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Nick the house help – episode 24

Nick the house help
Episode 24
(Mrs Amanda was shaking seriously,she can’t say anything,with the look in yvonne’s eyes,she is ready to pull the trigger. The last time i saw yvonne like this was when she accused me of stealing her money,but this one is the worst. Natasha neck should be called giraffe neck this time,the way is stretching it this time ehh. Rebecca on her own looks like she is never gonna come out from her room again.
Yvonne : Answer my question you witch.
Mrs Amanda : what have i done wrong? Are you accusing me of your missing mum,please my daug….
*yvonne cuts her shut,she is good at that anyways*
Yvonne : Don’t even dear call me your daughter,what are you doing in this picture?
*she handed over the picture to her*
Mrs Amanda : (she collected it,but was shocked) Who gave you this picture,the person is trying to blackmail me
Yvonne : (smiled) Blackmail right??
Mrs Amanda : Yeah.
**Yvonne rushed back up stairs,is only God that knows what she is up to this time,me and natasha cleared out of the way for her to pass,mrs amanda is already begging me to stop yvonne,but i told her i can’t do such,yvonne came back with the tape and played it for her,natasha opened her ear so wide to listen to what the tape have to say,then rebecca released herself the way she locked herself *do you understand this english” Lol*
Then she was sure it wasn’t she yvonne was coming for,she also listened to everything,Natasha and Rebecca opened there mouth so wide that even the house flies can have an impact through there wide opened mouth.
Mrs Amanda on the other hand was also shocked,then she knows we plotted all that against her,she can’t speak again,you can still call her deaf and dump at that moment.
Yvonne : So i believe this ain’t a blackmail,what do you think? I trusted you,I take you as my own mother,I also make sure you don’t lack anything,because of me,your only daughter studies abroad,kidnapping my mum wasn’t enough for you,instead you killed my dad,anderson never loved me,he wants my dad’s wealth,so that when you’ve finally succeed,he will marry your daughter,but you failed it all,am not given you a second chance. Where is my mother for the last time??
Natasha : Mrs Amanda,please talk and don’t keep mute.
Rebecca : Are you this wicked?
**i was looking at them as they faced mrs amanda who was still looking for what to say,”finally”.
Mrs Amanda : (this time she was bold enough) You all keep shut
“”We all looked at each other not knowing where she got that voice from.”” She continues
you think you can intimidate me? Not anymore,yvonne you wanna shoot me? Go on,do it,shoot me. Am not gonna release your so-called mother,after when have gone through in your family’s hands when you were abroad,your dad forcefully slept with me,I later found out i was pregnant for him,he said i should abort the baby,I refused,I told him am scared,he told your mum,your mum got angry and threw me out of the house,I suffered,I cry all night.. Anderson saw me on the street begging for food,he took me home,he asked me what happened,I explained everything to him,he told me he is gonna help me on one condition,I said the condition is to come back here and take your dad documents,but on my own,I want to take revenge,anderson helped me through my stay in his house till the day i delivered a baby boy,he trained the boy in school,due to your family respect him,he came here and beg your dad for my return,he lied to them that i have abort the pregnancy,that’s when your parents accept me to continue with my job,ever since then i hate this family.
**we all got shocked at mrs amanda’s story,I pitied her,I felt for her,yvonne was now weak,she was sorry for not knowing all this happens when she was studying abroad.
Yvonne : (Crying) why didn’t you tell me this all this while?? Must you ruin my own life.. You know how much i respect you.. I never knew all this happen, please forgive me.
Mrs Amanda : (also crying) I am also sorry my daughter,but your parents pushed me to do so,and anderson won’t let my son go if i don’t finish what i promised him.
Me : There is always a way out,we need to rescue all of them,both your son,yvonne and i will take care of him,, but please my beat friend is out there,he knows nothing about all this,please tell us where they are.
**Mrs Amanda thinks for a while**
Mrs Amanda : I will tell you on one condition.
Yvonne : what condition?
Mrs Amanda : promise you will take care of my son,your brother.
Yvonne : I will do so,he is my own blood.
Mrs Amanda : Your mother and tunde is locked in a room,inside a thick forest in Ota, ogun state.. Were anderson and his men base. But my son is in victoria island,in andeson main build,although anderson doesn’t stay there but he has his own guards that secure the building,going inside all this place i just mentioned will be deadly.
**after telling us all this,we all plan to get ready for the last fight,yvonne said she wants to be part of it,I refused,but she insist,we also informed the police,I called kingsley and the four guys to get ready for action,we are gonna share ourselves in two groups.. We plan to go on the next day. I don’t wanna lose yvonne or anybody that i cared for. Through out that day,all that i can think of is ” Go for the rescue”
Truly : Let’s go for the “RESCUE”
To be continued……

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