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Oceane episode 1

💋 My Señorita 💋
Author Viola
“I’ll be back” Leo told his cousin, Coral and swam out of the palace.
If there was anything Leo hated the most, was being a merman. Ever since he saw the human Elsa at the seashore and fell in love with her, all he ever wished for was to be a humans and live in her world.
Leo swam up to shore secretly without any of the mermaids or mermen seeing him.
“Leo!” Elsa exclaimed when she saw him behind the rock he usually hides to meet her.
He feared then humans would kill him if they see him cause that was what the do in that part of the Philippines.
“Elsa, come over” he beamed and she dived into the water
“I’ve been waiting, what kept you long?” she asked as she swam to him
“my father”
“does he suspect you?”
“Kind of do but don’t worry I don’t plan on staying away from you”
She smiled “I just wish I was a mermaid our you were a human”
“There isn’t a way for you to become a mermaid but there’s a way for me to become a human”
“Really? How?”
“I found out last night, my father was talking about it with a mermaid. He said it’s a necklace and once I get it, I can command any power under the sea and that includes turning into a human”
“You can’t leave your people, you told me you were the last male heir”
“I know and that’s my father’s fear but I love you more than the throne”
“so you’re going to turn to my kind?
“once I steal the necklace tonight”
“who’s going to rule when you’re gone?”
“Any of the Queens, maybe my cousin”
“Elsa! Get out of the water” Elsa’s friends yelled and Leo quickly hid
“You have to got before someone sees me”
“When next are we going to meet?” Elsa asked not wanting to go
“Tonight, I’ll steal the necklace, wait for me under that tree” he pointed to a bug tree
“I’ll be waiting” Elsa said enthusiastically and swam to shore
Leo watched her till she was out of the water then he diver in and swam down to Oceania.
“Where have you been?” Neptune, Leo’s father scolded when he returned to the palace
“I was swimming around”
“did you go to shore?”
“no” Leo denied
“then why is the globe blinking?”
Leo glanced at The Globe of Truth, it was used to know when something went wrong in Oceania.
“I don’t know” Leo replied with a shrug
“I just hope you don’t visit the shore, you know the punishment” Neptune said and swam out
Leo swam out of the shell he sleeps in and swam to the throne. The necklace was always kept there by Neptune cause only the ruler wears it but takes it off at night and keeps in a shell on the throne. No one but the ruler and heir can open the shell but what Leo never knew was that was powers of the necklace till he over heard Neptune talking about it.
He took the shell and turned to leave but Nathan, his merman friend was watching him.
“what are you doing?” Nathan hurled
“you can’t mention this to anyone”
“what are you doing with the shell? you know the punishment”
“am leaving Oceania”
“I don’t get you”
“am going to dwell with the humans and this necklace is going to help me
“Because of the human girl Elsa?
“I really love her”
“you’re choosing a human over Oceania?”
“exactly! And don’t forget to tell my father when am gone”
“you can’t do this, a queen is going to rule, you’re the male heir”
“am sorry” Leo said and proceeded to swim out but Nathan stopped him
“you can’t”
Leo yanked his hands off and swam out. Nathan didn’t try stopping him again, he didn’t want any of the mermaids or mermen to see Leo cause if he was caught, the punishment was death.
Leo got to the shore then opened the shell and brought out the necklace.
“This is it, goodbye to Oceania”
He wore the necklace and his tail magically turned into legs. He got up but fell again, he wasn’t used to the legs and he haven’t walked with them before
“Leo!” Elsa called and ran to him but stopped and looked away cause he was naked
“Elsa, come help me up”
“you’re naked”
“naked? How?”
“you aren’t wearing any clothes”
Leo looked at himself but still didn’t know what she meant
“you mean my tail?”
Elsa sighed then took off her top and threw to his direction
“tie that around your waist” she said then wrapped her arms around her chest. She was left with only a singlet and the night was cold.
“are you done?”
“I… don’t…”
she opened her eyes and Leo was just staring at the top. She let out her breath slowly and walked up to him then tied the top around his waist
“Now stand up
He stood up and almost fell but she caught him and supported him with her hands around his waist.
“swimming is much better” he said when they had walked a little distance
“we can’t go into the street with you like this” Elsa said
“What’s wrong with me?”
“you’re naked” she replied then they got to her car
“what’s this?” he asked as she helped him enter the cat
“it’s a car and it’s used for transportation”
“trean…ta…” he tried pronouncing ‘Transportation’
Elsa chuckled “it’s transportation” then she turned on the engine and the car cruised into the road
“it’s moving!” Leo exclaimed gazing out the window and Elsa smiled
“what’s that?” she asked pointing at the shell
“it’s a purse”
“oh! I see”
They drove in silence till they got o Elsa’s apartment then alighted from the car
“can you walk?” Elsa asked and Leo Leo nodded
“I can try” he walked slowly till they got to her front porch. She took out a bunch of keys from her purse then unlocked the front door.
They entered the house and she shut the door
“welcome to my little home” Elsa said then added “I live alone”
“you call this little? This is bigger than all the shells on Oceania”
“you live in shells?”
“that’s the safest place in Oceania”
“How do you enter into a shell?” Elsa wondered
Leo chuckled “not this kind of she’ll… ” he showed her the shell he was holding “there are bigger shells we sleeps in”
“and you’re comfortable?”
