Nick the house help – episode 8


Nick the house help

Episode 8

(I was with tunde in the room,untill my phone rings,I looked at the screen of my phone,she have even stalled her number,so fast?, I picked her call.

Me : Hello

Yvonne : Yes dear,how are you?

Me : Am good,you?

Yvonne : Am not fine,you just left us like that and you never told us tunde is out alre-ady.

Me : Am sorry but you never asked me tho.

Yvonne : Anyway we’ve replaced tunde with someone else,we also called sara mum.

Me : Hmmm,When is she coming back and hope you told her am out alre-ady?

Yvonne : Yeah,we did.. But she said nothing. She only told us she will be back next week.

Me : Ok.. How is sara?

Yvonne : she is slee-ping,Nick plea-se am so sorry.. Where are you right now, am worried o.

Me : Am fine here.

Yvonne : Can you give me your home address?

Me : Not yet,I just c@m£ here.. Maybe later.

Yvonne : Ok, Hope you have a bank account,or go and open one,when you are done.. s£nd me your account number,ok?

Me : No problem… Thank you yvonne

Yvonne : Don’t tell me sorry dear,am sorry for pushing you so ha-rd .. Am regretting it right now. I just have to see you.

Me : You will, first thing tomorrow,I’ll open a bank account. Meanwhile i nee-d to rest.

Yvonne : Alright dear,I’ll call you back later then. Bye

Me : Ok,bye

*I dropped the call*

Tunde : That girl really sorry o

Me : Na her business be that sha.

Tunde : She wan s£nd you money shey?

Me : Ehn.. She say make i open account o,but i no know where that girl dey see money,imagine girl wey dash peson iphone 6.

Tunde : O’boy no miss this fresh meat o.. She like you scarra,, hold am ti-ght o.. Maybe she get peson wey she dey shop sha.. But na you she dey fall for.

Me : Peson wey i no even know her background.

Tunde : Carry am go one bar nau,from there ask am about her background,no fall my hand guy o, we get work to do tomorrow sha.

Me : Hmmmm.. No wohala sha

(We engaged ourselves in different conversation. until we got tired,I sle-pt off.. Around 5pm i was up.. I saw five missed calls from yvonne, *This girl self,I taya for you o* I stood up,tunde was alre-ady out of the room, I went straight to the bathroom,I took my bath and wore my long white polo.. I was fresh than ever.
I walked outside the room.. I saw tunde talking with kelvin and a girl was also with them,Kelvin sighted me and wave at me,Tunde called me to join them,I got downstairs to meet them. I greeted them.. And sat behind tunde, kelvin introduced me to the girl.

Kelvin : Nick this is Natasha,Natasha is a friend of mine,Natasha meet Nick,our new guy in the building

Natasha : welcome Nick.. Nice meeting you

Me : (smiled) Me too.. We both shake hands,So guys what’s happening here guys.. Let’s have something on the table.

We all walked outside our building,move to the beer parlor where we got a sit and a round table.. They served us beers,while Natasha requested for chicken pepper soup.. We all gist,laugh.. we had fun.. Throu-gh out my stay with them,I noticed natasha looking at me me and smiling.. “She is not serious” I spent like 15k,, *Abeg make una no chop me o,I gats to enjoy myself,at least am no more in bondage*
Natasha took my phone from the table while i was talking with kelvin and tunde,After little while my phone rang,natasha gave the phone to,it was yvonne again.. I picked,she told me she wants to check on me. We talk for a long while,Natasha was still looking at me.. After dropping the call,we stayed outside till it was 10pm,I told them i was going in,they told me they will be in later, I got inside and immediately someone knocked on the door,without knowing who it was, Come in.
The person c@m£ in an it was Natasha.

Me : *shocked* Natasha,what are you doing here?

Natasha : Are surprise seeing me in your room uninvited?

Me : No, at least,you should be with kelvin out there.

Natasha : Are you gonna welcome me in and st©p acting like a kid.

*Kid kwa?,you still dey lean sha*

Me : Come in sha (she c@m£ in) so what did you tell kelvin?

Natasha : Hmmm, I only told i wanna come and pee., but what is with you and kelvin? Or you think am d@t!ngkelvin.. The last time i checked,he told you i was his friend.

Me : I never asked if he was d@t!ngyou

Natasha : Anyways, I’ll be inviting you on a friend’s birthday p@rty this coming sunday and it’s gonna be fun,hope you will come?

Me : I don’t think so,I’ll busy for the week

Natasha : I won’t take that for an answer, am sure you will come tho,the p@rty will start by 5pm, I have your number alre-ady tho. Good night dear
*she left while i opened my mouth wi-de,this natasha must be a crook o,so it was my number she collect while she was with my phone?
I pla-yed video games that night till i got a msg from yvonne.. I re-ad
“Hello dear,plea-se i nee-d to see you very urgent this coming saturday by 5pm,plea-se don’t say no.. I’ll text you the venue soon, thanks.. Sweet dreams

Me : *To my self* what does this girls wants from me self,natasha invites me for a p@rty,yvonne said she wants to meet me very urgent,, nah dem sabi sha.

I dropped my phone and sle-pt off.. The drink was having effect on me tho

*Yvonne and natasha wants to meet me on the same d@t£ and time,which one will i accept?

*Anyway, work starts tomorrow.. Till then

To be continued…

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