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Oceane episode 15

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
Océane smiled but said nothing. She wasn’t going to force him to remember, he had to find out himself.
“Lovane is acting strange” Kyle said when Océane wasn’t saying anything
Kyle shook his head “Never mind”
“Océane?! Kyle?!” Lovane who had been eavesdropping on them walked in “I’ve been acting very selfish lately and am really sorry”
Océane scoffed, she knew Lovane was pretending to get on Kyle’s good side.
“Océane?!” Lovane called with a fake smile “do you forgive me?”
Océane looked at the necklace on Kyle’s neck and it blinked.
“I have nothing against you”
“really? thank you” Lovane huffed her “I have to apologize to Maeva now”
“you’re forgiven” Maeva wheeled herself in “as long as Océane forgives you” she flashed Océane a smile
“just what I wanted” Kyle said
“my seven days ends tomorrow” Maeva began “so I was thinking we all go on a picnic tomorrow”
“what’s a picnic?” Océane asked
“you’re going to find out” Maeva replied gleefully “and after the picnic, EVERYONE has to return to where they come from so Kyle could have his private life”
Lovane frowned at the statement
“it’s okay Maeva, am not complaining” Kyle said
“I don’t expect you to complain hermano mayor, I feel your pain”
“Maeva?!” Kyle chuckled
“Océane would be leaving soon, let’s spend some time together— like a get together” Maeva suggested “like story telling”
“am not good at story telling” Kyle said
“c’mon hermano mayor, you promised me remember?”
“Lovane should tell the story, she knows it” Kyle said and shifted his gaze to Lovane
“what story?” Lovane stuttered
“The story kyke told you when you were young” Maeva replied
“I… I… don’t remember”
Océane arched her brows “how could anyone forget the story of the sleeping princess who fell into a net trap while hiding and sleeping on a tree”
“how did you know that story?* Kyle asked
He was the only one who knew it and of course, his Señorita.
“someone who knows it told me” Océane replied. Kyle was speechless, there was something Océane was hiding and it had something to do with why she looked so familiar.
“I wish I had another brother” Maeva said dreamily
“Why? Am I not enough?” Kyle asked jealously
“you aren’t close to enough” Maeva replied and Kyle frowned ” I need another brother who would marry Océane, she’s too beautiful to be true”
Kyle dropped his jaws. What was this nine year old up to? Making an indirect love match?
“you’re becoming too loquacious Maeva” Kyle said studying Océane, everything Maeva said about her was true.
Too beautiful to be true.
Lovane cleared her throat to sort Kyle’s attention, she was getting jealous at the way he was staring at Océane.
“I think I should be going now” Océane announced
“you could always spend the night here” Maeva said
Océane smiled “I can’t”
“I’ll drive you home” Kyle volunteered
“Martins should do that, it’s his job anyway” Lovane protested
“Martins already left. An emergency came up so he had to leave”
“Loser” Océane mouthed to Lovane as she walked out with Kyle
“Bye Océane” Maeva waved
“Bye Maeva”
“Bye hermano mayor, take your time”
Kyle hummed trying to concentrate on the steering but he couldn’t as he kept stealing glances at Océane. He turned on the music but instead of distracting him, the music kept his eyes on the rear view mirror as he drove.
“where are we going?” Océane asked and looked at him for the first time since the drive
“but you just drove past the mansion” Océane said and he realized he had driven past The Hernández mansion while staring at Océane.
“want some?” Kyle asked Océane cause her eyes were on an ice cream stand that was in front.
“what’s that?”
“ice cream”
“I want to try it”
Kyle parked his car along the road then they got down.
“Kyle!” Mr Naths called then Kyle stopped to see who called him
“I’ll be back….” Kyle was still talking but Océane was far down the ice cream stand. Kyle smiled for no reason then turned to speak with Mr Naths.
Océane got to the ice cream stand and people were buying ice cream.
“Thank you!” they said giving the ice cream man some notes as they took their ice creams. Océane watched them dip their hands into their pockets and bags and brought out money. She searched her own pockets but there was no money and she really needed the ice cream.
Océane saw a note hanging out on the bag of the person standing beside her then she snatched it without anyone seeing her.
“I want some” she told the ice cream man when it got to her turn
“what flavor?”
“everything you have” Océane licked her lips as he mixed different ice cream flavors in an ice cream cone
“here” he proffered her with the ice cream
“thank you” she said collecting it then gave him the note
“this is a lot of money” the ice cream man said but seeing Océane walk away without waiting for her change, he shoved the money into his bag. “am done for the day” he added pushing his stand out
“my lucky day” he whistled
Océane found a nice spot and sat on a bench. She used her finger tips scoop some ice cream into her mouth.
“sweet!” her eyes shone in amusement. She took a bite and spat it out immediately “too cold”
Océane looked at the ice cream she spat out on the ground and trued picking it by a leg stepped on it
“ice cream” she drawled and looked up, it was Melvin.
“Hi Océane” the greeted with a grin
Océane eyes him and looked down at his feet “my ice cream*
“don’t worry, I’ll get you more” Melvin said and sat beside her “you shouldn’t be out here alone”
“am not alone”
“who did you come with?”
Océane pointed at Kyle who was arguing with Mr Naths at a distance.
“Mehn!” Melvin muttered under his breath “an going to steal you” he dragged Océane up to her feet
“where are we going?” Océane asked as he dragged her out by her hand
“you’ll see”
“… set a board meeting for only H. Group, we’ll discuss it there” Kyle said impatiently. He couldn’t find Océane where he had seen her sitting few seconds ago and he was getting worried.
“I already thought of that and….”
