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Oceane episode 2

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
⏩⏩ 14 YEARS LATER ⏩⏩
“How’s this one?” Lovane asked Océane wearing a new crown made of shells
“Dazzling!” Océane giggled
“where did you learn that word?” Lovane asked and Océane regretted e be r saying it.
She always visit shore and she once heard someone say the word in one of her visits.
“promise you aren’t going to tell anyone”
“trust me Océane, am not a talkative okay”
“I visit the shore” Océane said in a whisper
“what?” Lovane gasped “How could you? Neptune’s going to banish you”
“I know, but that’s if he finds out, you’re not going to tell him are you?”
“am not”
“What’s it like on land?” Lovane wanted to know
“it’s beautiful”
“Got any friends?
“no, I don’t let them see me”
“you got to be careful”
“I will”
“Now let’s continue with my shell collection”
Later that day, Océane snuck out of Oceania and swam to shore. She sat on a rock where no one would see her then she watched the humans as they moved about. She tried imitating their movements and she fell back into the water, causing a great splash. The people around turned to her direction but they saw no one cause she was already under water.
She swam to another direction then brought out her head and saw a human boy but he didn’t see her so she went back under water. She swam towards him again and brought out her head the started watching him buy when he turned, she went back under water.
He continued with his phone without paying attention to the noise then Océane came out again. He moved and she went back under water.
“you’re gonna drown in there” he said without sparing her a glance.
she brought out her head and he turned to face her.
“what are you doing in there?” he asked and she opened her mouth to to talk but only water and bubbles came out and she quickly covered her mouth with her hand.
“see, you drank too much water get out of there”
She smiled but didn’t make any move to come out.
“look, am not too caring so get out now before you catch a cold”
she opened her mouth again and water came out.
“How do you have so much amount of water in your mouth?” He asked but she said nothing
“are you dumb?”
she shook her head
“then talk”
she smiled and went under water.
“hey! come out already”
she glanced at him from under the water before swimming back to Oceania. Her necklace was blinking and it meant someone was searching for her.
“Where have you been?” Neptune scolded when she got to Oceania
“we’ve been together in my shell” Lovane replied from behind
“am just scared, I don’t want any more mistakes” Neptune stated and swam out
“Thanks” Océane said to Lovane
“don’t stay out long again”
“come, I have something to tell you” Océane giggled and dragged Lovane to her shell
“what is it?” Lovane asked when they were alone
“I met a human and he talked to me”
“wow! did you talk?”
“no I couldn’t, water kept coming out from my mouth” Océane replied sadly
“so bad, is he handsome?”
“as Warren?”
“Than Warren” Océane replied and Lovane frowned.
Warren was Nathan’s son and he was there best friend. Lovane was very fond of him.
“I’d love to visit the shore” Lovane said
“you can’t, you don’t swim fast”
“How come you’re the fastest mermaid in the whole of Oceania, even the mermen don’t swim as fast as you do”
“I don’t know” Océane shrugged
“Océane!” Coral called and swam to them “you’re getting more beautiful”
“Thanks” Océane replied shyly
“Why don’t you take off your necklace” Coral suggested touching the mystic necklace.
Coral has always wanted to steal the necklace from Océane but no one can take it off except the person who wears it. As long as Océane wears the necklace, she’s the only one who can take it off and Neptune never bothered taking it from her because she’s his heir.
“Uncle Nathan and grandfather said never to take it off” Océane replied innocently
“now, aunt Coral says nothing is wrong in taking it off, try it”
“Océane!” Nathan called swimming towards them
“what’s it Nathan?” Coral snarled
“Neptune wants to speak to Océane”
“I’ll be back aunt Coral” Océane said and swam out
“you can never rule Coral”
“Quiet Nathan!” Coral hurled
“as long as I live, Océane is Neptune’s heir”
“I don’t care about that” Coral seethed and swam out
Nathan glanced at Lovane then proceeded to swim out.
“where’s Warren?” Lovane prompted
“in his shell” he replied without looking at her and swam out. Lovane swam to Warren’s shell and he was busy making a shell necklace.
“it’s beautiful, can I have it?” she asked admiring the necklace
“no, it’s for Océane
Lovane frowned “you always make necklaces for Océane, what about me?”
