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Oceane episode 22

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Lovane stared into space as she thought randomly. She waited patiently the previous night for Melvin’s call but he didn’t call. She felt lonely and distressed and it had something to do with Kyle Océane’s disappearance. Lovane feared that something bad must’ve happened to them and that includes the necklace.
“Lovane?!” Adele sought her attention
“What’s it now Adele?” Lovane asked sternly
“I was thinking you would want to return with me to the beach instead of staying alone”
Lovane stared at her thoughtfully “okay” she needed to be at alert when Océane and Kyle would be found
“let’s go” Adele gestured
“Hi!” Melvin greeted a female cop who he had sighted talking with her friend.
“Hi!” she greeted back
“I was wondering… do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by one more time?”
She smiled “I never knew romantic guys still existed”
“we do but just a few of us are left”
The female cop laughed
“Am Melvin by the way”
“So tell me about yourself, what do you do all day besides looking good?”
“Stop flattering me” Sophia blushed and her eyes drifted to her jealous boss who was furious series her talking with Melvin.
“my boss is watching, I have to go now”
“I could talk to him if you want. There are a lot of things I’d like us to talk about”
“maybe when next we meet” she said hastily and proceeded to leave
Melvin grabbed her hand “give me your digits” he gave her his phone and she imputed her digits “Alright, I’ll give you a call”
“Sure” Sophia said and hurried out
“Now that was a hot catch” he smiled lasciviously as he watched Sophia join her team. His eyes drifted to Lovane who had been watching him and Sophia. Melvin felt guilty, his conscience was pricking him and he didn’t know why.
Lovane glared at Sophia, she felt like strangling her.
“Hey?!” Melvin called from behind and Lovane whirled around to see him smiling at her. Though she knew the smile wasn’t genuine.
“Melvin?!” she called in a shaky voice
“How’re you doing?”
“am good” Lovane tried to appear as calm as possible
“Melvin?!” Adele called
“Good afternoon Adele”
“It’s a good thing you’re here. I have to join the driver to pick the kids from school and I didn’t want to leave Lovane by herself”
Melvin gazed at Lovane “She’ll be fine”
“Thank you” Adele walked off
Melvin dipped his hands into his pockets and stared at the sea. Lovane didn’t also spare him a glance as she looked elsewhere.
“She’s just a friend” Melvin found himself explaining after few minutes of silence
Lovane chuckled “I don’t think I asked”
“Just thought you should know”
Lovane looked away and saw Ninon entering a boat with Manon. They were in disguise so Lovane didn’t recognize Ninon but their moves were suspicious.
“who are those?” Lovane asked Melvin pointing at them
“who?” Melvin looked at the direction she pointed “I can’t see anyone”
Lovane stared at them as they set on sail “I don’t see how they’re my business”
“This is the last of it” Yasmine sighed as she plucked a marigold flower and threw into her basket that was already filled with flowers
“Am so tired” Océane blew out air from her mouth. They’ve been working in the garden all morning. Picking flowers.
“Me too” Yasmine sighed
“I wonder what the guys are up to” Océane said as they walked out of the garden
“probably mending nets. I guess” Yasmine said with a shrug. They walked to the shore where the guys were, mending nets like Yasmine had guessed. Kyle looked at their direction and saw Yasmine and Océane approaching them with their baskets of flower.
“Look! The girls are done and we’re still mending nets” Rhett said
“we could’ve been faster if Kyle was helping” Nelson said
Océane looked at Kyle and realized he just held the net by wasn’t doing anything. She chuckled
Kyle had a look in his face that said
“It’s natural” Yasmine said and sat on a stone beside Nelson while Océane remained standing
“what’s natural?” Nelson wanted to know
“Guys are naturally lazy”
Rhett chuckled “and naturally smarter”
“you know that isn’t true” Yasmine argued
“I don’t expect you to agree”
“women are smarter and you know it”
“Let’s go fishing. Men VS women” Rhett said
“That’s be cool. Whatever team that loses gets to serve the team that wins for a whole day” Nelson said and it aroused Océane’s interest
“I love the sound of that. Let’s make it one week” Yasmine said
“No” Rhett disagreed “you girls are too lazy. you won’t be able to serve us for one week”
Yasmine scoffed “you’re pleading. You don’t want to serve us for one week”
“we aren’t gonna lose” Nelson stated “but I insist on one day”
Yasmine, Océane, Audrey, Rachael, Sarah, Tasha, and Nila carried their net with baskets into the sea while the guys went in another direction. Océane could see fishes swimming in the water and she was tempted to go after them.
