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September 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Oceane episode 10

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💋 My Señorita 💋

Author Viola


Océane woke up late cause she didn’t go to bed early the previous night.


“Océane!” Kyle shook her gently and she got up with a start. She had fallen asleep on the breakfast table

“The kitchen isn’t meant for sleeping” Kyle said and Océane felt like something had left her. Kyle looked at her clothes that were messed up with egg whites.

“where you trying to whisk eggs?” he asked and she nodded “it would be nice if you talked” he stated and she just smiled

“did you come with extra clothes?”

she shook her head and he frowned “no”

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“you can’t go to bed with these same clothes, let’s go check on Lovane”

She nodded and followed him as he went up the stairs. Lovane’s door was locked though she hadn’t gone to bed yet they thought she was fast asleep.

“let’s don’t wake her, I’ll find something in my closet” Kyle said and entered his room while Océane waited outside. Océane waited impatiently for few seconds then entered his room.

“Have I taken too long?” Kyle asked when he saw her and she nodded “don’t you get tired of nodding and shaking your head?”

Océane smiled “no, am used to it”

Kyle shook his head then brought out a blue T-shirt “This can serve as a mini gown though not long enough but it’s the best I’ve got”

Océane took the T-shirt “thank you”

“you’re welcome”

Océane said nothing again as she stared at him. An awkward silence fell with them staring at each other.

“you can go now” Kyle broke the silence. The stare was getting uncomfortable and she was messing with his head.
Where had he met her?

Océane walked out and returned to her room with the T-shirt. She took her bathe but she kept feeling empty like something had left her. She wore the T-shirt and it was way too short. She packed up her hair and noticed that her gold strands were gone. Reason why she was feeling empty.
She stared at her reflection in disbelief and the only person that came across her mind was Lovane.

She had the feeling that Lovane and cut her gold strands which were the only evidence she had to get Kyle.

Océane got up from her bed and went straight to her mirror. She felt complete that morning and just as she thought, her gold strands had grown back.


Lovane walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her chest. She got dressed and stood before her full length mirror and she realized something had gone wrong with the gold strands. Océane’s gold strands had decayed she turned black but the sprayed strands were still there. She touched the ones she hadn’t stolen from Océane and they broke out. She was really shocked, she never expected the once gold strands to turn black over the night.

Lovane let her hair flow down her shoulders so the sprayed gold strands would be clearly visible. She walked out of her room and descended the stairs. Kyle was already in the living room with Maeva when she entered.

“Good morning Lovane” Maeva greeted but Océane didn’t reply

“Good morning” Lovane greeted Kyle instead but Kyle didn’t reply cause his attention was on Océane who was standing on the staircase and watching them.

Océane finally walked in fully “Good morning” she greeted Kyle with a bow and Lovane shot her a scowl

“Good morning Océane” Maeva greeted with a grin

“Maeva!” Océane ruffled her hair and she giggled

“The shirt fits you” Maeva said then Océane and Kyle exchanged glances “You’ll be staying today right?”

“No” Océane shook her head

“But why? Kyle is going to give you his clothes”

“Maeva!” Kyle snappee

“But I want Océane to stay”

“I want to go Maeva”


“Adele needs me”

“You can’t go out dressed like that” Kyle said referring to the short shirt that he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off

“yes” Maeva agreed “it’s too— exposed” she chuckled

“I’ll find you something to wear” Lovane chirped in. She didn’t want Kyle to give Océane something to wear.

“An off” Kyle announced then pecked Maeva and walked out

“Don’t ever come here again, I hate sharing” Lovane seethed when Kyle was out

Océane scoffed “I knew you were pretending”

“you don’t expect me to give you something to wear”

“I wasn’t expecting that” Océane said and added “I love your spray”

“am going to get rid of you”

“if stealing my hair wasn’t enough then I’ll be waiting” Océane said and proceeded to leave

Lovane grabbed her arm “am still talking”

“let me go”

“what if I don’t?”