“some other time Mr Naths” Kyle cut in
“if it’s about the girl, I saw her leaving some minutes ago with Melvin
“why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t find it necessary cause he’s your friend”
“Shit! Melvin is a jerk” Kyle ran out in search of Océane and Melvin.
“am going to kill that bastard when I lay my hands on him” Kyle cussed as he tried calling Melvin on the phone “he’s not answering” he said after few rings
“I can’t believe Melvin just drove out with that girl” a girl sobbed at a corner as her friend tried pacifying her “I’ve always been in love with him”
“I told you he is a flirt but you went ahead to sleep with him” the second girl said
“he told me he wanted to change”
“they already drove out” Kyle muttered approaching the girls “did he mention where he was taking her?” Kyle asked them
“Kyle Hernández Sanchéz” the second girl gasped “my dream boyfriend” she fainted in excitement
“That was the way I fainted when Melvin first spoke to me” the first girl whimpered
“Miss?!” Kyle called softly but impatiently
“he didn’t mention” she wiped her eyes with a handkerchief then sneezed loudly “he just drove out with her”
Kyle face palmed himself “why did I let her out of my sight?” he continued trying Melvin’s line as he headed to his car.
“That son of a bitch isn’t taking my calls” he tossed his phone on the passenger seat and got in the driver’s seat
“Kyle would be waiting” Océane told Melvin when they walked into a beauty saloon
“we won’t take time a d Kyle is my friend, he would surely understand” Melvin said and walked to the stylist “give her your best shot”
“Impressive” Melvin complimented when the stylists were done “I don’t plan on letting Kyle recognize you” he winked at her and she blushed.
Océane stared at her reflection in the mirror. The make ups made her look different.
Melvin clicked his fingers and two ladies walked in with a man.
“Am Mr Carlos” the man introduced himself “All the best of Theresa Buckler” he added and 12 girls walked in all holding a hanger with gowns. Melvin moved closer to them and started studying the gowns.
“Boring” he dismissed the first gown and the girl with it walked out disappointedly
“outdated” he said and the second girl walked out
“pedestrian” he waved his hand in dismissal
Océane frowned, she really liked the dress. She made to choose the next gown but Melvin said “Not enough” in dismissal
The girl with the sixth gown stepped forward.
“That’s a foxy outfit” Melvin commented “I like this one, let her try it on”
Minutes later, Océane walked out of the fitting room wearing the gown.
“now that’s what I call foxy” Melvin smirked “I need an extra gown cause Kyle is definitely not going to like this” he added then picked another gown.
“she looks gorgeous except for her legs” one of the girls said and Melvin stared at Océane’s legs. She was bare footed.
“what have you got?” Melvin demanded.
“Theresa Buckler’s original brand” Mr Carlos said and showed a pair of heels to Melvin
“measurement?” Melvin wanted to know
“8 inches”
“Océane can’t walk with those”
“it goes with the gown”
“sure I can walk with these?” Océane asked staring at the shoes she was wearing
“jade justice wore them two weeks ago and she’s currently on a wheelchair” one kid the hospital chuckled
“what’s more funny is it isn’t really high but it’s not well balanced. They knot fits in Theresa Buckler’s legs” another girl said
“my storm date” Melvin chuckled and extended his hand to Océane “shall we?”
“I definitely can’t walk with theses”
“you haven’t even tried yet”
“I don’t want to even try”
C’mon Océane we have little time before Kyle finally gets us”
Océane let out her breath slowly, she just want Kyle to pop out from nowhere and take her home. Océane stood to her feet slowly and almost fell but Melvin caught her “Right in time my love” he winked at her “just cling on me and your legs would be fine”
The speakers were so loud in Midnight Love that you could barely hear yourself. Melvin walked into the club with Océane clinging on him for support like her life depended on him. They walked to a reserved table and sat down. The lights were dim and you could barely see the faces of people.
“what would you like to take?”
“Melvin I really want to go home, am scared of the dark”
“it isn’t dark in here. This is a club, you don’t expect it to be all lighted up”
Océane sighed and looked around “what really goes on here?”
“it’s a club and a lot of crazy things goes on” Melvin replied and added “you’ll soon find out” in a whisper
“Hi! Nice to meet you” girls greeted from different directions and Océane memorised it.
“I’ll go get us something to drink” Melvin excused himself and walked out. He returned shortly with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.
“I kinda have drinking habits so I drink a lot when am in the club” Melvin told Océane
“That’s cool”
“but I promise that you won’t get drunk”
“Want more?” Melvin asked Océane raising a bottle of wine. There were three empty bottles on the table.
“No” oceans shook her head “I’ve been crying all day”
“empty leaves filled the filled book
“I— don’t understand”
“what?!” Océane exclaimed “the table kept spinning and thunder struck the lightening then the sun filled the container and the bag dove into the heap of sound tearing the water on the rainbow and a girl told the boy to tell the girl that the boy told the girl to tell the boy….”
“Océane you’re drunk” Melvin cut in when he couldn’t get the nonsense she was saying
“am not drunk like breeze and the terms that forced the fish…. ”
“Gosh! Am finished” Melvin face palmed himself “this wine can’t get a person drunk, I made sure of that”
“… lying near the cloud and papers swimming flying near…. ”
“say your last prayers” an voice said and pointed a gun on Melvin’s head from behind
“I’ve got no prayers to. alright but for Océane to go back to normal before Kyle finally gets us”
“isn’t it late to pray that already?” the voice asked and Melvin was forced to whirl around at the familiarity of the voice.
Even in the dim light, Melvin could still see that the person standing beside him was Kyle.
He finally caught them.


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