“we’ll set the net here” Yasmine said and they stopped at a spot.
Océane walked further into the water carrying her basket. She hadn’t turned into a mermaid because she was walking and hadn’t thought of her tail.
“Océane the water is deep” Mila prompted when Océane got to a point where the water rose up to her chest. Océane smiled and continued walking in.
“Océane?!” Kyle shouted but she paid no attention as she went under water and turned into a mermaid.
The girls didn’t freak out, they seemed to be cool about the situation. The guys were shocked, especially Kyle who looked very worried.
Seconds later, Océane came out of the water with her basket filled to the brim with fishes.
The guys were ‘wowed’ but the girls just smiled.
“we saw it” Tasha and whispered to Océane when she got to them
“saw what?” Océane asked
“you’re a mermaid”
Océane got scared. She wanted to dive into the waterabd swim away.
“No worries” Yasmine said “mermaids are cool”
“you’re not going to give me to the fishermen?”
“why would we?” Nila laughed “am a mermaid too”
“you are?” Océane was shocked
“me too” Yasmine said
“me too” Tasha laughed “but we come from different waters. It’s rare to meet a mermaid from the same water with you”
“since we’re four mermaids, why not we swim for fishes?” Yasmine suggested
“Cool! Rachel, Sarah, and I would wait behind and watch over the fishes” Audrey said
“operation make the guys our slaves” Tasha said and they dove into the water.
“Women are cbeat” Rhett said as they watched the girls go into the water with empty baskets and come out with their baskets filled with fishes while their net hadn’t caught anything yet
“it’s a good thing we didn’t agree to one week. I can’t bear serving a woman for one week” Nelson said
“yea right” Kyle roller his eyes “I never bought this idea”
“Rhett brought the idea” Black accused
“me?!” Rhett thumped his chest “I just suggested a fishing competition. Nelson suggested the team that loses serves the team that wins” He said in self defense
“Hey! Boys!” Yasmine shouted when they were satisfied with the fishes they caught and were out of the water.
“Boys?” Nelson scoffed “I can’t believe I’ll be addressed as ‘Boys’ for the whole day”
“Quit the gossips and run over here” Tasha hurled
“Gossips?” Linus gritted his teeth
“Guess we have to face our fate now” Nelson shrugged and they walked towards the girls
“Boys! Run!” Mila shouted and the girls burst into laughter
“This is gonna be the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do” Rhett shook his head in regret
“You heard her right? Run!” Yasmine hurled then the guys started running. When they got to the girls, they were already panting.
“Good boys” Nila laughed
“Carry the baskets” Yasmine ordered and they carrier the baskets “now follow us”
Kyle huffed loudly as he carried the basket walking behind the girls. He had never served as a slave and his first experience was going to be for women.
“Keep them here” Yasmine instructed when they got a o the house then the guys kept the baskets on the floor.
“you’ve got works to do so don’t be lazy” Tasha yanked and Rhett shot her a glare.
Yasmine chuckled and entered the house shouting “Letricia?! Letricia?!”
“she’s not home” Molly replied sucking on her thumb
“where’s she?”
“at the mill” Molly replied
“perfect!” Yasmine clicked her tongue then entered her room and came out almost immediately with two big baskets full of clothes.
“Girls go get your laundry” She said when she walked out and threw the basket at the guys
“I did my laundry this morning” Audrey said sadly
“me too” That was Nila
“Then get your neat clothes” Tasha spat out
“what?” the guys chorused
“come on girls, get your clothes both neat and dirty” Yasmine said clapping her hands.
