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Oceane episode 17

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Kyle ran towards the sea but couldn’t jump in cause a heavy tide came in where Océane fell. Lovane was beyond shocked. She has heard of powerful mermaids who causes heavy tides but she never knew that Océane was as powerful as that. Lovane ran to stop Kyle from diving into the water, such tides swept humans to their death.
Océane saw Kyle’s every move through her squinted eyes as he drove in before Lovane could stop him. Océane tried swimming away with the drinks cause it would drown Kyle but he was swimming fast towards her. Océane had turned to a mermaid but no one could see her because of the tide
At first, Lovane was disappointed cause her plans had failed because of the tide. No one could see Océane through the tide But then, fishermen’s lines were hanging off the pier into the water in hopes of catching dinner. Lovane smirked, Océane would definitely get trapped.
The tide kept preventing Kyle from getting to Océane and next, he was drowning in the tide.
“What’s happening?” A life guard asked Maeva who was crying and shouting
“They’re drowning”
The life guard blew her whistle for back up and other life guards ran out. The divers dove into the water while others sailed OK a life boat.
Océane saw them approaching here but they couldn’t get close because of the tide. Kyle was drowning and she needed this leave before they find our she was a mermaid but she couldn’t leave Kyle to drown. Océane swam to Kyle just before the life guards got to him. He had already passed out so she held me and swam fast under water with her mouth on his to help him breath, preventing the tide from carrying him.
Swimming as fast as she could, Océane had no idea that the fishermen’s line was ahead. Suddenly, she couldn’t move again.
Océane struggled to swim by her tail was trapped, she glanced at her tail and it was caught in the fishermen’s lines.
“We’ve caught a big fish” one of the fishermen should really “Pull!”
Océane left Kyle’s hand and turned, causing a heavier tide and the fishermen’s boat started sinking.
“Am sorry” she said with pity for the fishermen who were going to die then turned again and the line snapped, freeing her tail. The tide was heavier and when she looked for Kyle, she couldn’t find him again.
“Kyle?!” she shouted as she watched the heavy tide sweep Kyle away. She tried swimming after him but the tide carried her to another direction and she lost control of it.
“Where’s my son?” Lise asked when they divers came out of the water without Kyle nor Océane.
“we haven’t found them but we can’t lose hope” one of the divers replied
“what was Kyle doing in the water?” Lise askee
“He tried saving a girl who fell into the sea”
“Océane didn’t just fall, Lovane pushed her” Maeva hurled
“I didn’t push her” Lovane denied
“you pushed her”
“I was only trying to stop her from jumping” Lovane lied
“why would Kyle even try to save her?” Lise asked rhetorically
“we just hope to find them whether dead or alive” another diver said
“I want my son alive not dead”
“The tide was heavy ma’am, no one could’ve survived that”
“Océane?! Kyle?!” Maeva sobbed “I pray nothing happens to you”
“Who are you?” Lise asked Lovane sternly
“she’s Kyle’s maid” Maeva replied instead
“why did Kyle get a maid without informing me?”
“He got her when he took me so she can take care of me” Maeva lied
“you were the only one with Océane when she fell into the sea so what happened?” Lise wanted to know
“she just jumped without thinking despite how I pleaded with her not to” Lovane lied
“why would Océane jump into the sea?” Maeva asked in doubts
“I don’t know but I didn’t push her”
“Kyle could’ve waited for the life guards to rescue her instead of jumping into the tide” Lise said
Adele was present but she was speechless. She feared something would happen to Kyle and Océane, she had doubts s that they survived the tide.
By the time Océane woke up, she saw seaweed piled in heaps in various spots on the beach. There were no children and broken shells liner the water line which was filled with debris. Océane sat up and to her surprise, she was still a mermaid. She looked around and there was no one around, just her.
“where’s Kyle?” she proceeded to get up and her tail changed to legs. Lucky enough, she still had her clothes on. The island wasn’t too big so she could view around. There was no sign of Kyle. No houses, just trees and probably her.
Where could Kyle be?
Unless the tide washed him somewhere else or he drowned in the sea
Océane searched around shouting ‘Kyle?!” as she ran but couldn’t find him. The sea was very big. Where could she find him if she decides to go under water?
