Nick the house help – episode 29

Nick the house help
Episode 29
(I placed my hand on my head.. Yvonne and other ladies get so weak,my fear is tunde and Yvonne’s my,they nee-d to get to the hospital for checkups, I tried scratching my head,I got confused.. Kingsley immediately start looking for something, i asked him what he was looking for,he said he nee-d shape object that can enter inside the key hole,we helped him in search of the object,we are not sure if we will see one. Luckily,, we saw a bag.. I opened it and see little knife,i gave it to him,, i rushed to the door and slot the knife at the key hole,we can’t help but to look at him, the last time i saw this thing he was trying to do was on movies, i was never sure it will happen in real life.
Kingsley tried his best to unlock the door with the knife,but it seems the door was proving stubborn to open, he got tired and seat on the ba-re flour with his hand on his head,
Yvonne : (Tears rolling down her chic) So we all are gonna die here,, ? **I never tried to answer her question** Nick plea-se do something,we can’t die here.
Me : Call the police again.
She Dialed the police number,but it was not reachable, we lost the network, We start ban-ging the door to see if some can come to our rescue,Kingsley still seat there,am sure he was tired… South on his own gat no strength, they are all weak,they nee-d water. Kingsley immediately stand up and start trying the key knife stuff again this time,he used more energy,,
He f0rç£fully push the door,to our greatest surprise, the door opened as the morning sun flashes into our eyes,we all c@m£ out, Thanks to kingsley
We know we don’t have the strength but we have to get out of the forest,, as we are about to run out of the forest,we saw Anderson and his men coming back to the forest,we heard gun sh0ts coming closer,,we all hide at a nearby bush just to watch clearly.. The police were coming with great f0rç£,Anderson and his men all get caught my the police,,
Where are the people you kidnapped ? The police officer asked him, Yvonne shouted from the were we hide
“We are here” The police heard it and c@m£ closer,we all c@m£ out one by one,, Yvonne move closer to were Anderson and his men are,, She spit on his face.. Anderson laughed one wicked mumu laugh,that we start thinking he is out of his mind.. The police dragged Anderson and his men, they helped us until we got to the express.
Mrs Amanda is alre-ady at the back seat of the police van, Yvonne saw her,she sl@pped her back,this time her own was h0tter.
Yvonne : You are evil.. I’ll make sure you don’t survive this, Where is my do¢v-ments,…?
Mrs Amanda – (Laughed) You won’t get them.
Me : Leave it to them,they have the fake one,,
**I brou-ght out the real one and showed it to them**
Yvonne could not believe her eyes,she hvgged me.. I saw smile on Natasha and Rebecca face for the first time ever since they got caught. Anderson and his men were pushed inside the van,, the police also make plans for Ambulance to take Yvonne’s mum,especially tunde who is yet to say something to the hospital, they police also f0rç£d Mrs Amanda to drop the boy she was carrying,,.
Police : Madam you will have to drop the little kid you are carrying, you can’t take him along with us.
Mrs Amanda : He is my son.
Police : I know.
Mrs Amanda : OK can i come down first to urinate?
Police : No madam,,
Mrs Amanda : Then the boy remains with me
(The police official got angry,as the police man was trying to let her go of the little kid,the police official finally dragged the little boy out of her hand, she noticed the gun in the police w@!st ,unknowingly to the police official, she pu-ll-ed the gun out,,I never noticed what was going on it was until i heard a gun sh0t., Yvonne have been hit in the back.,She fell down,,Mrs Amanda tries to run, the police fired at her,they sh0t her,she fell down,her life end there.
I keep on calling on Yvonne’s name,telling her not to leave me now,I cried out loud, South,kingsley and others rushed to meet me,, Natasha Rebecca also cried out loud. The policemen c@m£ closer to rush her to the hospital,, to our greatest surprise we heard a voice.
“What makes you all think i was not fully prepared for this mission?
I looked at her, her eyes was open,, she un-bu-ttoned her t©p,she wore bulletproof.. As Natasha and Rebecca noticed she was alive,they hvgged her so dearly, the policemen said they still have to take her to the hospital because of the f0rç£ of the bullet, they said she nee-ds checkup,, they carried her inside another waiting ambulance, I join her,, I watched Mrs Amanda dead b©dy lying helplessly at the back of the police van.. I never pitied her,, she deserved it.
Kingsley brings out the car were he packed it,Natasha,Rebecca,South and the other guys head straight to Lagos.
We all Made it….
Last Episode up next….
To be continued….
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