NYSC: My S-xvice – episode 11

Episode 11

I didn’t want her to c-m yet. So I st©pped and
looked her in the eyes. Her breathing was intense:
this was war indeed. I knelt down beside her, she
started ru-bbing her breas:ts with one hand while
stro-king my d–k with the other hand. I bent
down, placed my hand on one of breas;t, tickled
the nippl:e with the ti-p of my ton-gue and started
su-cking it gently.

I kept switching brea-st:s and she kept ru-bbing the
back of my head as I s—-d.
Later on I di-pped my middle f!nger in her puss:y
while still su-cking on her bo’obs. Her Kitty-Cat
was sli-ppery and warm. She was paying me back
with a gentle hand-job. Minutes later, she
squee-zed her legs and my f!ngerswere soa-ked with
jui-ce. It had this light onion-like smell but it
was not offensive. Actually, it was cool. I knew
she had cu*m. Then she said:

“Corper, st©p plea-se. I’m okay now.”

I st©pped and l@ybeside her. Minutes past, we
just l@ythere, not speaking, Music pla-ying. Then
she said:
“Corper come and see me off I want to start

Omoh see expensive joke o. I just turn look her
one kain eye as if to say “u Don dey mad abi?”.
As she see my red eye, she begin laugh come carry
her breas:ts fall on t©p my che-st. Sweet jizos!.
She dey like that reach two minutes then she
begin dey slide down to my di:ck area. I dey pray
make she no st©p. She reach there, put my dic:k
for mouth begin su-ck.

I noticed that she wasn’t a good su-cker, cuz she
kept doing messy things with spit and I wasn’t
comfortable. She wasn’t a good su-cker at all. I
told her to st©p. I put on a con.dom, and asked
her to stand.

We stood on the be-d, she placed both of her
hands on the wall and I entered her from behind.
I ru-bbe-d the cap of my dic:k on her cli:t before
the entry.

Her puss:y was warm and sweet. I was hitting it
slow and increa-sed to a ha-rd pace, stro-king
different directions. She was m0@n ing in low
tunes. Minutes later, she said her knees. were
weak so she l@yflat on her che-st.

I put a pillow right un-der her stomach near the
pvb!c area and entered from behind her.
I was pounding ha-rd and she was m0@n ing loud
now. Every now and then, I would pause and su-ck
her bo’obs for a minute then continued the
pounding again.

Omoh, Nepa kon take light and the music wey I
use nack come st©p. Me too I st©p cuz her voice
been dey loud. Then I begin dey ban-g her small
small make she no m0@n Loud. Next thing I hear
na shout from outside:

“Corper! Corper!”

I st©p to pound. I dey listen.

My heart fly, I think say my female neighbor
Don hear the ban-ging noise. Footsteps kon waka
pas-s my door.
Ahhh!. I kon remember. Ok she been won return
the film wey she borrow from me.

As the footsteps faded out, Sandra tapped my
w@!st, motioning me to continue pounding her
puss:y. I put music on with my phone and
continued the pounding. After some minutes, I
re-moved the pillow from un-der stomach, joined
both her legs together and l@yher on her side. I
squ-atted behind and started stro-king her from
behind. Her puss:y was ti-ghter and warmer.

From time to time, I would st©p to catch my
breath. This was taking too long. We changed
position. She l@yon t©p me. The s-en-sation of her
fat a$$ ont©p me was sweet. Then she started
ri-ding me, very slowly.

I could feel the sweetness of her puss:y and she
knew I was in extacy. I c@m£ before four minutes
or thereabout. She just rested on my che-st with
my dic:k still in but weak. This might not be her
best but I knew it would be something to
remember. The last thing I heard before I sle-pt
was her voice.

She said:
“Corper you are a slow poison”.

Slow? Yes, I am. Bad boys move in slow motion.
Poison? No, I’m not… sorry, I forgot: I do kill
I sle-pt off. When I woke up, it was Sandra who
tapped me and said:

“Corper sorry for waking you but I’m about

Omoh, I no get strength to esc-rt Sandra o. My
b©dy dey very weak. I responded:
“Ok. Let me put on my clothes and see you off”

“No, no, no. Stay back plea-se. You nee-d rest. I
will visit you tomorrow”

Thank God say you un-derstand!

Around twenty minutes after Sandra left, I
received a call from Ella (one of the first ss1 girl
I S-xviced)

“Sir David, there’s a little problem o”

“What’s the matter?”

“That night I stayed at your house is causing big
problems in my family o! I ran away from home
that day and they want to know where I sle-pt.
 My mum said she will visit a prophet”

“What are we going to do?”

“Sir, I don’t know oohh”

Sleep clear for my eye….

To be continued

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