“I’ll make for you”
“I want this one”
“the shells are special”
Lovane’s countenance changed “okay”
The next day, Océane swam up to shore and saw the same boy from the previous day at the same spot. She swam to him and brought out her upper body, hiding her tail.
Kyle had his headphones on with his eyes shut and she just stared at him with her hand supporting her head.
“you’re weird” he said and fluttered his eyes open then she jerked back in a start
“what are you always doing in the water?”
she took her lips into her mouth
“don’t you talk?”
she shook her head
“am Kyle” he introduced and she nodded “you don’t have a name?”
she nodded
he rolled his eyes “what do I call you….” he thought for a while then said “I’ll call you Señorita, is that okay?”
she nodded
He took off his headphones and put it in his bag “come sit here”
she shook her head
“I don’t bite okay”
she looked at her tail and shook her head again
“fine, stay in there but don’t catch a cold”
she nodded and tried talking but water came out and she shut back her mouth.
“does that always happen when you talk?” he asked and she nodded
“that means you’re dumb my Señorita”
she shook her head in disagreement
“Then talk”
She inhaled deeply and went under water.
“Hey! I hate water so come out now. Don’t let me come after you” Kyle yelled but she swam back to Oceania. She was scared that someone would see her or Kyle would find out she was a mermaid.
“Warren!” she called and swam into his shell. He was playing the game of shell-crack-shell with Lovane
“Océane! where have you been?” he asked
“Around” she replied asked “where’s your father?”
“in his shell. Is anything wrong?” he replied and asked
she shook her head “no” then proceeded to swim out
“Hi Lovane!” she waved and swam to Nathans shell.
She was curious to know why she couldn’t talk on land?
“Uncle Nathan!”
“what’s it Océane?”
“have you ever been to land?”
Nathan yanked her forward a d covered her mouth with his palm.
“It’s and abomination to go to land, humans will kill us. Have you been visiting the shore?”
she shook her head “no”
“why do you ask?”
“I was curious to know what humans looked like” she lied
“they look like monsters and are really dangerous”
“but Kyle doesn’t look like a monster” she murmured to herself
“what were you saying?”
“nothing uncle Nathan” she replied and proceeded to swim out “thank you uncle Nathan”
She swam out but remembered she didn’t ask him her main question then she swam back.
“can we talk on land?”
“you’ve been visiting the shore right?”
“no” she lied “just curious nothing more”
“don’t make the same mistake please”
“what mistake?”
“N-thing, just don’t ever stay far from Warren and Lovane”
“yes uncle” and she swam out
Océane couldn’t stop thinking about her human friend and why she couldn’t talk on land. She kept talking to herself and smiling to nothing as she swam around.
“Océane!” Coral called and swam to her
“Aunt Coral”
“you look cheerful, what’s the secret?”
Océane smiled “am just happy”
“ever thought of what you’d look like without this necklace?”
“Coral!” Neptune bellowed
“what’s it Neptune?”
“I hope you aren’t trying to take off her necklace?”
“I wouldn’t think of doing that”
“Good!” Neptune said and swam away
“Wimp!” Coral scowled and swam out.
“… and everything came tumbling down” Kyle concluded the story he was telling Océane “did you enjoy it?”
she nodded
“don’t you get shy moving about without clothes?”
She stared at him in confusion. She didn’t understand what he said and she couldn’t talk.
“having a dumb friend isn’t easy” Kyle sighed running his fingers through his hair.
Océane smiled and swam close to him then took his hand in hers. She has been looking for an opportunity to touch a human.
He touched a gold strand of hair on her head “is this natural?”
she nodded
“it’s beautiful and I love it”
she smiled and touched the strand of hair. Everyone in Oceania loved it and admired it a lot. It made her special.
“what are you?” Kyle asked peering into her eyes
“Kyle! It’s time to go” a little girl giggled from a distance
“I hate it when they come here with me” he muttered under his breath and faced Océane “I’ll come here tomorrow, please come out from wherever you are”
she chuckled
“I’ve been telling my friends about you and…”
“Kyle!” four little girls of the same age shouted “who are you talking to?”
Océane got scared and dived into the water.
“Señorita!” Kyle called “Señorita!” but she was gone.
He got up and plodded sadly to his mum and siblings.
Océane swam to her shell and stayed in there. Too scared to come out.
What if they saw me?