“so comfortable”
Elsa led him into her bedroom then took out a pajama from her drawer.
“the bathroom is in there” she pointed to a closed door
“what’s a bathroom?”
“don’t you bath in your water?”
“we don’t”
“okay just go in there, you’ll see a bar of soap and a bath sponge then take off the top and turn on the shower then… ”
“I don’t understand a thing” he cut in
She rolled her eyes and said “follow me”
She led him into the bathroom then they walked under the shower and she turned it on.
“water” Leo smiled “Is there an Ocean up there?”
“no” Elsa snapped then took a bar of soap and a bath sponge. She applied the soap on the bath sponge after wetting it then gave it to Leo.
“wash your body with it”
Leo took the sponge and gazed at it in confusion
“you really have a lot to learn” Elsa sighed then took off her clothes
“now watch me” she washed her body then gave the sponge to Leo when she was done.
“try it”
He nodded then took the sponge and started washing her.
“no, wash yourself” she shouted
“oh!” he mouthed and started washing himself
“Good. Now untie the top”
He nodded and untied the top from his waist. Elsa gasped and looked away.
“What’s wrong?” Leo asked ignorantly
“nothing, just bath” she replied then shut her eyes and let the water from the shower wash off the lather
After showering, she deserved dinner and taught Leo how to eat using cutlery but he wouldn’t eat fish or anything from water.
“one more push, the baby is almost out” the nurses urged as Elsa pushed out her baby
“Leo!” she screamed and pushed hard and a baby girl came out.
The nurses screamed when they saw the baby was a mermaid.
“she’s a mermaid” they shouted and ran out
Leo ran into the room with another nurse to see a little mermaid lying on the bed beside Elsa who had passed out after delivering. The nurse cut out the after birth then Leo carried the crying baby and wrapped up in a blanket then snuck out of the hospital.
He ran to the Ocean where he came from which wasn’t very far from the hospital then he summoned his friend Nathan, with his shell.
“Leo!” Nathan called from behind a rock
“Thank you for coming” Leo said then entered the water to meet Nathan
“you’re really human” Nathan gasped staring at Leo’s legs
“Nathan you gat to help me”
“what’s wrong?” Nathan asked then noticed the baby on Leo’s arms “what’s that?”
“she’s my baby but she’s a mermaid”
“she was just born but I can’t leave her here else they’ll kill her. You have to take her to Oceania, tell father she’s my child. Take care of her till she’s grown but never tell her about her parents”
“King Neptune won’t accept her, he hates you now”
“I know he hates me but he can’t reject her cause she’s his heir and if he rejects her, the throne leaves his lineage”
Nathan sighed and looked at the baby “poor child” then he took the baby from Leo “I have a son already, I’ll take care of her along side him”
“Thank you so much” Leo said then took out his necklace and wore the baby “Her name is Océane”
“Aren’t you going to turn back to a merman?”
“no” Leo shook his head “I’ve stayed on land for one year already, I can now survive without the necklace”
“she’s beautiful and innocent”
“I hope to see her someday” Leo said sadly
“what about her mother?”
“she doesn’t know about the baby yet but I’ll go see her and tell her everything. I hope she understands”
“you still have a bond with the water and you can’t make human babies unless the bond is broken”
Leo sighed “I know and I didn’t plan on having babies…but she came” he kissed the baby’s forehead
“don’t let anything happen to her”
“I won’t, I promise”
“Go now”
“sure you’re okay on land?”
“I can’t return even if am not, father cursed me”
“that’s true but he’s still your father, he’ll forgive you”
“I can’t leave Elsa now”
“Take care of yourself. you and Elsa”
“you too and Océane” he hugged the baby again for the last time then Nathan dived into the water with her.
Leo returned to the hospital but Elsa was no where to be found and there was panic as fishermen searched for the mermaid baby to be killed. He escaped being stoned by a hairs breath but he never saw Elsa again. He tried calling her on Phone but she wasn’t answering and she didn’t return home.
After weeks of searching, news came that a woman as stoned to death on the day a mermaid baby was born and she was believed to be the mother of the baby.
“I forbid that child from being here” King Neptune yelled when Nathan returned with Océane and told him about her
“Neptune!” Anais, the first queen of Oceania cled swimming to meet Neptune with the other six queens swimming behind her. Oceania had eight queens but Coral, one of the queens and Leo’s cousin just delivered her baby mermaid the same time Océane was born.
“You can’t forbid the child because of her father’s mistake” Anais said “she’s still one of us and your heir”
“and she’s rare” Elena, another queen added “she’s powerful, the Globe of Truth hot brightly when she was brought in. It didn’t happen when Coral’s baby was born
Coral who was eavesdropping on them frowned at the statement
“what do you suggest?” Neptune demanded
“let the child live and dwell amongst us, we don’t forbid our kind”
Coral hated the baby cause she Coral was supposed to be the next ruler of Oceania as Neptune’s niece.
“How’s she?” she asked the mermaid taking care of her baby
“Getting beautiful”
Coral smiled at the reply “No one is going to take the throne from us, not even that abomination of a child” she said with haughty disdain then carried the baby.
“I’ll call you, Lovane”


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