💋 My Señorita 💋

Author Viola




“You just soaked her dress” Maeva hurled at Lovane

“Lovane why did you do that?” Kyle scolded

“Okay! I didn’t see this coming” Lovane said to herself “but why didn’t anything happen?”

“what were you expecting to happen?” Maeva asked furiously and Lovane was shocked, she didn’t know she said that loud

“Am sorry. It was an accident, I didn’t mean to pour her the water” Lovane apologised pretentiously

“Liar!” Maeva yanked “you did that OK purpose”

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Océane who had been staring at them speechlessly, got up and walked out. Kyle proceeded to go after her buy Lovane held him back.

“I’ll take care of her, after all this was all my fault” she said

“you’ve done enough” Kyle said and his tone was harsh

“See! Even Kyle is mad at you” Maeva said as Kyle walked out

“What do I care”

Maeva scoffed “I knew you were pretending, learned fool”

“Did you just call me that?”

“I knew you were up to something. I overhead you talking to yourself about exposing Océane but don’t worry, I’ll soon get you out of my brother’s life”

“don’t mess with me Maeva”

“you’re a harmless thunderbolt”

Lovane slapped her “in the good old days, children like you were left to perish in wind swept crags”

Maeva scoffed “like your momma did”

“you still talk back?” Lovane tried hitting Maeva again but a security man held her hand

“Miss, I don’t know who you are but that’s Hernández favorite”

“she’s a criminal, just arrest her” Maeva snarled

“you heard her miss, you’re under arrest”

“you can’t arrest me”

The security man handcuffed her and escorted her out despite and shrieks.

“I finally disposed that trash” Maeva grinned then shouted “she could be used for recycling”


“what really happened?” Kyle asked Océane as they searched the skirt racks for a skirt for Océane

“she just poured the water on me and I don’t know why”

Kyle brought out a tiered pattern skirt from the rack “how’s this one?”

Océane collected it “I’ll try it on” she made to take off the gown she was wearing

“No” Kyle stopped her “the fitting room is over there” he pointed to a door at the right

“what am I going to do in there”

“you’ll try on the skirt but first, let’s get you a blouse”

They moved to another rack with the shop attendant behind them.

“This one is nice” Kyle brought out a sheer scarlet blouse “try them on”

“This way ma’am” the attendant led Océane into the fitting room while Kyle continued searching the racks for more clothes.

Océane walked out shortly looking stunning in the clothes Kyle had picked.
“How do I look?”

“am short of words” Kyle replied honestly and she giggled

They picked few more things and paid then returned to the recreation room but only Maeva was there.

“Bingo!” Maeva squealed with her hands raised up in the air. It was obvious she was winning in the video game she was playing with another kid.

“Maeva is time to go” Kyle said to her disappointment

“Hermano mayor one more please”

“No” Kyle pushed her out

“sometimes I wish I could walk” Maeva sighed

“why? so you’ll have me chasing you around?”

Maeva chuckled “so no one has to push me to places I don’t want to go”

“where’s Lovane?” Kyle asked

“she followed the driver when he took the bags home” Maeva lied. Kyle had instructed the driver to send the things they bought home but Lovane didn’t go with him cause the security man arrested her.

They arrived at Kyle’s house but Lovana wasn’t in.
“sure she left with the driver?” Kyle asked

“I don’t know” Maeva replied with a shrug

“what do you mean by you don’t know?” Kyle hurled and Maeva startled

“she said she would be leaving with him, she couldn’t stay cause she felt guilty for ‘PURPOSELY’ pouring water on Océane” Maeva stated stated with an air quotation

“I’ll call the driver” Kyle said and placed a call to his driver.

“Martins said she didn’t leave with him” Kyle said when he ended the call

“but that was what she said” Maeva insisted

“we have to call the police, Lovane is missing” Kyle said worriedly

“you can’t conclude she’s missing, she has just been gone for one hour, let’s wait till three months before declaring her missing” Maeva said

“Maeva where’s Lovane? you’re a suspect” Kyle spat out

“Me?!” Maeva thumped her chest and rolled her eyes “C’mon hermano mayor I can’t walk”

“but you’re more dangerous than those with six legs”

“Hermano mayor no one has six legs”

“I don’t care” Kyle started pacing about worriedly.