“I’ve never washed my whole life” Kyle sighed in exasperation as he wrung out the clothes
“me neither” Matt said “my sisters does the washing”
“Hey! Boys!” Yasmine clapped to sought their attention “you, you, you, and you” she pointed at Kyle, Rhett, Matt, and Owen “come with me”
They cussed under their breathes as they followed into the house.
“Kyle and Matt, I want this floor well scrubbed and sparkling” Yasmine instructed then turned to Owen and Rhett “you both should do the dishes”
They started murmuring as she walked out.
“No murmuring” she snapped “you’ve got a lot of works to do now get started”
Yasmine walked behind Kyle and Matt as they scrubbed the floor. She was laughing with as she supervised them.
“Hey! you!” She yanked at Kyle “you missed a spot”
“Oh! Madre!” Kyle drawled
Tasha and Audrey ran to the backyard where the guys were washing.
“I want a foot massage” Tasha said and dragged Nelson
“I want a medipedi” Audrey dragged Linus
“now it’s just the both of us left” Black told Carl and they continued washing.
“Put more muscles lazybones!” Yasmine shouted from the window.
“My hands hurt” Kyle drawled
“sorry” Océane said trying to hide her chuckle
“my mom is gonna lose me”
“no one is going to lose you”
“Océane am going to die. This Island made me do things I’ve never done and ate foods I’ve never eaten”
“That’s part of living, you just have to adapt”
“How did you girls manage to catch so many fishes without nets?” Kyle wanted to know
“we’re smart. That’s the secret”
Kyle scoffed “in your dreams”
Océane tousuee his hands and he screamed.
“sorry” she chuckled
“you’re making mockery of me”
“am not” Océane strengthened herself “but who knew you could work?” she burst into an outrageous laughter. Kyle feigned anger and walked out. Océane couldn’t control her laughter, she ran after him, trying to plead buy laughing in the process. They walked outside and came face to face with Manon and Ninon.
“Kyle?!” Manon and Ninon called out in tears “it’s okay good thing we found you. Maeva is drowning and….”
Kyle didn’t wait for Manon to complete whatever she was saying, he ran out in search of Maeva.
“What happened to Maeva?” Océane asked Manon worriedly
Manon smirked “Maeva is fine and probably sleeping by now”
“Then…. ” Océane trailed off “it’s a set up” she made to run but Manon ceased her
“it’s too late dear”
“Let me go” Océane screamed “save your strength for what you’re about to face” Ninon said mockingly then some men walked out of the dark corners.
“Cease her” Ninon ordered and the men grabbed Océane.
“let me go”
“we will” Manon smirked “when we’re done with you”
💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Kyle ran towards the sea, shouting “Maeva?!” as he went. He got to the sea and the water was still. Then he remembered he hadn’t asked Manon where Maeva was. Kyle hurried back to the house and Manon and Ninon were gone. For a second, he froze trying to fathom what really happened. How had he been deceived by them. Maeva couldn’t be in the Island with them. He suddenly realized it was a set up.
“Océane?!” Kyle ran into the house and saw Letricia and Molly crying while Brown was pacing about.
He got alarmed.
“What’s happening?” Kyle asked no one in particular
“Manon was here” Brown replied calmly making Kyle wonder why they should be crying about her visit.
“Manon is evil” Brown added as if reading Kyle’s thought “She was here with some men and they took Océane with them”
“Océane?!” Kyle dashed for the door
“Yasmine and the others already went after them but am scared for their safety” Letricia sobbed and Kyle ran out. He thought quickly for the route they must’ve taken then he went left.
Running as fast as he could, Kyle ran through the bushes in the darkness. He could hear voices at a distance as he ran. Kyle stumbled on a body lying on the ground and fell.
“Ouch!” the person groaned and Kyle recognized the voice as Nelson’s
“Nelson?” Kyle shook him
“Save the others” Nelson groaned in pain
“Sure you’ll be fine?”
“I’ll be fine”
Kyle got up and ran off.
“Madre!” Ninon called out as the got in the boat they came in “We’re going to get caught”
“I don’t think so” Manon said and also got in the boat “The guys will handle the rest. Let’s go” then they paddled off.