“Lovane what’s wrong with you?” Maeva asked in annoyance and Lovane kicked her sending her falling from her wheelchair.

“Lovane!” Océane slapper her and Kyle walked in. He had forgotten his phone

“Océane!” he hurled and Lovane fell to the floor pretentiously “how could you?” he ran to Maeva who had passed out on the floor

“What happened here?”

“Océane attacked the both of us” Lovane replied feigning tears

“I didn’t…”

“pray nothing happens to Maeva” he cut in and carried Maeva out in his arms

“you’re messing with the wrong mermaid” Lovane smirked and Océane slapped her again

“I don’t mind mutilating your face”

“you really want Kyle to hate you”

“I don’t care” Océane yelled and stormed out

Kyle had already drove out with Maeva and she prayed nothing happens to Maeva. She ran out the gate and hailed a cab. She didn’t even know that address of Hernández mansion. Tears and blinded her and she didn’t care where the driver would take her.

“follow them” Ninon who was waiting along the road told her driver when Océane entered the cab. She thought Océane was Lovane and she wanted to warn her to stay away from Kyle.

“what’s your address?” the driver asked Océane during the drive

“Hernández, I don’t know that address” Océane replied

“you’re the girl from the news, Kyle’s fiancée” he said looking at her through the rear view mirror


“am at your service ma’am” he said gleefully and sped off.

They arrived at Hernández mansion and Océane alighted from the cab.

“your fare ma’am” the driver prompted


“yes your fare”

Océane stared at him in utter confusion then he got down from the cab “give me my money” he approached her aggressively

Ninon also alighted from her car and approached them “what’s happening?” she asked

“she doesn’t want to pay me my money”

“what money?” Océane asked

Ninon turned to Océane and realized she wasn’t the same girl in Kyle’s office but she looked familiar to her.
“Have we met before?” she asked studying Océane

“you must’ve probably seen her from the news” the driver said

Ninon asked “you’re the bitch who claimed to be Kyle’s fiancée”

“Claimed? Isn’t she his fiancée?”

“She’s an imposter and a thief” Ninon snarled

“am not a thief”

“Give me my money” the driver said pushing Océane roughly

“I don’t have money”

Ninon laughed “Take her clothes if she doesn’t want to pay, it looks expensive. Wait 💭”Ninon paused and thought for a while “This is Kyle’s T-shirt”

“she’s a thief” the driver blurted out “she even stole My Hernández’s shirt”

“Take it off” Ninon yanked

“let me go” Océane struggled as Ninon tried taking off the shirt

“you’re a thief” the driver cussed

“am not a thief please let me go” Océane pleaded as tears trickled down her cheeks.

A car came to a halt at the scene and Melvin got down. “What’s going on here?” he asked and dragged Ninon from the crying Océane

“She’s a thief, she doesn’t want to pay me my money

Melvin looked at Océane who was sobbing profusely. She looked tattered and her hair was messy due to oh her struggle with Ninon. “How much is your money?” he asked the driver

“300 Mexican peso”

Melvin dipped his hand into his pants pocket and brought out a wallet. “Here” he stretched few notes to the driver “you didn’t have to harass her because of money”

“She should be thankful you came” the driver snarled then entered his car and drove off.

“Ninon why were you harassing her? It’s quite unlike you”

Ninon huffed loudly then stormed to her car.

“Are you alright?” Melvin asked Océane and raised and face up with her chin between his fingers

Océane sniffles “thank you”

“you’re the girl from the news” Melvin realized “Now I see why Ninon was here”

“she tried taking off Kyle’s shirt”

Melvin looked at the T-shirt and realized it was Kyle’s. “Did Kyle give this to you?”

Océane nodded “and they called me a thief”

“It’s alright. Do you live here?” Melvin asked pointing at the mansion

Océane nodded

“Go in, I’ll call Kyle”

Océane nodded again and entered through the gate

“she’s hot” Melvin smiled lasciviously as he entered his car and drove out.


📱… I won’t be coming to work today… Maeva had an accident… not too serious… call Melvin to stay in for me… alright” Kyle hung up and returned to the doctor’s office.

