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Oceane episode 18

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Nelson chuckled. He wasn’t really going to teach Océane cause Yasmine was against it. He loved her even if he hadn’t told her and he knew she loved him too. He wouldn’t do anything to get her angry, he just wanted to pull her legs cause she didn’t want to admit she loved hi,m to her friends.
“Kyle?!” Océane ran to him “you’re awake”
Kyle nodded
“How long have you been awake?” Nelson asked
“just now” Kyle replied and Nelson laughed cause he knew Kyle was lying
“we’ll leave you two”
“am happy you’re okay” Yasmine said and walked out
“I’ve got some begging to do” Nelson said and ran after Yasmine
“I’ve been worried sick” Océane said
“am sorry to have kept you worrying”
“am happy you’re awake”
Kyle smiled and they gazed into each other’s eyes wordlessly
“What really happened?” Kyle asked breaking the silence
“Lovane pushed me into the sea”
“Why would she do that?”
Océane inhaled deeply. She wasn’t going to tell him the truth “I don’t know”
“Where are we now?” Kyle asked
“Jaina Island”
“What? Did we swim all the way here?”
“No, we were washed ashore”
“How long have I been sleeping?”
“For hours. You were almost drowned”
“What about you?”
Océane chuckled. Mermaid don’t drown “I woke up some hours ago”
“That means you’re stronger than me” Kyle joked
“I guess so”
“How are we going to get back home? The Island is surrounded by water”
“Letricia said we have to wait till the next ship comes”
“Who’s Letricia?”
“The woman who took us in”
Kyle ruffled his hair. Who was going to take care of his business? Ninon wouldn’t concentrate once she hears he went missing with a woman. And if he had died she still wouldn’t concentrate cause he died with a woman.
“Océane?!” the door creaked open and Letricia walked in “I heard you’re awake” she said to Kyle “you must be really tired, dinner is served”
“We’ll be out soon” Kyle replied
“If you don’t know the way to the dining, the man at the door will show you the way”
“Thank you”
“you’re welcome” Letricia replied and walked out
“They’re good people” Kyle said when letricia was gone
“And they’re really friendly” Océane added then asked “are you hungry?”
“A bit but I don’t want to eat yet. Am not used to eating out so it’ll take me time to adapt to it”
“do you want me to cook for you?”
“I’d appreciate that if you do”
“Their foods are strange” Océane replied to his disappointment “It’s not like what we cook”
“Then how am I going to eat it?”
“You’ll have to learn case we’ll be eating here till the ship arrives”
Kyle looked around “There are a lot of things to get used to”
The room was small and the only bed was the narrow futon and the chairs were stools
“Letricia and her husband are poor farmers” Océane said like she read his thought
“Are you going to be sleeping here too?”
“There’s no alternative” Océane shrugged
“Wow!” Kyle simply mouthed. He wasn’t sure he could survive in such condition “and there’s nothing to wear”
“Yasmine gave me few of her clothes and Nelson also brought some of his for you”
Then it dawned on Kyle that the gown Océane was wearing wasn’t the same clothes she was wearing at the beach before th incident.
“You might not like Nelson’ clothes cause they’re old and worn but that’s all they can afford”
“I appreciate it” Kyle said “The shelter, food, clothes, no matter how old and worn they might be, I still appreciate them”
“you should bathe now, the bathroom is outside”
“Not actually outside but the entire family shares one bathroom so it’s in the corridor”
“how am I going to survive this?”
“Guess you’ve never lived a rustic life before”
Kyle shook his head “no, what about you?”
“I don’t know” Océane replied.
Staying in the dungeon for ten years wasn’t really rustic. It wasn’t a simple life but a difficult one that she wouldn’t forget in a life time.
“Océane?!” Yasmine opened the door “the food is getting cold”
“Let’s go” Océane beckoned on Kyle who was reluctant
“sorry if I interrupted anything” Yasmine chuckled and left
“it’s not going to be bad” Océane said persuasively “unless you want to starve yourself till the ship arrives”
Kyle reluctantly got up and the walked out of the room. The corridor was short and narrow and there was a man standing by their door just as Letricia had said.
“Am Harry” the man introduced himself
“Océane” Océane also introduced
“Kyle” Kyle followed
“Letricia instructed me to show you to dining” Harry said and led the match “follow me”
“What really happen?” Coral hurled when Lovane told her about the incident and Océane and Kyle going missing. They were communicating through the shellophone.
“Their bodies haven’t be found yet but am certain that they were drowned”
“Don’t be silly Lovane! Fishes can’t drown”
“What about the human? Océane’s tide must’ve killed him. It was too heavy mother”
“Kept waiting for the news but don’t let anyone suspect you again”
“I won’t mother but I want Kyle to be fine”
“I don’t care about him, all I want is the necklace”
“Kyle’s safety determines the safety of the necklace”
“All the same, you have to be careful. Océane isn’t out of the picture yet, she’s a powerful mermaid so you have to watch out”
“I will mother”
“You should search in the sea for him”
“I would’ve but the sea has been banned from entering”
“Then we have to wait and hope he’s fine”
“How’s Oceania?”
“They are all at my feet” Coral smirked
“I’ll visit soon”
“Don’t come till you get the necklace”
“What if Kyle is dead, can I still get the necklace?”
“you can’t take it off unless he does”
“Reason why he can’t die”
“Exactly Lovane! You’re really smart, now get the necklace for momma”
“you can count on me mother”
“That’s my girl”
The shellophone closed
“Lovane?!” Adele walked in. Lovane had taken Océane’s place in the room as a maid just as Maeva had said.
“You have to do the dishes”
“am not a maid” lovane snapped
“Get out already, am not a maid”
Adele shook her head and walked out, She was really missing océane. Maëlle, Maëlys, and Maryse walked in immediately Adele left.