“Let me go” Océane struggled as two men forced her into another boat. Yasmine and the others had tried savings her both Manon had come with a lot of men so they fought with the guys while two men took Océane away.
“Let me go” Océane screamed and that earned her a blow. She heard the girls screaming and got really scared of what the men were doing to them.
“You don’t have to worry about your friends” one of the men said and entered the boat “You’ll join them soon” and they sailed off.
“Kyle?!” Océane cried within herself, she was too weak to shout
“I hope you help them”
“There’s a ship coming” One of the men said and they turned to see a police ship approaching them.
“Cops” the other man gasped “Let’s get rid of her now”
Océane prayed silently that the ship would get to them before the men does anything to her. While she was still praying with her eyes closed, she felt a stab in her stomach and she fluttered her eyes open. She looked down at her stomach and she had been stabbed with a knife. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t even cry. She opened her mouth and blood oozed out.
“They’re coming” One of the men said and pushed Océane into the water.
“Océane?! Océane?!”
“Océane heard someone call her name and her eyelids fluttered but did not open.
“Océane?! Please wake up”
She fluttered her eyes and Kyle was staring at her.
“What happened?” Océane got up with a start. She looked around and they were in another part of the Island. No buildings, no people, just she and Kyle.
“Where are we?”
“I don’t know” Kyle replied
Memories of the previous night came rushing into her head. She touched the place she was stabbed but it was healed.
“I didn’t die?”
“Where you supposed to be dead?” Kyle asked in utter confusion
“Those men stabbed me and threw me into the sea”
“Which men?”
“The men that took me”
“There were no men, just Ninon and her mother”
Océane got confused “Who’s Ninon?”
“Those women who told us that Maeva was drowning”
“Where’s Maeva now?”
“Maeva wasn’t here. It was a set up and I fell for it”
“Why would they do that?”
“I don’t know but I think Ninon and mother wanted to do something bad to you that’s why they sent me away”
Océane shut her eyes trying to recall the event of the previous night.
“Where are Yasmine and the others?” she asked
“I don’t know. I only saw Nelson lying on the ground but there was no time to ask questions”
“How did we get here?” Océane asked
“I was searching for you and found you washed ashore here. I don’t know where we are but I think we’re lost”
“How are we going to get home now? what if the ship arrives?”
“I don’t know” Kyle sighed “we’re stranded. No shelter, no clothes, no food, nothing”
“I guess it was my fault. If I hadn’t climbed up that hill with Lovane, she wouldn’t have pushed me, you wouldn’t have tried saving me and we wouldn’t be here”
“It’s not your fault” said Kyle warmly, reaching out to squeeze Océane’s hand.
“Am hungry” Océane breathed out
“There’s nothing to eat. We just have to swim back home”
Océane smiled to herself. She could always swim back but what about Kyle?
“Let’s find our way back to Letricia’s house” Océane suggested instead
“I’ve looked around, there’s no building in sight”
“Then what are we going to do? We can’t survive here”
“I just wish this was all a dream so I could wake up”
“me too. am not longer enjoying it”
“Was there ever an enjoyment?” Kyle sighed
“we just have to wait, I believe help would come”
“I just hope it comes before I die”
Melvin walked into Ninon’s office and met her pacing about nervously.
“Did you kill someone?” Melvin asked and she shuddered with a start
“You should’ve knocked” Ninon scolded
“I didn’t see any reason to but why were you so scared?”
Ninon huffed loudly “what do you want?”
“you’re not gonna believe it but I just wanted to check if you’re okay”
Ninon scoffed “like you care”
“Ninon I really care”
“Why would you care? Did she dump you?”
“what are you saying?” Melvin asked “Lovane isn’t what you think”
“I know” Ninon said sarcastically and sat on her caster “you can leave my office now” she pointed to the door
Melvin scoffed “are you sending me out?”
“Exactly! Now use the door”
Melvin smirked and walked to her desk. He placed his hands on the desk and leaned towards her.
