Nick The House Help – episode 4

Episode 4

(On tuesday morning,I woke up very early. Thou i was feeling too dizzy but i have make the car clean and warm it.. I jumped out of the be-d at exactly 4 : 30 am. Because my madam said she was also taking the early morning flight to Berlin,Germany.
I watched my face and rushed out of my room with joy in my face, I went to get the car key to her Honda accord.. Walk throu-gh the exit door outside the sitting room, I got to the car garage and drive the car out side the garage and also get some bucket,car liquid soap and little rag.. On the tap and start washing the car with much joy in my face, at exactly 4 : 50 am, I was throu-gh getting the car re-ady, I got inside the sitting room, Yvonne was alre-ady up,sweeping the sitting room.

Me : Good morning Yvonne.

Yvonne : Good morning Nick, you are up alre-ady.

Me : yes.. I was outside cleaning the car..

Yvonne : Hmmm, Alright..

*mehn, yvonne is a goddess, looking at her face alone is heaven on earth.. Hmmm.. God help me sha, i walked to the kitchen, yvonne ve alre-ady cleaned everywhere. She is a good as-sistant indeed. Not that one that cannot even boil h0t water not to talk more of boiling rice.
She *sara* can only sleep all throu-gh the,very lazy but am happy she changed sha.
Mrs Onome c@m£ out of are room fully prepared,me and yvonne greeted her. She responded and asked of sara,yvonne went to call sara but she was alre-ady up and re-ady. She will be the one to drive her mum to the airport. I took my madam luggages to her car and arranged it inside the boot of the car, I got inside and we all prayed together,after praying,mrs onome hvgged the two girls, when it gets to my turn to my greatest surprise she hvgged me also.
*first time in history,this house is beginning to make s£nce*
She walk throu-gh the exit door followed by stella and me, she entered the car. Sara also entered,she told yvonne to join them,that i should take care of the house.. They drove throu-gh the get, tunde was alre-ady there saluting. She st©pped,I sighted her giving tunde something but i was sure it is money.. She drove out of the compound completely. Tunde closed the gate and start counting the money. I called is name and he did not respond,I was sure he was still angry because of what i said to him.
I walked straight to his post and we engaged in the following conversation.

Me : Ogbeni tunde, you no hear your name?

Tunde : who be ogbeni? shey u no go carry yourself comot for my domot.

Me : No vex nau,, I just dey joke for that yesterday stuff, I no mean am at all, peson no fit follow u pl@yagain.

Tunde : I no want that kind pl@yat all,, where my #200 naira sef?

Me : *laughing,I brou-ght out #500* take am, you too like money.

Tunde : *smiled* ehh ehn, that girl wey madam carry come nah big girl o.. I just dey give am eyes since but she no reason my side at all.

Me : Haaaaa , tunde u don see another work ?

Tunde : we-tin happen?

Me : If u neva see another work,just no near that girl,because madam go sack u with no salary.

Tunde : Taaarh, shey i no be human ni?

Me : Change t©pic sha.

*We gist for long, I told tunde how sara acted yesterday,how she changed and what madam told me about me not joining bad gang not knowing am the bad gang himself.. We laughed it out.
I was waiting for the girls to come back, I stayed with tunde till 9 : 00 am but they didn’t show up. I was about going in when we heard horn. Tunde rushed to open the gate, I looked clearly and it was yvonne driving..
*i said it,this yvonne is not from the village*
I left tunde at the gate to meet the girls, yvonne packed the car,I opened the boot immediately and brou-ght out every thing they bought.
We got inside, and sara said to me.

Sara : Nick can you imagine yvonne knows the road to the airport? I never directed her while coming back.

Me : *surprised* Na waah o.. Yvonne have you stayed in lagos before.. Because we where told you are from the village o?

Yvonne : (just smiling) well,, have been in lagos while working for a white man. Tho, when i lost my dad,I have to go back to the village where i stayed till i was told to come and join you guys yeah *wi-nks*

Sara : hmmm, how come my mum never told me all this?

Yvonne : must you know everything madam.

*was still looking at her,there something about yvonne am still yet to know.

Yvonne : Nick why looking at like that?

Me : (cleared throat) Nothing, Am still wondering how you got know the street of Lagos,but you’ve cleared us, sorry for your lost tho.

Yvonne : its nothing,am getting over it. So guys what next.

Sara : Nothing, I’ll just have my break fast and go for lectures.

Yvonne : Nick what about you?

Me : after break fast,I’ll wash some clothes then take a nap.

Yvonne : Ok Then,less i forget, we bought fried rice from shoprite, this is yours nick, I’ll with sara in her room,we’ve got some females stuff to look at.

(They both laugh and carried what they bought inside their room, Hmm,female stuff indeed. Yvonne is friendly and the way she speaks, She has this British as-set and again the way she look, very beautiful tall lady,the one that i can’t imagine was her *UKWULICIOUS*
I ate my food then brou-ght out my clothes to wash them in a laundry machine,it was 10am when i the two girls c@m£ out,sara was alre-ady re-ady for school, sara is pretty but not prettier than yvonne,sara is what we should call big girl,she uses iphone 6 and drives her mum latest range rover sport to school,she schools at unilag.

Sara : Nick am off to school o

Me : Ok, won’t yvonne follow you to school.

Yvonne : Haaa, No o.. I’ve got to rest nau

Me : Oh,yeah.. You have to

Sara : Ok guys am off,take care of the house nick o

*she entered the car,start the engine,she drove out of the compound.. Me and yvonne was left alone in the building,she helped me out with the clothes am washing and after spraying the clothes, we entered inside to have so gist.

Yvonne : So nick, tell me about yourself

Nick : Not now o..

Yvonne : Why?? Are you shy

Me : (smiles) Hmm,No am not.. I just have something to do and its bothering me. But I’ll solve it.

Yvonne : what’s bothering you, just tell me. I might be of help you know.

Me : *surprised* Haaa .. Don’t bother yourself jaare

Yvonne : just tell me about your self joor

(She insisted,so i told yvonne everything about me,how i dropped school,and how have not spoke with my family for years,I only spoke with my family once and that was when i c@m£ to lagos,and that was with my madam phone.
My madam will always give me the excuses that she lost her line,but i wrote the number in a piece of paper when my madam mistakenly drop her. Phone at the sitting room and went inside, I was fast to copy the number out,before she c@m£ to take her phone, but the last digit is missing,since then have not called my parent,I told her every thing,she pitied me,and ask me why my madam refused me to speak with my parent,I told her may she was scared to i was gonna report to my dad how she treats me.
She told me not to worry, she told me to wait that she will be with me shortly.
She went inside and she c@m£ out holding a shopping bag.. She hand it over to me.

Me : what is this yvonne?

Yvonne : Open it dear

Me : (I re-moved the parcel and it was something unbelievable, An iphone 6 new one..) No yvonne,where did you get this because i can’t take it,where did you get the money to get an iphone 6 for christ sake?

Yvonne : it was the white man that gave it to me,he used it as a pres£nt to console me when i lost my dad.
But i don’t nee-d it, so plea-se take it.

Me (surprised and don’t know what to say) plea-se i can’t take this, am not buying this story.

Yvonne : Ohh! You think i stole it right. (With anger) give it to me,I thought i was helping

*she collected it  from and put it back in the carton,while i was still looking at her.

Should i collect it?? Confused!

To be continued….

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