NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 3

NYSC: My S-xvice

Episode 3

I obey like small pikin, closed my eyes dey wait
(hope say this girl no wan use knife cut off my
tin oh, cuz naija girls can be funny at times).
omoh, next thing I felt was a soft k!sson
forehead down to myl-ips, n£¢k, che-st , stomach
(I dey pray make she no st©p) then she pu-ll-ed out
my di-ck and stro-ked it then started su-cking it
ike a vacuum cleaner… slowly.
very good bad girl. haha. she would svçkit dry,
spit on it and svçkit dry, then occasionally
li-cked the ti-p of my di-ck with her we-t ton-gue
(omoh, I dey j£rk every time she do am… i bin
try to control myself but no way).
then I excused myself and entered the bathroom
(I no wan re-lease yet abeg)…

I drank the
remaining mixture of alomo & stout I hid there.
after that, I took one mint to freshen my breath.
I went back in and met Ella stack Unclad on be-d,
S-xy as ever. I started c@r£ss!ngher th!ghs,
telling her how S-xy she was and how lucky I was
to have her. she loved the things I was saying, I
could see it in her stare.

then I started k!ss!ngher inner th!ghs up to her
pus’sy region but I didn’t k!ssher there yet. I
focused on her th!ghs for a while then slowly
went up and fli-cked her cli-t with the ti-p of my
li-ps… I started l!çk!ng her cli-t slowly, su-cking
it, spelling letters with my ton-gue on it.
occasionally I would de-ep my ton-gue into it and
slowly fli-ck it out (ru-bbing my ton-gue on the cli-
t as it comes out).

all the while I could tell that she in heaven cuz
she m0@n ing like ‘awwww’ ‘uhmmmm’ n sometimes
sobbing (like person wey won cry) positioning my
head in a “don’t st©p” manner. I then placed one
of my hands on her bo’obs, smooching it and
gently squee-zing her nipp’le. I focused my ton-gue
on the her cli’t… su-cking and fli-ckering it while
I di-pped my other hand’s middle f!nger in her pu-

I started f!ngering her, I was ma-king the ‘come
here’ sign with my f!nger (palm facing up) this
was magic, I could feel me ru-bbing the center of
gravity. occasionally, I kept ma-king circular
movements with my f!nger. I did all these task at
the same d–n time!. omoh, e come be like fight
oh… Ella kept m0@n ing, j£rking, moving up and
down the be-d, as she dey move I dey follow am
go any angle. lol.

around 5minutes I st©pped cuz I knew she was
gonna c-m any moment, that would weaken her
and make the straffing dull. I pu-ll-ed out a
condo’m and wore it on my £r£¢td–k. she lay
flat on her stomach, I placed a pillow un-der her
lower stomach (so that the coochie go position
well from behind). I fli-cked my di-ck around her
Kitty-Cat for a while then said “plea-se start na”
then I slowly slided my di:Ck into her we-t puss’y.
it was ti-ght and warm. slowly, I was ban-ging
her, then I started increasing my pace. Ella was
m0@n ing and saying “I must marry you” see this
girl sha, you Don dey mad abi? lol. I continued
for about 7minutes then I gr@bb£d her w@!st up
(doggy style). I ban-ged for like 10minutes then
switched to scissors style.

I kept ban-ging and switching positions till I
eja-culated at the 31st minute (yes, I dey
calculate my rounds) doing missionary style (with
a pillow un-der her w@!st). she still held my w@!st
and said “continue plea-se” I said “I’m tired” she
said “use your f!nger like u do plea-se”.

I started to f!nger her dripping we-t puss-y and
su-cking her ti-p till she re-leased some shiny fluid.
then she l@ymotionless and tired. I looked her in
the eyes, smiled at me and she said “thank you”.
of course! thank me!!.

we sle-pt Unclad, woke up later, relaxed and
chatted till around 6:30 pm. then I told her to
start going so her parents wouldn’t look for her.
it was getting dark alre-ady. she looked at me and
“does it look like I’m going home today?”
omoh, na so we do vigil  till Sunday morning oh.
later, this S-xcapade nearly ruined me (story for
another day sha).

fast forward to a few weeks later*

one early Wednesday morning, I was sitting in
office trying to compose a lesson note on a t©pic
I was supposed to teach that morning. the
students were on as-sembly ground while the vice
principal (VP) was going round on staff rooms &
clas-s inspection. her name was Mrs ann (not real
name). she was a fair, big a$$ woman probably
somewhere around 45-50 years old (age is nothing
but a number right?). she walked into my office
and I greeted her:

“good morning ma”

“good morning Corper, you c@m£ early today”

“ma, I nee-ded to do an important task”

“ok. you are Ibo abi”

“yes ma”

bla bla bla *chat continued*

“Corper, I like your shi-t. will you buy one for

(nothing special about the shi-t jor)

“yes. I will”

she kon laugh me say I dey lie. Corper wey dey
manage. why this woman they fall my hands na?.
then she said:

“this thing they call Facebook, can I use it on my
phone. (yes, her phone was a nice android.)

