NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 4


Mrs Ann jumped down from the table, hurriedly
wore her shi-t and adjusted her Sk-irt. I arranged
the sits and acted like I was typing something on
her dell l@pt©p.

The teacher c@m£ in collected the packets of
chalk and walked out. We greeted. I couldn’t
tell if there was any form of suspicion from the
teacher… I hoped none.

After the teacher left, the VP made a joke about
me spoiling her and asked me to go back to my
office. I went to the principal’s office first to
give a fake excuse about why I missed my clas-s.
Lucky me, she was always easy on me, calls me a
quiet and responsible young man (big mistake!).
I had Ella’s clas-s later that day but she acted
super normal, not even an eye contact. Omoh, u
gaz dey fear naija girls I swear.

When school was over, I took a keke napep going
to town and incidentally met the VP.

“Corper, where are going to?”

“Ma, I’m going to buy a few things I nee-d”

“Things like what?”

“Numerous things ma”

I come laff (Fake laff as usual)

“Are you sure you are not going to see one of
your girlfriends?”

“No, I don’t have time for girls”

If I hear say I no love girls … girls are the next
best thing after money.

She asked about where I live and told me that
she’d love to visit me sometime. No wahala!.
She paid our t-fare and got down.
Weeks went by but there was never a right time
for the VP to visit me. She was always nice to me
(even before that adventure in her office)
Meanwhile, I bin dey carry other student girls
dey pas-s time (relax, Tori dey come).

One Friday morning, she walked into my office. I
forgot to mention that Mrs venny was her very
good friend. Big irony right? Yes. Na that time I
kon realize say birds of thesame feather no dey
always flock together oh.

“David, will you travel this weekend?”

“No ma”

“Then you should come and spend the weekend at
my place na”

Chai! Why this woman won cast me in front of
Mrs Venny na?
Mrs venny come look me one suspicious look. Oh,
I hope I don’t disappoint her.

“Ok ma. I don’t know your address oh”
Shaparly, she write down her address and 2 phone
numbers give me.

For some reason, I and Mrs venny didn’t speak
about it, things were still normal between us sha.
Saturday morning c@m£. I got a call from one h0t
ss2 girl saying she wanted to come over. Abegi, I
tell her say I no dey town. Make I save my
strength for better thing jor.
I called the VP:

“Hello ma. It’s David”

“Hey, Corper. Are you still coming?”

“Yes ma”


“Errmm, around 1pm”

“Ok, I will be expecting you oh”


I cut call. Check time: na 10:30 am. I made
indomie, got high on alcohol, started pla-ying de-ep
ra-p songs (how I love h!p-hop!) till I sle-pt off.
I woke up around 1:30 pm. I Jumped up, saw two
missed calls from Mrs Ann.
I dress, tidy up myself as a homeboy wey surji,
begin dey go VP crib….
Jizos! I no even know whether she get husband
and pikin…
One mind say make I call Mrs Venny ask am, the
other mind say no! Na casting.
When I reach the bridge, I go cross am…..

As I reach Mrs Ann address, I call am for phone
naim she come gate come carry me go inside. Nice
compound, nice house with beautiful interior. As I
enter Parlor, the first thing wey I look for na
family pictures (omoh, I nee-d to know whether
she get akpu-obi sons wey go beat me to death if
them get catch me dey do nons-en-se with their

I see picture of she and her husband Then three
grown up girls. She no get any sons. Thank God!
Make I worry about her husband (at least him go
Don old small, so I fit b!ow am run if yawa g@s).
Meanwhile her friend wey bin visit her dey parlor
with us. We greet. Na Only the two of them dey

“Ma, where is everyone?”

“Two of my girls are married, the last one went
for a birthday p@rty”

Hurray!!! Nob©dy dey around.
Wait oh, make I no happy yet. What of her

“Ma, what about daddy?”

“Oh. He went for a seminar abroad”

No wonder this woman dey wear designer clothes
and perfumes come school.
She offer me beer. I dey sip am as We dey watch
Dstv (african magic). Around thirty minutes later,
her friend begin dey go. Thank God! Ah ah I Don
dey wait tire na.

She see her friend off, con come inside. Na now I
come look Mrs Ann well. Jizos! She wear black
leggings and sweater t©p. Boy! See nyash! Live
and direct. No film trick.

She look me, I focus like say I dey look TV. She
smile, waka go front of TV, shift her sweater t©p
go up then come begin dey twer-k her nyash. I sure
say she no wear p@n-t, her nyash just dey shake
like mad.

Chai! If say my p—k get mouth, e for shout “I
go explode oh!!!”
we-tin I go do? My mind say make I go rock am
as she twer-k. My other mind say make I relax
Next thing, she waka come where I sidon come
dey ru-b her big nyash for my p—k, slowly. If say
no be nyash heavy like this, my leg for Don break
oh. Omoh the nyash soft die.
As she dey ru-b am, I carry my hand dey ru-b her
to’to, fat and soft puss’yl-ips. (Omoh na heaven
be this I swear. If to say na so heaven dey, I for
no sin again. Wait oh, no se’x for heaven oh,
chai! God abeg try look into the matter abeg.)
Then she st©p the show, stand up.
She come dey tease me.

“Corper Corper, you will pay oh”

I say “yes ma”.

We laff (as usual, my laugh na fake)
She say “keep watching tv, let me go and shower,
I’m coming”……
By now, the alomo wey I drink before I comot for
house come begin dey high me….


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