NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 6

episode 6

“My name is chinwe”

She dey smile. She know say her nyash Don hook
I gave her #200 say make she buy anything wey
she want for break. She thank me comot. She dey

Another day she enter come meet. We gist small.
I collect her number kon dey call her from time
to time.
She dey frequent my office regularly sotay other
students come dey gossip about us. And my
numerous girlfriends kon dey vex for me.
We come dey very close and she kon like me die.

*fast forward to around 1month later*

One weekend, I call chinwe for night, we come
dey talk about fun and S-x. I dey yarn sweet S-x
talk dey tell am the kind things wey I fit do for
be-d and as-sure her say nob©dy fit do the tin like
me. She just dey say “you are bad oh”. I know
say the thing enter her head.

I kon invite her to come the Next day. She argue
small, then she kon agree to come if chance dey
o. Around 10pm that night. I receive text:

“Promise me I won’t be disappointed”

I laugh. I know say my whining t©uçh her br@in.
I kon reply.

“It’s gonna be fun, I promise”

Meanwhile I Don book another girl (chioma) to
visit me same tomorrow to avoid disappointment.
If chinwe no come, chioma go come… all na

Next day reach. Around 9:30 am, chinwe flash
me, I call am.

“What’s up?”

“I’m fine”

“Are you still coming?”

“Is that all you care about?”

Naija girls like to use question answer question.
Abegi, answer me.

“Sorry, how was your night?”


“Are still gonna come?”


“What time?”

“2 pm”

“Call me when you are about coming”

I relax, dey pl@yjamz, dey sip alomo as I dey
wait for 2′ O’clock….

As time Don dey reach 1pm. I baff, dress up, kon
call my Guy (egar) for phone. Egar na my
homeboy, my ti-ghtest man and him too na Corper
wey dey teach for another secondary school. We
be birds of thesame bad feather.

“Homeboy, we-tin dey happen?”

“I bam”

“You dey hourse?, I wan show your side oh?”

“No. I follow My CDS group go visit one
motherless babies home for town”

“You keep key abi? I wan carry one chick come
your crib”

“Yes. But You go wash my be-dsheet oh”

We laff. Na joke. I know where him dey hide key.

“No wahala”

I plan to control chinwe come egar house. I get
my reasons. My neighbors bin Don start to dey
gossip say I dey bring too many visitors.
Them even talk am for the last tenants meeting
wey we do. I wan l@ylow small cuz them they
respect me well well, I no wan fall my hand.
As, i reach egar house, I call chinwe, she tell me
say she dey bathroom dey baff. Chai!!, I kon
imagine as she go use scru-b her big nyash with
sponge, maybe she get special big sponge wey she
dey for her nyash sef.
She kon tell me say she go flash me if she Don
re-ady to come.

I relax, go carry rice for egar kitchen dey eat
then kon use egar l@pt©p dey watch music videos.
Around 30 minutes later, she flash me. I call her,
give am direction to egar house. She say she Don
enter bus dey come.
I arrange room, carry air fresher spray everywhere
kon Open curtains for fresh air.
She kon flash me later, I call back ask her where
she dey, she tell me, I rush go there but I no see

I call her back the number no dey go. I look
around everywhere and even waka go up small but
I no see her.
Abi this girl wan carry her father pla-y?. I
continue to call but the number no dey even
connect. Almost ten minutes Don pas-s.
All my anxiety Don turn to anger by then. I vex
begin go back to egar house, I decide say I no go
call chinwe again as she dey carry me pla-y.
As I Don dey near egar house, she call me. The
br@in wey dey my head say “forget her” but the
br@in wey dey my p—k say “you dey mad? You
Don forget her nyash? Comon accept her”
I like my p—k pas-s my head so I follow my p—k.
Before I go decide, the phone cut. She call
again, I pick am sharpaly.

She say:

“Hello, where are you na?”

“I st©pped at the wrong place, and my battery
went off. I had to charge it at one shop”

“Ok. Where are you now?”

She mention one filling station, I enter keke
napep go pick her to come egar house. As we enter
the keke, She hold my hand dey smile cuz boys
were not smiling at all.

Don’t joke with my d-ick and my money… that’s
my motto.
As we reach, she tell me say she know the place
but she bin mistake am for another place.
Naija girls! Fear them.

We enter room. I sidon for egar be-d, but she go
sidon for chair far away from me…..
na wa oh, this one no go easy oh…..

I sidon, stretch my leg for be-d, relax my back for
wall. Her outfit make s-en-se: h0t mini-Sk-irt (her
nyash wan tear the Sk-irt!) and one multi color
shi-t. We come dey jist about how she mistake the
address and about relationsh!ps. 10 minutes Don
dey go, we still dey chat. I kon tell her say make
she kon sidon with me 4 be-d.

She say:
“No, I’m okay here. I didn’t come for that”

I laff. Naija girls dey funny me sometimes.
Something wey we Don discuss for phone finish
naim this girl Don come here dey form Rihanna.

