Nick the house help – episode 20

Nick the house help 

Episode 20

(I called kingsley immediately,I told him to inform south and jimoh so that they can be re-ady to follow her up,the next day i rushed to the visitors quarters to inform Dan and Olamide,they all got set.

I did not intend to tell yvonne because of the trust she have for mrs Amanda,she was awake,I was pushed to tell her but i can’t,I only said good morning to her and k!$$£d her in the forehead, I walked to the parlor where i sit on the sofa watching movies,I have to watch mrs amanda closely this time.. Mrs amanda c@m£ out of her room.

Mrs Amanda : Good morning my son

Me : (pretended) Haaa,Good morning ma,how was your night?

Mrs Amanda – Awesome,you?

Me : Just worried tho,I don’t know what is wrong with yvonne?

Mrs Amanda : (smiled) Don’t worry she’ll be fine,I’ll soon check on her when am throu-gh washing the dishes.

Me : Oh thank you, plea-se do

Mrs Amanda : Just be cool son,some days are like this.

Me : (smile) Thank you ma

*She smiled and left*

(I wonder why she keep on pretending,she can kill slowly.. But she won’t get yvonne or me,I was still at the parlor when yvonne c@m£ down to join me,she sits beside me and lean on my shoulder.

Yvonne : Honey am sorry

Me : Sorry for what?

Yvonne : for not giving you attention yesterday,I just don’t believe my own friend will want to do something bad to me,am just confused whom to trust.

Me : Yeah,but in situations like this,you have to stay strong and focused,you don’t have to starve your self because of this.

Yvonne : Alright. I’ve heard you.

Me : So how was your night?

Yvonne : Horrible jaare *Laughed*

Me : (smiled) See your head

Yvonne : like yours

**we both laugh**

(Not quit long rebecca c@m£ in with natasha)

Rebecca : (Smiling) Hey Guys

(Yvonne looked at her with so much anger showing in her face,natasha noticed.*

Yvonne : *with anger* what are you doing here?

Rebecca : (surprised) Why that question?

Yvonne : (stand up from the sofa,with a loud voice) Answer my question

Rebecca : I don’t get it,what have i done wrong,have been out for two days and c@m£ in now,and you’re telling me to leave your house.

Natasha : Yvonne,what happened?

Yvonne : She is the person behind all this,The police said it all,the as-sas-sins confessed alre-ady and the police wants to know who she is, she’s a murderer,plea-se leave my house.

Natasha : How are you sure this is not a setup,for christ sake we went for a burial ceremony,this is what we get from the burial

*she showed us the burial tribute book*

Me : Rebecca,are you sure you have no hands in this accusation leveled against you.

Rebecca : Why will i do such a thing,but no problem,if she wants me to leave I’ll do just that. *she turns to leave*

Yvonne : Wait Rebecca,am sorr…….

(Suddenly, my phone rings,they all  shut up and look at me,its the same strange number)

To be continued…..

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