“you really don’t know where Lovane is?” Kyle asked Maeva

“I don’t, you gotta believe me” Maeva pouted with a puppy face “Let’s just wait, I know she’ll return in few years time”


“am not a kidnapper”


“Am calling the police”

“you can’t conclude she’s missing, she could be out with her friends” Maeva said

“Lovane doesn’t have friends here in Mexico” Kyle reminded

“I still don’t believe she’s missing”

“we’re going to the police station” Kyle said with a note of finality then went to his room to get something

“spit it out” Océane told Maeva and Maeva spat on the floor “you know what I mean” Océane said

“I kinda have a hand in her disappearance” Maeva confessed “but what does that really matter? she’s out of our lives for good”

“what did you do to her?”

“I told a security man to arrest her”

Océane gasped “is she going to be thrown into a dungeon?”

“sort of, but not really a dungeon” Maeva replied

“why don’t you tell Kyle”

“he’s going to find out anyway”


“when he reports to the cops, they’re going to know she’s in their custody”

“so what are we going to do?”

“confuse his description of her”


“He doesn’t have a picture of her so when he tries describing, her I’ll confuse his them”



“what’s her name?” The officer the officer asked them

“Lovane” Kyle replied

“I thought it was Lovana” Maeva said trying to confuse Kyle

“it’s Lovane” Kyle insisted

“I think it’s Lovana” Maeva said and turned to Océane “what do you think Océane?”

“I think it’s Lovanus” Océane replied

“I’ve got works to do” the officer said impatiently

“it’s Lovane” Kyle said then the officer wrote it down

“Lovana” Maeva added


“Lovane Lovana Lovanus” Maeva replied

“Nationality?” the officer demanded and they exchanged glances. They hadn’t thought of that and it would be really suspicious.

“Mexican” Maeva replied

“Full name?” the officer demanded

Kyle thought for a while before replying ” Lovane Ramírez Pedro”

“The Pedro’s are quite popular” the officer said as he jotted it down “what does she look like?”

“she’s tall… ” Kyle began

“and short” Maeva chirped in and the officer furrowed his brows

“Lovane is tall” Kyle said

“she’s short” Kyle argued

“I think she’s tall and short” Océane said

The officer shook his head “Are you sure there’s someone by the name Lovane that’s really missing?”

“you think I’ll drive all the way here to tell lies?” Kyle seethed

“am sorry Mr Hernández” the officer apologized then wrote down ‘Tall and short’


“she’s fair in complexion” Kyle replied

“I thought she’s dark” Maeva argued and Océane chuckled

“fair and dark” the officer read out as he wrote on his file. He was tired of their arguments.

“Maeva what’s wrong with you?” Kyle asked

“am so concerned about finding Lovane” Maeva replied

“let me go” Lovane shrieked as they dragged her in

“Lovane?!” Kyle called and she stopped shrieking

“is she the one?” the officer asked


“Lovane Lovana Lovanus” the officer chuckled then turned to then officers who brought Lovane in “release her” he was fed up with their uncertain replies and all he wanted to do was dismiss them.

“where did you find her?” Kyle asked the officers

“Maeva ordered them to arrest me” Lovane replied instead, pointing accusingly at Maeva.

“Me?!” Maeva thumped her chest “it couldn’t be”

Kyle shot Maeva a glare and turned to the officers “am so sorry for the inconveniences”

“you’re a good citizen Mr Hernández, we’re always at your service”


They drove home in silence, everyone with their own thoughts. Maeva was thinking of what Kyle would do to her, Kyle was thinking of how best to punish Maeva without hurting her or making her think he was taking sides. Océane at the other hand, was thinking of how Kyle would react when they got home Lovane was thinking of how to turn Maeva into sea weed so she could eat with her mother, Coral.

The car came to a halt before Kyle’s mansion. Silence reigned as no one was making any move to get down. Lovane who was sitting on the passenger seat, was staring daggers at Maeva through the rear view mirror and Maeva was staring back. Kyle on the other hand was staring at Océane through the side mirror and she wasn’t staring back.