“Ok. What would you drink?”

“Nothing. I will soon be going”

My head spark! whaat!?
I ask her:

“So you didn’t come to see me na?”

“Its not like that”

Bla bla bla. She just dey blab say I go take her
like cheap babe if we straff. She say make we
wait till another time. As she dey talk, I just
quiet they listen. As she talk finish I say “no
problem” I continue dey watch videos for l@pt©p.
Silence kon dey, then She start to press phone.
After like 5minutes she say:

“I’m going o”

“No problem, take care”

“Won’t you see me off”

“I can’t”



She stand up carry her bag dey waka go door. I
look her nyash. Oboy this girl nyash too big for
her slim frame. As she reach door, she turn look
me, I focus on the l@pt©p like say I no s£nd her.
She open door, wait like 10seconds, close am back
kon sidon near me for be-d. She say:

“What’s do you want from me?”

Million dollar question!!!
I kon look her like policeman wey catch thief.
Then we laff. She kon lie down 4 my leg. I bend
over begin k!ssher upside down, put my hand
inside her br@, then dey smooch her bo’obs.
She get succulentl-ips and she sabi k!ss, as we dey
k!ssshe dey use her f!ngersdey pl@ywith my
ear-lobes. like 3 minutes Later, I begin pl@ywith
the lining of her br@, she un-derstand my
intention, she position well then I re-move her t©p
and br@.

She carry my head bury for her br£@st then I
begin they svçkone while I smooch the other one.
She say:

“This is what you want abi”?

I nod my head still dey svçkher. Later I st©p
begin li-ck her ñ@v£l dey squee-ze one nip”-ple.
She dey breath fast.
I begin dey k!ssaround her ribs, che-st, n£¢k,
while i dey squee-ze her bo’obs, she dey enjoy am
but she never m0@n . I come dey put my hand
inside her Sk-irt dey smooch her th!ghs and her
pu’ssy throu-gh her p@n-t. Later I tell her:

“You nee-d to re-move your Sk-irt”

She look me come say:
“You should re-move it yourself”

I unZi-p her short Sk-irt keep for ground. re-move
her p@n-t, smell am like one kind expensive
perfume, then keep am for ground.
Omoh, time no dey to hang clothes, temperature
Don too high. she laff.

“smelling my undies? that’s nas-ty”

“they should make a perfume from your puss’y”

I smile. she laff kon tell me say I be slow poison.
I begin k!ssher for each of her legs down to her
to’to area. I know say she dey wait make i li-ck
her puss’y.

Then I k!ssher cli’t, just once, she move up
small, I move up too, start to li-ck around her
cli-t then start to li-ck and svçkher cli’t proper,
she m0@n small ”ooouuummm”, I continue to su-ck
her cli-t seriously, put two f!ngersinside her
to’to (this girl go Don dey Bleep big pricks cuz
her puss’y wi-de), then I begin they f!nger her
slow as I svçkand li-ck her cli-t like ice cream.
She dey m0@n seriously, dey rotate.

I carry my other hand they squee-ze her breas’t
and dey ru-b her nipp’le gently. Omoh, she begin
twist, I know say this girl dey heaven. I continue
with more seriously, she no fit control the
sweetness so she gr-ab the window protector, they
squee-ze am, they twist her big h!ps as she dey
m0@n . Small time she scream:

“St©p! St©p! I want to pee”

I tell her.

“It’s okay. Pee in my mouth”

I kon dey f!nger her fas-ter, dey ru-b the g-‘sp©t,
while I con change the cli’t l!çk!ng to slow pace.
Sometimes I go put my full ton-gue inside use
Bleep her small then li-ck the puss’y from inside
out. She dey m0@n badly, dey tell me say she go
so cu’m but 10 minutes pas-s she never cu’m. Small
time, she say:

“Excuse, excuse, I will pee here oh”

I gr-ab her legs ti-ghter, still dey do my magic.
Next tin I know, she piss her c-m everywhere for
my face and the be-dsheet. I continue to do my
magic again, as she wan come, I put my mouth
cover her pu’ssy, dey svçkher as she dey c-m. She
no fit control the extacy so she gr-ab my n£¢k.
She scratch me f!ngerssef, but I later dey use am
tease her by calling her vampire. she say na me be
the vampire.

I pour the c-m from my mouth for her Kitty-Cat,
the Kitty-Cat Don swell. everywhere dey fuc’ked
up, egar go kill me. She just dey look me dey
smile. I ask her:

“How come your as$ is this fat”
She laff. She con turn face the nyash for my
face. Oh lord! See full fat nyash wey dey this
girl small b©dy.

“It’s what God gave me nah. You don’t like it”

“Any Guy who doesn’t like your as-s nee-ds to be
stoned to death”

She laff, the nyash dey vibr@te as she dey laff.

Then she ask me:
“What do you enjoy most”….

To be continued

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