She had to take the risk to find Kyle. She proceeded to dive into the sea when she heard footsteps and voices.
Five persons walked out
“another foreigner” one of the said
“did you see Kyle?”
“Am Leticia, welcome to Jaina Island” a woman among them introduced.
“Tea” Letricia proffered Océane a cup and saucer
“Thank you” Océane took a dainty sip then placed the cup and saucer on the table
“Where do you come from?” Letricia asked but Océane said nothing.
What was she going to say
“it’s alright if you don’t want to tell me where you come you come from but were you involved in a ship wreck?”
“we were at the beach then a heavy tide came in and washed us away”
Letricia smiled “maybe a mighty mermaid was turning around in the water. We’ve heard tales of mighty meeting aids who brought in heavy tides when they turn and most of their victims were washed to Jaina Island” Letricia paused then continued “we found a man near the sea and we suspected he must’ve been involved in a ship wreck so we brought him here”
“we don’t know who he is. He’s still unconscious, he was almost drowned”
“can I see him?”
“sure” Letricia led Océane into a small room where Kyle was lying unconsciously on a futon.
“Oh! Kyle!” Océane wept and knelt beside him.
“he isn’t even moving, he’ve been like this since we brought him here”
“is he still alive?” Océane wanted to know
“his pulse is slow” Letricia replied “I’ll leave you two” then she walked out
Océane took Kyle’s palm in hers and planted a light kiss on the back of his hand.
“I can’t believe I did this to you” she sobbed.
His breathing had ceased but his heart was still beating at a very low rate.
“I can’t believe I almost drowned you in my own tide” she sobbed
“He’s going to be fine” a voice said from behind and Océane whirled around to see a girl of her age standing at the door “am Yasmine” she said and walked in fully “you must be Océane, Letricia told me about you”
Océane sobbed more not wanting to hear anything Yasmine had to say.
Yasmine touched Kyle’s cheek and said “he’s a fighter, he’ve refused to give up since he was brought in. Other men could’ve given up”
“How are we going to revive him?” Océane asked
“we’ve tried resuscitating him but it isn’t working”
“is he going to die?”
“I don’t think so” Yasmine replied
“I just want him to be alright” Océane said and kissed the back of Kyle’s palm
“you have to take a bathe, eat and rest. Kyle’s gonna be fine”
“I don’t need any of those”
“Oh! you do, so Kyle would be pleased on seeing you when he wakes up” Yasmine said with a teasing wink
“am not hungry”
Yasmine sighed “but you need to bathe and change your dirty clothes”
“I don’t want to leave Kyle”
“he won’t wake up till you take a bathe”
“where’s the bathroom?”
Yasmine chuckled “this way”
Rodriguez was getting impatient as the search for Kyle wasn’t yielding any results. The cops and life guards were present and so was Melvin who was helping earnestly in the search.
“you can’t stop till you find my son” Rodriguez told the cops when they were about leaving
“we’re on it. Our divers are still searching”
“what about Lovane?” Maeva prompted, she didn’t want Lovane to go scot free
“She didn’t push the girl into the sea” one of the officers said
“But I saw her”
“The terrorists who were taking pictures caught sights of the two girls hugging, Lovane couldn’t have pushed her after then. You probably misinterpreted what you saw”
Maeva rolled her eyes “whatever! you guys thinks am little” she wheeled herself out in annoyance
“I think you should listen to Maeva” Rodriguez said
“we’ve investigated on that and the evidences proved that Lovane is innocent. Océane couldn’t have followed her up the hill if they weren’t in good terms and I don’t see why Lovane would push her. From a video tape that caught a film of the scene, Océane was the one who walked to the end tmof the hill before Lovane tried stopping her, and during the course of their argument, she jumped into the sea” the officer narrated
“whatever happened, all I want is my son” Rodriguez said
“it’s been 8 hours already, he’s probably drowned in the bottom of the sea. Let’s just prayed find their bodies”
“I don’t want the corpse of my son. He might’ve probably been washed ashore. Find him alive”
The officers nodded though they didn’t see the possibility that someone would survive under for eight hours. They entered their car and drove off to South Beach.
“Things are working for good” Lovane squealed. She had heard the police report and she was alone on the deck.
