NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 2

NYSC: My S-xvice
Episode 2

I handed over the text book to Ella. She took it to clas-s and promised to return it. I no know whether she really nee-d that book, abi she just won use style give me green light?. I just respected myself and kept acting normal around her. days past, I no see more green lights again oh! Abi Ella no like me again? God abeg oh.

Two weeks later was Valentine’s day and behold I had so many gifts that I couldn’t remember some girls who gave me gifts. One girl walked into my office with a love shaped gift with an inscription that said I LOVE YOU and said “sir, this is a val gift from Ella”.

I s£nt for her, we chatted then I asked for her number. After school, she c@m£ to say bye and I promised to call her at night.

At night, I dialled her number:

“Hi, it’s David”


“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, and you”
“Fine. I like you”


“Can I see you tomorrow?”

“I don’t know oh. I don’t visit strangers”

Omoh, d girl say I resemble pla-yer, I come convince Ella say I like her die, say I no be bad Guy. But I didn’t beg her…. I can’t beg a girl for anything.

attra-ction is the key … if a girl is attra-cted to you, you no nee-d all those “ten ways to get a girl” lecture. ru-bbish!.

I come tell her say if she no fit come tomorrow, I no go ever invite her again. I cut call. 30 seconds Later, she call me back and asked me when I want her to come … I just tell am 11a.m. girls love guys that make the rules. Trust me, I know.
hurray!!!! Ella and her hvge bo-ob s are coming to my house.

Next day was Saturday, the d-day. I arranged my room, sprayed my b©dy spray in the room (I no get air freshner… who nee-ds air Freshner when jona is president? Lol.) I took my bath, put on clean bo-xers and a black polo then borrowed some naija films (naija chicks like naija film die).
Of course, I had c0nd0ms un-der my mattress. 10:30am,

Ella called and asked for the direction to my crib. I gave all the details of the house and even told her how old the house was. Lol. She con laff like fried fish head (ishi-azu). I con begin dey pl@ycool R&B songs…. meanwhile I Don alre-ady drink alomo mixed with big stout.
Today na die!. I just l@y4 be-d dey expect Ella.

Next thing I heard a knock on the door. Thank God! I do sign of the cross. As I open door I saw one small boy wey be my neighbor pikin. “U dey mad?!” I ask am with vex. “Comon go pl@y4 gutter” I hiss, ban-g my door still they wait 4 Ella.

5 minutes later, I hear another knock again. God abeg I no won die of high BP oh, this person got to be Ella abeg. I opened the door and saw Ella, S-xy as hell. Jizos christ of onitsha!! see bo’obs! If to say trumpet b!ow that moment, I for no gree go heaven immediately oh, I go wait till I straff finish. lol.

This girl na heaven on her own, my p—k Don dey salute since. She gave me a smile and I said “come in plea-se”….

Ella walked in, I shut the door and she sat on my
be-d watching a naija movie I arranged for. We
chatted for a minutes then i l@ybehind her and
joined her in watching the movie. She seemed
interested in the movie sha (no mind naija girls
Jare, if u follow their words. and action, u no go
succeed to Straff dem oh). My mind no even dey d
film sef I just plan how to executive my mission.

Then I began my usual technique by holding palms
with her and gently c@r£ss!ngher palm. Most
times, a girl who’s re-ady would get the message
and unconsciously ca-ress your palm too or adjust
to a position where you can have access to her
S-xual zones.
Omoh, Ella no respond in any way… chai, I Don
enter one chance.

But I remember all d praise wey girls dey give me
(lord of S-x) so I comport myself and re-
strategize. Then I started pla-ying with her
n£¢klace, telling her how perfect I thought she
was and how I love to hvg people I love. All na
packaging jor, i just dey wan use style smooch
her. She just turned, looked at me and smiled.
That smile be like “I don’t believe you, you
wanna t©uçh my b©dy” then I gave her a hvg from
behind, placing my arms slightly around her upper
stomach, right un-der her bo’obs. I could feel the
s-en-sation of her bo’obs on my arms. Omoh, thank
God say God create women oh, if not the world
for be “big nons-en-se”.

Then I started smooching her stomach gently,
moving slowly to the side of her brea’sts, using
my palms and f!ngersto ca-ress her. Omoh, Ella
just pretend like say she no s£nd me, still dey
watch the movie. She was putting on a skimpy t©p
and a light br@ inside. I made a slow “O”
movement with my middle f!ngersaround her ti-ps,
then squee-zed her ti-ps as gently as possible. Then
she j£rked as I squee-ze them. Viola!! She Don
respond! Then I moved to a kneeling position
behind her, I started k!ss!ngthe sides of her n£¢k
while doing my magic with my f!ngers.