“yes ma”

“ok, come to my office whenever u are free so
that you will teach me”

“alright madam”

11:30am, the bell rang. break time. I stood up and headed for the VP’s office ……

Before I left for the VP’s office, I told Mrs
venny that I was going to see the VP. I and Mrs.
venny shared everything, we were really good
friends but I didn’t hint her that the VP might
want to flir-t with me (I dey mad!?) cuz she
would advice me against it. Mrs venny was like a
combination of holy Mary’s heart and Mona
Lisa’s b©dy. I had great love for this woman and
she cared about me too.

Till this day, I still haven’t seen a woman that
matches her uniqueness. even on some of my duty-
free days, I would go to school just to see Mrs
venny: talk with her, stare at her brown eyes,
watch her smile n make her laugh. D–n!!! Mrs
venny was probably the best p@rt of my service

*Back to the VP*

I knocked at the VP’s door. She asked me to
come in. I c@m£ in. She shut the door behind me.

“Corper what will you take?”

“Nothing ma”

“No, you must take maltina, or do you take

“No I don’t take beer”
(Big lie, me wey drink beer like fish)

“Quiet people like you are very bad”

Then we laughed (I laff fake laff jor). My mind
they wonder we-tin this woman won do. As I dey
sip my malt, she gave me her phone to open
Facebook for her. As I dey process the
registration, she come sit on the table facing me.
Omoh, this woman get big nyash and bo’obs, I
even dey wonder how her as-sets still dey intact
inspite of her age.

As she sidon, she open her legs they look as i dey
type for her phone… and could inside her th!ghs.
Omoh, my mind begin dey beat. we-tin dey
happen?. After some time, she stand up come my
back come carry her big bre’asts put for my n£¢k,
place her hands around my che-st. Omoh, my heart
dey beat, confusion full my head… u sure say
principal no s£nd this woman to set me up?

She asked:

“How far have you gone”

“Almost throu-gh ma, remaining to upload your
profile picture”

Omoh, as I come enter her picture gallery to
select ph0to, my head scatter!! This woman get
nak’ed pictures wey she dey sample her to’to, big
nyash and big brea’sts. Jizos christ of onitsha!!
I Don jam today.

She looked as I was going throu-gh them, smiled
from behind and said:
“Do you like my pictures?”

Omoh, my voice seize I no fit talk.
She con say “youth of nowadays, all you know is

I said “S-x is sweet ma” honestly, I couldn’t
believe what I just said.

She laughed “see your mouth, bad boy”.
Next thing she said “I love S-x but…”
She st©pped there (she sighted my kicking di-
ck!). I Don fall hand?. abegi which person p—k
no go stand when e see kain woman nyash?

“Can u satisfy me?”

I smile like pope john Paul.

“Of course ma”

She stood, re-moved her shi-t, hung it. I could see
her breas’ts throu-gh her white br@. Then asked me
to squee-ze her brea’sts. She l@yon her office
table. I re-moved one, k!$$£d around it, li-cked
around the nipp’le and started to svçkit like a
new born baby, meanwhile my other hand was de-ep
down in her Sk-irt, c@r£ss!ngher puss’y with her
p@n-ts still on. Omoh, her to’tol-ips fat wella. my
p—k wan bust!

She relaxed, closed her eyes and said “where did
you learn to do this”. I re-moved my mouth from
her brea’sts for a minute and said “it’s my talent
ma. It’s the only talent God gave me”. She laugh
sotay she nearly fall from table. Then we heard a
knock on the door.

We heard a female voice say “madam, plea-se I
want to collect 4 packets of chalk”
I Don die! No where to hide in here!!. And there
was another problem, it was past break time and
I missed a clas-s  I was supposed to teach (omoh,
big brea’sts dey make time fly oh). The principal
was looking everywhere for me…..

To be continued

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