“8:00 pm at Pedros, don’t keep me waiting” and he walked out
Ninon scoffed “who’s going to meet him?”
Maëlle, Maëlys, Maryse, and Lovane, sat in the living room playing video games. Maeva was present but she wasn’t in the mood to play. She still hates Lovane more cause no one believed her when she said Lovane pushed Océane into the sea.
“Come join us Maeva” Lovane said pretending to be nice
“nah— she’s crippled” Maëlle snarled
“Don’t be mean Maëlle, you play with your hands not legs” Maryse said mocking Maeva
“Enough!” Lise hurled descending the stairs. The trio gasped, they didn’t know Lise was eavesdropping. She walked to the video game and plugged out the switch.
“You’re grounded” she stated
“Please Madre!” They pleaded and turned to Maeva “Maeva we’re sorry”
“you should be thinking about Kyle and not playing video games and making fun of Maeva” Lise scolded “sometimes I wish you were all born crippled” she added and walked off
“This is all your fault” Maëlle charged at Maeva
“few seconds ago you were begging me” Maeva said
“That’s because we hate being grounded. Guess people who can’t walk don’t know how it feels” They seethed and walked out.
Maeva broke down in tears.
“It’s alright Maeva” Lovane pacified “you shouldn’t take their words to heart”
“You’re just like them” Maeva snarled and wheeler herself out
Lovane smirked secretly “who cares?”
Lise barged into Rodriguez’s study furiously. “It’s high time you talked to your daughters” she hurled
“what’s wrong Lise?” Rodriguez asked looking up from his computer
“your daughters are making fun of my baby and you know how much I hate it when Maeva is sad. She’s going to start missing Kyle”
Rodriguez sighed “They are our daughters Lise. The four of ’em”
“Then you should talk to them. They better start seeing Maeva as sister”
“Those girls are rebellious, I have better things to worry about like, my son is missing”
“I hope you’re not gonna plead on their behalf when I send them to the orphanage cause I kind of doubt those girls are my blood”
“The Hernández have always been known to be calm and peaceful people just like Maeva and Kyle” Rodriguez said
“The Sanchez are peace loving too and caring just like Maeva and Kyle. Those girls got Hernández blood running in them”
“I don’t agree” Rodriguez protested firmly
“Then maybe we should call the doctor on duty when they were delivered” Lise suggested
“Perfect idea! I’ll call Doc Whitney ASAP”
“Please do” Lise said and walked out
Kyle waited patiently for Océane to come out of the water where she bad hone to have a wash. They were lucky to pluck fruits in the island that served as their breakfast and still had enough for lunch and dinner.
Minutes turned to hours and Océane wasn’t back. Kyle was getting worried, he didn’t find the island safe again.
He got up and went to check on Océane.
“Océane?!” he called to announce his presence when he got to the place she was having a wash.
“Océane?!” he called again but there was still no reply. Kyle’s heart started racing and he walked in.
Océane was relaxing in the water with her eyes shut as she hummed to herself.
Kyle chuckled. He has been worrying for someone who was having fun. Kyle stood at a spot watching her but wasn’t making any noise that would announce his presence. He admired everything about her especially her long hair that was long enough to cover her bossom.
Océane suddenly fluttered her eyes open cause she felt someone was watching her. Kyle was thrown aback abs he fell into the water out of shock. Océane burst into and outrageous laughter that made Kyle fell embarrassed.
“What’s your delight in mocking me?” Kyle asked and she stopped laughing “talk” he advanced towards her
“I wasn’t mocking you” she stuttered
Kyle chuckled softly then grabbed her hand and yanked her to him.
“Why were you taking so long in the water?”
“I…I…wasn’t…” Océane stammered, she couldn’t think of a reasonable reply cause Kyle was just too close for her to think.
“But you kept me waiting” Kyle said then added “and worried” he tucked her hair behind her hair but careful not to uncover her “sorry for intruding your privacy but am a gentleman”
Océane swallowed hard
“Did you lose your tongue?” Kyle asked
“Am speechless”
“You know what?” Kyle asked
“Am starting to like you”


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