Nick the house help – episode 7

Nick the house help

Episode 7

(I packed all of my belongings,when i was packing i saw 10k inside my bag.. Hmm,I never knew i have this kind of money o,I took my bath,dress my self,spray my perfume.. Wow,Nick was looking good,someone would even think i know where i was going.. When i was re-ady to move i said my prayers. Look at my room once more and said to it.
“Dear room, am really gonna miss you” *Breath in* and walk out of my room with my traveling bag.
As i got to the sitting room,yvonne and sara were busy chatting with there so-called maga, sara noticedme,she saw me with my bags.

Sara : Nick,where are you going to?

(Yvonne looked back,but i kept my head straight)
Answer me nick plea-se.

Yvonne : Nick what’s the meaning of this? You going insane or what? (she rushed to drag my bag from me)

Me : (Angrily) Don’t you dare t©uçh me.. *To both of them) you girls think you can run my life, I stayed here for so many years without seeing my families,,but instead of ma-king me feel relaxed,you made me see hell,now am leaving you girls for good.. Yvonne you sl@pped me just because of something i know nothing about,Hmmm, interesting.. Cl@p for your self.
*this time both of them start crying,but i was not moved* stay and enjoy your self’s,your tears won’t move me,you don’t nee-d me here.

Yvonne :*crying* Nick am truly sorry,plea-se don’t go yet. plea-se stay with us.

Sara : *crying* let him go.. He’s mind is alre-ady made up.. Nick but forgive us.. At least just wait till mum is back.

Me : Call her,tell inform her am out.

(I dragged my bag and rushed out of the sitting room with yvonne crying and following me,sara was standing looking at me,but yvonne followed till i got in front of the gate.. Do you noticed this girls never noticed the abs£nt of tunde? Yvonne was still begging me,pas-serby was looking at us,I was pushed to go back but i can’t. I was still there thinking of where to start from. While she ran back inside,she c@m£ back with the Iphone 6 pack and gave it to,she was begging.

Yvonne : plea-se don’t go Nick,I promise to make it up to you,I don’t know what c@m£ over me.. I was not happy since the day you reject my pres£nt to you.. I feel rejected once again after my ex rejected me.. I am so sorry,take this phone from me.

Me : *i pitied her and collect the phone from her* Its ok,but i have to go.. I can’t make it here.

Yvonne : I un-derstand dear, *she hvgged me and whisper into my ear* I LOVE YOU NICK

(I was surprise yvonne could ever love me,hmmm, I said ok to her. And she told me she in-sert sim card inside the phone,she also gave 30k,I was wondering were this girl got all this money from,but I never care to ask.. I on the phone and thank her.. She promised to give me a call,she walked back to the gate and wave to me. I moved and was thinking were to start from.. I was still walking when i heard the horn of a bus coming,I st©pped,as i look inside, it was tunde.

Tunde : Hey!!! My guy… Chai.. Kilode nau,we-tin happen?

*i was looking at him not knowing if to start punching him or ignore him.. He was so annoying this time,,he was trying to know where i was going to at this point of time.*
My guy answer me nau.

Me : Tunde what happen to you? You left me here and i saw hell..

Tunde : Nicholas No be so o,enter motor,I go gist you but first make we go our new house.

*he carried my bag inside the bus and i entered in front,he drove and he starts telling me our he suffered to look for the house,how he furnished it,how he nearly got rob and that’s what keep him over the weeks he spend, he said the guy gave him the bus today that’s why he intend to come back and he is sorry. I told him my own p@rt of the story, how even sl@pped me and while i was leaving she cried till are eyes was re-ady to pu-ll off. She also told gave me an iphone 6 with 30k and told me she love me.
Tunde laughed as he drives,I was cool once again, I am out of my madam house.

I now have my home,an i phone 6 the most of it all yvonne says he love me, so this girl was acting out of jealousy or rejection.
She never act as if she loves me tho,I never saw that coming I swear.
Tunde drives for Hours because of lagos holdup.. Until we finally got to our destination, I c@m£ down from the car. The house was on a busy street.. It has shops in front of it,beer parlor and barbing salon.. The area is not bad,a guy c@m£ out of the compound and coming towards us.

Tunde : Hey,Kelvin how you dey nau * they both chop knuckle*

Kelvin : Am cool man, who is this dude right here

*it’s this guy referring to me*

Tunde : This is Nick my brother from different mother,nick this is kelvin our landlord son

Kelvin : Whatsap Niggur?

*Oh now,i see this guy is sick*

Me : *i managed to smile and check him * Am good kelvin, thank you

Tunde have make friends so soon,I carried my bag as we walked inside the compound, we all laugh to the boring story kelvin was telling us.
Hmm the compound ain’t bad
tho,kelvin later leave us as he was throu-gh speaking like what i don’t know,tunde opened the door and behold,he painted the room,it was big.
Both the bathroom and the kitchen is excellent,I never knew tunde likes good thing,he bought flat screen tv,video games and one big cool be-d.

Mehn i love it.. Tunde is a friend indeed.. Thanks for having him around,, tunde prepared noodles,we ate together until my phone rings.

It was YVONNE.

To be continued….

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