“Go on doctor” Kyle said

The old doctor adjusted his glasses “she’s going to be fine but we’re not sure she’ll be able to remember her last memory”

“you mean Maeva is going to loss her last memory?”

“No completely, just the incident that led to the accident. As a result of the fall, that memory hurt her and she was forced to loss it”

“Then how’re we going to know exactly what happened?”

“It’s just for a while. The loss is temporary she’ll remember it with time but you can still ask those around at the time of the accident”

“Alright doctor. Can I see her now?”

“you’re free to but don’t force her to remember that memory, it might lead to permanent memory loss and it’s going okay be permanent”

Kyle nodded “I understand”

“make sure she gets lots of rest” the doctor prompted as Kyle walked out.

Kyle entered Maeva’s room and she was fast asleep. Kyle was finding it difficult to believe that Océane pushed her cause the two were fond of each other but the situation he met (Océane slapping Lovane) made Océane look guilty. He wished Maeva didn’t have a temporary memory loss, maybe she would have told the truth.


Kyle brought out his phone and glanced at the caller ID, it was Melvin calling.

📱 Hello

📲 Hello Kyle how’s Maeva?

📱 she’s fine except for a temporary memory loss but she’s sleeping now

📲 what really happened?

📱 I still don’t know but it’s a good thing she’s okay

📲 Ninon attacked your crazy fiancée today

📱 who’s your crazy fiancée?

📲 The girl from the news. What’s her name again? 💭

📱 Océane?

📲 yes Océane

📱where did Ninon meet Océane?

📲 At Hernández mansion. She called her all sort of names and the poor girl was crying

📱 Ninon!

📲 She was really furious and she tried stripping Océane off your shirt

📱 That’s unlike Ninon

📲 yea but you didn’t mention the chic was hot

📱 Melvin?

📲 C’mon Kyle I only fed my eyes

📱 Creep!

📲 I understand she’s my friend’s crazy fiancée and I don’t plan on trespassing– for now

📱 How’s Océane now?

📲 fine when I left her

📱 Ninon is becoming a pest

📲 Then get rid of her

📱 how do you get rid of pests?

📲 make her my secretary

📱 you’re crazy Melvin!

📲 I was just suggesting

📱 yea! Keep your suggestions

📲 Gotta run. Duty calls

📱 Have a nice time at work

📲 You too– at the hospital

Kyle had a huge smile plastered on his face when he dropped his phone. Melvin was everything he needed in a friend.

“Hermano mayor?!” Maeva opened her eyes sluggishly


“where are we?”

“Hospital? Why?”

Océane pushed you off your chair and you passed out so I had to rush you here.

“Océane couldn’t have pushed me” Maeva disagreed

“but she did”

“nah! Océane didn’t”

“Then who did?”

“No one pushed me, I don’t even know what you’re talking about”

“Never mind, it’s a good thing you’re okay”

“let’s go, I want to see Océane”

“The doctor hasn’t discharged you yet”

Maeva frowned “you know I hate doctors and I don’t care about them”

“as long as you’re okay”

“am fine”


“am not going home to Lovana” Maeva said on their drive from the hospital

“Do you want to return home?”

“No, am going to your house but Lovana has to leave”

“It’s Lovane”

“I don’t care, that dude is sucking my blood”

“Lovane isn’t a vampire”

“Then she’s a mosquito, she’s sucking my blood”



“You have to learn to love Lovane like you love Océane, even your sisters love her”

“she doesn’t treat me like Océane”

“Then go home to Océane”

“My one week isn’t over yet”

Kyle shook his head and faced the steering “I don’t know what to do about Maeva”

“Who’s Maeva?”

“your namesake”


They drove in silence till they got to Kyle’s house.
“Don’t touch me” Maeva yanked when Kyle tried carrying her down from the car

“what’s it now Maeva?”

“I want Océane”

“Maeva what are who to?”

“Nothing” she shrugged “just get me Océane”


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