“we can’t stay in here forever” Océane broke the silence

“Right” Kyle took a last glance at Océane and got down then they followed. He carried Maeva down while Océane set her wheelchair then he sat her on it.

“what do I do to you now Maeva?” Kyle asked when they were in the living room

“Buy some chocolates for me” Maeva flapped her lashes cutely

“am going to smack you real hard”

“Lovane slapped me and that was why the security man took her away”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“cause I thought she needed some punishment”

Kyle scoffed and looked at Lovane “did you slap Maeva?”

“How could I?”
she’s lying hermano mayor, she really slapped me”

“am finding it difficult to believe you again Maeva”

“Ever since she came, all you ever did was doubt me” Maeva hurled and wheeled herself out

“Exactly what I was avoiding” Kyle face palmed himself then turned to Lovane “why did you slap her?”

“do you really believe that I slapped her?” Lovane replied with a question and Kyle got confused on whom to believe.

“you and I know you slapped her Lovane” Océane said pointedly

“Are you trying to make me look bad?” Lovane asked

“you’re the one who’s trying to make Maeva look bad” Océane retorted

“Océane don’t mess with me” Lovane mouthed to Océane inaudible

“am not scared of you” Océane retorted in a whisper.

Kyle stared at them and he knew it was more than Maeva, there was a bone of contention that had nothing to do with the earlier incident and he was going to find out. He walked out in search of Maeva, leaving the two behind.

“what were you thinking when you poured water on me?” Océane asked when Kyle walked out

Lovane scoffed “and why would I tell you?”

“you thought I would turn into a mermaid right?”

“It’s a good thing you know and am not done trying” Lovane snarled

“you know what?” Océane huffed loudly “you’re a loser who needs others to fall so you can rise”

“I really can’t believe that we’re cousins”

“Like I want to be your cousin” Océane chuckled “am more powerful than you and Coral put together, so why try to fight me?”

“Even your parents rejected you, you’re an abomination Océane” Lovane seethed and Océane slapped her

“what’s going on?” Kyle asked pushing Maeva in. ocean shot Lovane a scowl and stormed out, she wasn’t Willi to explain herself to Kyle and she didn’t care what he would think.

“Did you slap Océane? Maeva asked Lovane

“didn’t you see her? she slapped me” Lovane feigned tears expecting Kyle to get mad at Océane buy he didn’t.

“I think you both have to settle your differences” Kyle simply said to Lovane’s disappointment.


Lovane soaked herself on her bath 🛀 with her eyes shut as she wondered why the sea water didn’t work on Océane. She took her shellophone and summoned her mother.

“Lovane?!” Coral called “I’ve been waiting for you to summon me”

“what’s wrong?”

“Anais said sea water won’t work on Océane”

“I already tried it and it didn’t work. I think Kyle is beginning to hate me now”

“you have to get back his trust again”

“am trying mother but he thinks Océane is familiar and he’s getting real close to her. Getting rid of her is the only way out”

“Anais says Océane can only turn into a mermaid when she wants to”


“when she needs her tail, it comes and when she wants legs, her tail turns to legs”

“Then how an I going to make her think of her tail?”

“I don’t know. You have to figure it out yourself”

“this is going to be harder than I thought”

“we don’t have time, Anais is up to something. I don’t trust her again”

“I’ll try my best”

“we need all your best and efforts”

“I won’t fail you”


🎶 Once a siren saw a sailor
🎶 she went to sew legs from a tailor
🎶 and the sailor met a tailor for a piece of tail. 🎶 la la la la la la
🎶 once a bed met a fish
🎶 trying to get to her he ended in a dish….

Kyle who was standing behind her and listening to her, chuckled on that line, announcing his presence.

“am sorry go on”

“do you like the song?” Océane asked

“it sounds like a fairytale” Kyke replied and sat beside her “sorry for eavesdropping”

“you’re forgiven”

“continue with the song”

“I don’t want to”

“why were you fighting with Lovane?” Kyle asked changing the topic

“I don’t know”

“you both know each other?”

“where did you meet her?” Océane asked back

“In the Philippines” he replied

“Maeva told me about the story of your childhood friend, you think she’s the one?”

Kyle stared at her “what do you mean?”



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