Nick the house help – episode 27

Nick the house help
Episode 27
** She smiled and c@m£ to me, looked at her eyes.. Only God knows what I’ll do to her if i finally survived this, I felt hatred inside of me. Why did we trust this one witch,is the answer i asked myself. She has this innocent face not knowing that she a devil,i looked at the Yvonne once more,i feel so sorry for her. But it seems she don’t care what happens here.
Anderson is busy smoking and flowing the smoke in Kingsley face,Kingsley tries to set his self free from Anderson me who seems to over power him,they gave him the almighty sl@p of his life,i don’t know what to next,no solution coming throu-gh my skull.
What should i do,I asked my self but no answers, Anderson c@m£ closer to south and said to him.
(Pointing at south face)
Anderson : I know you,you sh0t my men.. And I’ll make sure you pay for with your life’s, unless your boss here (he c@m£ to me) is willing to give me the do¢v-ments.
Yvonne : (Shouts) He will do no such thing.
(Anderson turns to Yvonne)
Anderson : Oops!!! Sweetheart, I never knew you still exist
**He brings out his gun and points it at Yvonne’s forehead**
Yvonne : Do it,just pu-ll the trigger, but i promise you, you won’t get what you want.
Anderson : Fine, meet your miserable dad in hell
**He tries to pu-ll the trigger**
Me :(Shouts loud) No,plea-se st©p,,, I’ll give you the do¢v-ments, I c@m£ with it, just plea-se leave her alone.
Yvonne : (Crying) Nick plea-se don’t give it to him
Me : Am sorry yvonne,i have to
** Anderson smiled and c@m£ to me**
Anderson : (Smiling) Good, I love doing business with gentle men. Now can i have it.
Me : On one condition
Anderson : What condition??
Me : You will have to free all of us and also re-lease Tunde and Yvonne’s mum. And am not signing on it until day breaks,once i sign on the do¢v-ments, I’ll go with my people and you will go with your men’s. That’s my condition
Anderson : Fine ** To his men** free the two fools
**His men went in and c@m£ out with tunde and a woman who am sure its Yvonne’s mum ,Yvonne’s mum and tunde is so weak,only God knows how they survive each day, Anderson untied us all and make sure his men eyes her on us,he brou-ght roasted yam,and shared to us all, Mrs Amanda c@m£ to me and said,
Mrs Amanda : (smiling) everything i told you guys back there was all lies,I actually drugged Yvonne’s dad drink,so he sle-pt with me thinking i was his wife,his wife c@m£ in and caught us, she got angry and walked me out of her matrimonial home,Anderson c@m£ up with this plan so i decide to punish the family,, all i ever wanted is the money, thank you for ma-king it possible tonight.
** Yvonne heard everything she said to me and that makes her increase the hatred she has for her, “You won’t go away with this.. I said to her
Mrs Amanda : (laughs) You don’t get it, once you sign on that do¢v-ments tomorrow, Everything that belongs to Yvonne’s family will turn to mine,and you will all go back to square one.
Yvonne’s Mum : Amanda, I cause the day i knew you.
** She laughs and leave**
Anderson : Now,let me have the do¢v-ments.
** I gave it to him,Yvonne look at me with disbelief, it was written in her face “You have failed me”
I thought I was helping, if you were in my shoes…
What will you do????
To be continued….
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