“I just wish Kyle hadn’t gone after her, he can’t survive her tide. How do I get the necklace now?” she muttered and sat under a sunshade to a glass of lemonade.
“how do I find Kyle before he dies so I can take the necklace?” she took a dainty sip from her lemonade “how about I dive into the sea and search for him myself?” she thought for a while then discarded the idea
“if Océane’s tide comes in again, I won’t survive it”
“Hi Melvin!” she looked up to see who called and it was Melvin
“you’re the guy from Kyle’s office?”
he nodded “yes”
“how’s the search going?” she dropped the glass on the table and pretended to be sad
“nothing yet” Melvin replied and sat on the chair across her “but the police and life guards are trying their best”
“and they think I pushed Océane” she sobbed pretentiously
“no one thinks you pushed her” Melvin pacified “they think you’re a hero for trying to save her”
Lovane smiled “thank you”
“Kyle and Lovane came will be fine, I know it”
“I just hope so” Lovane said and added to herself “only Kyle”
“I’ve been meaning to speak with you after I saw you at Kyle’s office but Kyle won’t let me” Melvin said
“what ever about?”
Melvin chuckled “this isn’t the right time and the right place to talk about it, I’ll give you a call tomorrow”
“I don’t have a phone”
“I’ll get you one when I come around tomorrow”
“that would do”
“have a nice day” Melvin stood up to his feet
“you too”
Melvin proceeded to leave then prompted “won’t you see me off to my car?”
“my bad” Lovane chuckled and also stood to her feet. They had a little chitchat as they walked to Melvin’s car.
“I guess this is it” Melvin shrugged with his hands in his pants pockets when they got to his car “see you tomorrow”
“you too”
Melvin smiled in satisfactory and entered his car. Turning on the engine, he waved at Lovane for the last time and zoomed off.
“That was cute” Lovane flapped her lashes
“He still isn’t waking” Océane said worriedly. She had done everything she was asked to do with hopes that he would wake but he still wasn’t waking.
She was sitting on a stool beside Kyle with Yasmine and another guy, Nelson.
“I think we should try an artificial respiration” Nelson suggested
“artificial respiration?” Océane thought
“a mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation” Yasmine explained
“I still don’t understand” Océane said
“you breathe in air into his mouth or nose so he can breath” Yasmine explained further
Kyle could hear voices in his head but the only voice he recognized was Océane’s. He tried opening his eyes when he heard Yasmine talking about an artificial respiration, he shut back his eyes and listened.
“who’s going to give him the respiration?” Nelson asked
“Océane should do it” Yasmine replied
Kyle didn’t open his eyes again. If Océane was going to give him a month-to-mouth-resuscitation, why would he wake up yet?
“I can’t do it” Océane blurted out and Kyle was disappointed
“Why? it’s quite simple, I’ll teach you” Nelson volunteered
“No way!” Yasmine snapped “you can’t teach her”
“then who’s going to give him the artificial respiration?” Nelson asked
“I’ll do it” Yasmine replied
“and why would you do that?” Nelson seethed
“cause Océane can’t and it’s our duty to save lives” Yasmine replied
“I know but Océane has to be the one to do it” Nelson insisted “what if something like this happens again and we aren’t there, who’s going to revive him?”
“There’s no time to start teaching her, I’ll revive him now then later you can teach her. We’re trying to save him”
Kyle was getting fed up with their arguments already.
Océane should just do it.
He thought then realized that the argument was because Océane couldn’t give a mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation and another guy had to teach her. He didn’t buy the idea of Nelson teaching Océane.
“Letricia?!” Yasmine shouted
“you know she’s going to side with me, there’s nothing wrong in teaching Océane. It’s not what you’re thinking”
Yasmine gave up “go on” but she wasn’t going to see it
“how about you teach her” Nelson prompted when Yasmine got to the door. He didn’t want to get into a fight with Yasmine because of a girl he barely knew.
“I can’t teach, why don’t you give Kyle the respiration?”
“we have to teach her in case of next time” Nelson stated
Kyle opener one of his eyes and watched them from the side.
“what’s he doing?” he wondered as Nelson laid Océane on the floor supine.
Nelson took all the steps slowly and when he was about to apply his mouth on Océane’s mouth, Yasmine shut her eyes and Kyle fluttered his eyes open.
“am awake” he sat up


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