“I can’t believe they kept you in the maid’s room, it’s so smelling” Maëlle said in disgust
“It’s all Maeva’s fault” Maryse snarled
“You don’t have to worry am okay” Lovane said pretentiously
“we knew you won’t complain, you’re so humble” Maëlys said
“Melvin is here to take you out, he said he wants to help you relax and stop worrying at Kyle cause Kyle will be fine” Maryse stated
“And we’re here to fix you” Maëlle added
“Fix me?”
“Starting from your hair” Maëlys removed Lovane’s hair band letting her long hair flow down her shoulders “your hair is as long as Océane’s though Océane’s is longer”
Lovane frowned jealousy, Why most Océane be better than her in everything?
She thought
“The gold spray has been washed out” Maëlle noticed
“I didn’t realize” Lovane said then looked in the mirror and the sprayed gold stands we’re really gone “It’s a good thing Kyle didn’t notice it else he would’ve known am an imposter” She added inaudible but Maeva who was wheeling herself in to remind her that Melvin was still waiting heard her.
Maeva paused and wheeled herself out unnoticed.
“I’ve always known that Lovane was an imposter” she said to herself “so her gold trans were sprayed and my sisters were behind it”
she smiled “Wait till Kyle get’s back”
Few minutes later, Lovane walked out all dressed up and her fake gold strands sprayed again.
“You’re looking beautiful” Melvin complimented
“Thanks. You aren’t looking bad either”
“Rodriguez and Lise aren’t in so we have to be back before they return” Melvin said “let’s go”
Maeva glared at them as they asked out. Kyle was missing and they still had the conscience to go out together.
Melvin couldn’t stop smiling as the drove to his house. He didn’t want to take Lovane elsewhere for fear that someone would recognize. His conscience was pricking him cause he was going out with Lovane while Kyle and Océane were still missing but he saw it as his only opportunity of being with Lovane. Melvin glanced at Lovane who was lost in her won thoughts. She didn’t even seem to be worried about the situation and he wondered why,
They arrived at Melvin’s house and the car cruised to a stop in the garage.
“Where did you bring me?” Lovane asked
“My house” Melvin stuttered for fear that she would freak out but she didn’t. He got down and held the door open for her. Lovane also got down and they headed to the mansion. Ninon was standing at the front door with her back to them.
“what’s she doing here?” Melvin asked himself as he thought of a fast action to take. He didn’t want Ninon to see him with Lovane cause else she was going to kick up a fuss.
“Let’s go elsewhere” he whispered to Lovane then took her hand and turned to leave.
“Don’t tell me you’re running” Ninon chuckled and Melvin froze “Who’s she?” Ninon whirled around but Melvin and Lovane didn’t turn to look at her
“What are you doing here?” Melvin asked without turning
Ninon huffed “That doesn’t answer my question. Who is she?”
“I owe you no explanations”
“Is she your new whore?”
“Ninon?!” Melvin whirled around just as Ninon wanted “leave my house this minutes”
“You can’t yell at me because of another woman and am going nowhere”
“What are you doing here?”
“You can’t dump me because of her”
“I have nothing with you Ninon. You love Kyle not me remember?”
“you knew that before you slept with me”
“You couldn’t resist. I didn’t force myself on you and having sex with you isn’t a guarantee that we’re dating”
“I hope you told her that too” Ninon pointed at Lovane as she advanced towards them
“Ninon I think you should leave now”
“I don’t think so” Ninon tilted Lovane’s head up to see her clearly
“I know you somewhere”
“Leave already Ninon”
“Did you pick her from a brothel?”
“That’s enough Ninon!”
Ninon chuckled in pain and tears prickled in her eyes “I knew you had no change”
“It’s a good thing you realized that”
Ninon looked at Lovane trying to figure out where they’ve met. “You’re the girl from Kyle’s office”
“Ninon not now….”
“She’s the one right?” Ninon interrupted Melvin
“You’re the bastard from Kyle’s office” she faced Lovane
“I think I’ve had enough. Who the fuck are you?” Lovane retorted
“You stupid, little bitch!” Ninon charged for Lovane and dragged her by the hair
“Ninon stop this madness” Melvin tried interfering
“Kyle is missing and you’re bringing her to your house” Ninon snapped and dragged Lovane forward “am going to teach you a little lesson”
“Ninon?!” Melvin pulled Lovane away “What is wrong with you?”
“Wait till I tell Kyle what you were up to when he was missing” Ninon threatened and stormed off to her car
“Who is she?” Lovane asked Melvin
“Kyle’s secretary but you don’t have to worry about her”
Lovane glared at Ninon as she drove out “I think she’s asking for my trouble”
“Forget about Ninon” Melvin stated and took Ninon’s hand then they entered the mansion
“What do I offer you?” Melvin asked when they were sitting in the living room
“Nothing” Lovane replied still furious about the incident
“Lovane I’ve told you to forget about Ninon” Melvin said and cupped Lovane’s cheeks in his palms
“But she…”
“Just forget about her” Melvin cut in peering into Lovane’s eyes “Are you seeing Kyle?” he asked and she shook her head in a ‘no’
“Good” he said and kissed her
Lovane smiled into the kiss as she kissed back. His cologne swept her off her feet as she fondled on his ears. Melvin pinned her down on the sofa with him on her. Her heart was racing and she was breathing deliberately. Melvin moved his hand to her neck as they kissed and she almost shuddered when she felt his hand on her skin. He slid the second hand into her blouse, cupping her breast in his palm.
“Wanna go up to my room?” Melvin asked
“Please do” Lovane moaned into the kiss then he wrapped her legs around his torso and made his way up the stairs.


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