I could feel her heart-beat increase and her
breathing bec@m£ more intense. This went on for
about 4 minutes. Now or never!. I st©pped k!ssing
n£¢k region, moved close to her ears and whispered
“l wanna take your t©p off”. She no talk

Brothers, girls no like guys wey dey
always seek permission oh, just study her action/
reactions and do what u feel is right.

So I started to pu-ll her shi-t off slowly, I took
it off!. I still left her br@ on, d–n! Her br@
couldn’t contain her bo’obs. I started k!ss!ngher
n£¢k again, down to her spine and back. Then I
un-bu-ttoned her br@ and re-moved them slowly.
Jizos see bo’obs! I still couldn’t believe I had
Ella’s bo’obs in my room. So dreams come true?.
She come lie down for be-d, facing up looking at

Then she said “this is why you invited me abi?” I
said “no, I really like you and I love spending
time with you”. I whine am small. She believe
me, I bent over and started k!ss!ngher (omoh, her
li-ps soft like agege bre-ad), she held the back of
my head and was k!ss!ngme too. All the while, I
was c@r£ss!ngher bo’obs and ti-ps with one hand.
I st©pped k!ss!ngherl-ips. I very slowly, started
k!ss!ngher down: n£¢k, che-st, stomach, ribs,

Omoh, every k!ssI placed on her
gave her some chills. I Neva k!ssher bo’obs yet
(keeping the best for the last).
Then I come gr-ab her hvge bo’obs, omoh my hand
no fit carry am well sef. I k!$$£d her bo’obs,
started ma-king circular movements with my ton-gue
around her ti-ps. She was j£rking. Then I placed
my fulll-ips around her bo’obs and s—-d gently,
She made an “uohhh” sound. Viola!! First
m0@n !. my other hand was smooching her other
brea’st and gently squee-zing her ti-ps She come
dey ru-b my head as I dey svçkher.

After like 1 minute, I st©pped n looked at her.
Omoh, she gr-ab my head back to her nipp’les and
said “you better don’t st©p oh”. so this girl like
this thing she come they form king-kong since.
Omoh, I come continue oh switching brea’sts and
doing magic with my f!ngers.

Occasionally, I would st©p and k!ssher all over
her b©dy again. Ella was m0@n ing when I was
su-cking, sotay I come start to pl@yblues to cover
the noise. Then she took my middle f!nger inl-ips
and starting su-cking it. we-tin this girl they do
sef?. Then I made the next big move… (she was
putting on Jean trou-sers- why this girl wear this
kind protec-tion come na?) I smooched her crouch
region with my f!ngersreached for her Zi-ppers.

Then she gr@bb£d my hand,

As she gr@bb£d my hand, I st©pped su-cking
and looked at her with an innocent face (like
2months old pikin wey him mama loss) as if to say
“we-tin happen na?”.

As if she re-ad my mind, she
said “what do you think you are doing?” d–n!
my standing di-ck just deflated and I just slumped
beside her on the be-d, no response. then she
started raining me with questions like:
“so this is how use girls and dump them abi?”
“how many of my clas-smates have u sle-pt with?”
“is this love or lvst”

na today? trust me na, I gave her d best possible
responses n told her that se-x would bind us
together. omoh, I whine am tire, she just dey
smile dey look me. baddest Guy ever liveth, I
come reach for her Zi-ppers again feeling say I
Don win her heart. omoh, as I t©uçh her crouch
area to open Zi-p, she gr@bb£d my hand saying
“your plan shall not work oh, you want to use me
and dump me abi?”

omoh, I started another round of br@in-washing
but Ella still no gree me unZi-p her local
government oh. chai! I Don Bleep up… like say I
know I for invite nneka (another big bo’obs girl
wey call me that morning say she wan see me).
how 1 girl go dey use me pl@ylike dis na? when
more than 100 students dey willing to Bleep me.
I come free her, lie down face ceiling dey think
about my life. she ask me why I quiet, i say
“nothing” she ask whether I dey vex I say “no ,
why should I be angry na. S-x or no S-x, you’re
still special to me”. (big lie, I dey vex die .lol.)
na wisdom I use cuz it’s good to tell girls what
they wanna hear.

she smiled, continued watching TV. there was
silence. then she said she wants to rest on my
che-st. God I thank u oh! omoh she rested her
face n bo’obs on my che-st… I bet she could feel
my heart beating like bas-s drums. her bo’obs on
my ba-re che-st… pure extacy!. I dey look TV but
my br@in couldn’t comprehend anything. lol. she
asked why my heart was beating, I said I had
high BP, she laughed. there was silence again
then my di-ck started kicking . she placed her
hands on my dic-k and said “so u Don plan to kill
me today abi?” I said “no, my di-ck always kicks
when am with someone I love”.

she laughed again saying I was funny. really?.
then she stood up, bo’obs big n £r£¢tand asked
me to close my eyes…

To be Continued

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