She thought
Coral swam past her shell and went to a stone and sat. She was talking to herself and Océane overhead her saying “… I wish she would make the same mistake as her father cause I have a feeling she’s visiting shore”
“Mistake?” Océane wondered
She remembered Nathan talking about a mistake and she decided to ask her grandfather. No one ever mentioned a thing about her parents no matter how she asked.
“Grandfather!” she called and sat on a shell beside Neptune’s shell throne
“Océane my child”
“grandfather can I ask you a question?”
“Go on”
“who are my parents?”
Neptune’s countenance changed “what makes you ask?”
“am old enough to know who my parents are grandfather”
Neptune took in a deep breath “your father was my son and your mother… ” he paused then added “was a human”
Océane gasped “human?”
“I don’t want to talk about it, it breaks my heart when I remember Leo” Neptune said with a note of finality
“alright grandfather but I wish to know someday”
“I’ll tell you everything when the right time comes but don’t believe anything anyone else tells you”
“yes grandfather”
The next day, she swam up to shore to meet Kyle, he was pacing about restlessly. He looked pale and sad and his hair was scattered with his shirt unbuttoned.
“Thank goodness you came my Señorita” he said on seeing Océane “I’ve got bad news” he added and Océane swam nearer
“my parents wants us to travel back to Mexico and I won’t be seeing you again my Señorita”
Her countenance changed and he took her hands.
“This is the saddest news ever, I’ve tried talking them out of it but they wouldn’t listen”
Océane tried talking but only water came out of her mouth, she got depressed.
“I’ll really miss you my Señorita and I’ll never see you again”
she sniffles and to her surprise, tears came rolling down her cheeks. She never k we mermaids could cry.
“don’t cry my Señorita I’ll come here when I get the opportunity, I just hope I see you” he wiped her tears “give me something I can use to remember you” he said then touched her necklace “I want this”
she slowly took it off and gave to him then he wore it.
“I’ll never take it off” he removed his bracelet and wore it around her wrist don’t take it off”
she nodded
“I’ll always be your Kyle right?”
she nodded
“and you’ll always be my Señorita”
she smiled through her tears then the necklace on Kyle’s neck started blinking. She made to dive into the water but Kyle grabbed her hand.
“don’t go yet”
she looked at the necklace and it was blinking repeatedly. she yanked off his hand and dived into the water.
“my Señorita” Kyle slumped to the ground and sobbed silently
Océane got to Oceania and everyone was looking sad. She sighed Warren and swam to him.
“what happened?”
“your grandfather is dead”
“Lovane!” Océane sobbed and hugged Lovane
“it’s going to be alright. He lived for 363 years” Lovane pacified
“where’s she? where’s that abomination of a girl?” Coral snarled swimming towards them “Océane!”
“Aunt Coral”
“where is the necklace? where is it?”
“I… don’t… I don’t… have it” Océane stuttered
“what do you mean by you don’t have it?” Coral asked then looked at Océane’s neck and the necklace was really gone
“where is the necklace?”
“I lost it”
“Silas!” Coral called and a merman guard swam out “seize her”
“No!” Océane tried swimming out but he caught her
“let her go mother” Lovane interfered
“Quiet Lovane” Coral hurled and turned to Océane “now, where is the necklace?”
“I lost it” Océane replied and Coral slapped her
“Coral! what are you doing?” Nathan swam in
“this is none of your business Nathan”
“Océane is my responsibility so it’s my business
“Am a queen, your queen so don’t you dare talk back at me”
Nathan scoffed and turned to Silas “release her”
Coral shouted then brought out a dagger and stabbed Nathan in his neck.
“Mother!” Lovane cried out
“Uncle Nathan!”
“Father!” Warren caught his dying father
“How could you mother?”
“quiet Lovane! this is for our good” Coral said then turned to Océane who was already on tears
“show me the necklace”
“we’ll see to that” Coral smirked “throw her into the dungeon”
“No! don’t do this! Lovane!” Océane cried out as she was dragged to be thrown into the dungeon
“Mother let her go”
“Don’t you want to be a ruler?” Coral asked evily then turned to Warren who was swimming out with Nathan’s body
“Throw that rebellious fool far from my kingdom” then she swam to Neptune’s body and took his crown
“Coral!” Anais bellowed
“call me Queen Coral” and she wore the crown.


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