mom enough of the questions, am not a kid”
“she’s a maid in this house and there’s a boundry” Lise yelled
“mom am sorry but let her be, it was my fault and it won’t happen again”
“I just want to make sure everything is okay”
“everything is fine” Kyle said and glared at Océane
Lise carried her bag from the couch and got up “I’ll be back late, take care of yourselves” and she walked out
Maëlle, Maëlys, and Maryse walked out furiously, the judgement hadn’t gone as planned.
“am so sorry for what she did” Adele apologized to Kyle
“you don’t have to” he said and turned to Océane “but she’ll do the cleaning”
Océane stared at the scattered room and didn’t even know where to begin in arranging it.
“You can’t continue gazing around, start cleaning up already” Kyle hurled. He was with her to make sure she doesn’t try anything crazy.
“What am I to do?”
Kyle faced palmed himself “clear the mess you made”
“what mess?”
Kyle clenched his fist to calm his patience “make the bed” then he started picking up the pieces of broken computer parts
“what next?” Océane asked when she was done
“Fix the curtains”
Océane nodded and picked up the curtains “what do I do with it?”
“eat it”
she nodded and proceeded to bite the curtains
“are you crazy?” Kyle yanked and snatched the curtains from her “you can go now, I’ll do the rest myself”
Her face turned sad as she plodded to the door. Kyle felt guilty for making her feel bad and tried calling her back but she was already gone. He took in a deep breath then finished up with the room and left.
“I’ll be going to Philippines with Kyle” Maeva squealed excitedly
“Philippines?” Océane thought aloud
“yeah, it’s a month since we last visited”
“you’re going to travel and you won’t return?”Océane asked sadly, she feared she would be losing both Kyle and Maeva
Maeva chuckled “it’s a visit, we’ll be returning”
“Can I come with you?”
“No, Kyle wouldn’t agree”
“why are you going there?”
“to see a friend”
“Who?” Océane asked jealously
“Kyle’s Señorita”
Océane smiled, Maeva was talking about her “do you know his Señorita?”
“no, but Kyle eagerly wants to see her and it has been years since they last saw. He visits the Ocean every month hoping to see her but she never shows up and I’m breaks his heart”
Océane’s smile faded. She wished she could open up to him to make him happy but he wouldn’t believe her without the bracelet cause he doesn’t recognize her.
“This is the last ritual” Anais said and Coral smiled wickedly. They’ve been carrying out a ritual to make Lovane human so she can go to land and get the necklace from Kyle. The ritual had taken a lot of time cause Lovane had no powers.
The Queens mermaid were at Coral’s mercy and obeyed whatever she instructed including the ritual which was against their traditions.
Anais brought out a shell and Lovane drank from it then her tail slowly changed to legs and they were all afraid cause they feared humans.
“Legs” Lovane gasped and tried shaking them off
“Avoid sea water, it’s going to turn you back to a mermaid while on land” Anais warned then swam out with the queens
“I have legs mother” Lovane said
“That’s right Lovane now it’s time” Coral said and wore Lovane Kyle’s bracelet “you have to fake as Océane”
“I know what to do mother”
Coral smirked “We’re going to rule and am sure Océane would be dead by now cause the fishermen won’t spare her and she can’t have legs”
Lovane smirked “Hope she’s resting in pieces”
“Now the whole of Oceania is ours”
Lovane swam up shore and sat on a rock. She was waiting for someone to find her and she hoped that someone would be Kyle. She saw a few people around but she didn’t let them see her cause she was hoping Kyle would come. She looked at the clothes they were wearing and frowned cause she wasn’t wearing any.
Lovane looked around and caught sight of Kyle as he approached the Ocean. She smiled and dove in then swam towards his direction.
Kyle got to the spot her normally met Océane and sat hoping she would come out. He saw Lovane swimming towards him with her legs in theaters and she smiled at him.
“My Señorita” he called and recognized her as the girl he said the previous month on his visit.
She didn’t know what to say and he jumped into the water to meet her.
“Don’t run” he pleaded and she remained where she was till he got to her “it’s really you” he said and took her hand then stared at his bracelet with a huge grin.


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