Nick The House help – episode 3

Nick The House Help

Episode 3

*It was sunset,a bright day the early morning sun flashes into my eyes, it was monday alre-ady. i slowly c@m£ down from my be-d,say my prayers then walk throu-gh my bathroom to freshen up.. After freshening up,Then i opened the door. The sound in the sitting room got me thinking who was there this early,It can’t be my madam because am sure she will be dressing for work.
I c@m£ out and saw sara watching mtv base,she never saw me as i walk throu-gh the kitchen to warm the meal,I make sure the kitchen is clean then i started cleaning the sitting room,sara was still focused watching the TV. Until i get closer to where she was sitting that’s when she knew i was there.

Me : Madam sara,plea-se excuse me i nee-d to dust the chairs
Sara : Have you dust other chairs?

Me : Yes, I’ve dust other chairs..
*she move to the other chair,while i dust the chairs. My madam soon c@m£ out from her room,looking nice and the perfume she spray can take peson pikin to other planets. I greeted her but sara didn’t. Even notice her mum in the sitting room and and her mum said to her.
Mrs Onome : Sweetheart.

Sara : (turned around) Oh mum, I never knew you’re here.
Mrs Onome : I know, don’t you have lectures today?

Sara : I do , but I’ll be going by 10am

Mrs Onome : Ok, that’s fine (she brou-ght out money from her hand bag then gave sara #3000 and turned to me) is the car neat?
Me : Yes ma,, but not the one you used yesterday.

Mrs Onome : Get me the key of the toyota camry.

(I got the key and handed it over to her,, she gave me #1000 to buy detergents, she said she was coming back with a visitor and she wants the house neat.. She said bye to us as she walk true the exit door.. Sara on the other hand went straight to her room and after cleaning the house, I got outside the sitting room to meet tunde who is alre-ady listening to his morning news.

Me : Good morning tunde

Tunde : Good morning, how far my #200 nau?

Me : I go give you later, see ehn.. Madam talk say she dey come back with visitor today o,, and as i dey see am,the visitor go dey stay with us for this ap@rtment o.

Tunde : (Oluwa jesu) Na yin be say.. Madam wan s£nd you go back to village o

Me : (shocked) shut up there, which kind joke be this one nau, take time o, no talk we-tin i go take vex for you o
Tunde : I dey tell you the real thing, shey you see that letter wey i give madam yesterday, I re-ad am.. The later na from madam sister wey dey village,she talk say the sister go arrive lagos today so madam go pick am if she arrive.

Me :(still looking at him) How that one take affect me?

Tunde : Madam be like say she wan travel o, and she no trust you to stay for this house alone with her daughter.. Na girl she wan carry come.

Me : Na lie, if na true then you own job no secure.. You know say madam late husband and my papa na childhood friend. So you no relate to her at all.

Tunde : (off his radio) meaning?

Me : meaning say dem go trowey you for street.

Tunde : (angry) oyah comot for here *Ode oshi*

Me : You dey pursue me? Ok o

* I took the plates he used to eat last night and went back inside thinking of what tunde just told me.

* what if he is telling the truth?

* No, madam would have inform me nau.

* It might be true,because last night she was discussing with her daughter about traveling issues.

* Or may be the visitor is just coming to help out.

* But I see no work in this house o

(I keep on asking my self questions without knowing the answers to them all. I was not happy because I’ve not done what i c@m£ here for.. At least madam would have help me get something doing before planning to s£nd me out, Oh Lord what have i done? I was lost in thought. Not knowing sara have been calling my name. She c@m£ closer to where i was seating then she tapped me on my shoulder.
Sara : Nicholas, what’s the problem, ve been calling you but you never answered, ok. Is it because of what i said to you yesterday, am truly sorry.

Me (I don’t know what to say but finally i said to her) Am fine sara.
Sara : but why is your mood like this? plea-se forget anything that is bothering you,I know have not been good to you,but honestly, you are like a brother to me ok.

Me : *surprised* Am fine sara, I was just having a slight headache, but I’ll be fine.

Sara : Ok.. Can you plea-se make tea for me or should i do it my self since you are not ok?

Me : No, don’t worry, I’ll make it myself, thanks

Sara : *smiled* thank you
( She left me there.. I stood up and walk straight to the kitchen to make tea for her, and also wondering how sara changed suddenly.. Hmmm,Nawaa o,,. I carried the tea cu-p and also brou-ght bre-ad, gave it to her,as she smiled to me again.. I went to my room.. I wasn’t thinking of what tunde told me this time,I just focused on sara suddenly change. The day goes down,I used the detergent that was remaining to clean the house and make sure everything was neat.
I pocket the money my madam gave to me.. Sara on the other hand did not go for lectures she was home throu-gh out the day.. I was waiting for my madam and the visitor, I don’t mind leaving the house,but i was never gonna go back to the village. #GOD FORBID
It was 7:30pm alre-ady.. I heard tunde opening the gate,finally it was madam,I was looking to see who the visitor was,but she wasn’t so clear to me,because its getting dark, they both c@m£ in.. With the visitor carrying her bag.. Nicholas!!! I heard my name, I rushed down stairs, and my madam said to me.

Mrs Onome : where is sara?

Me : she is inside her room..

Mrs Onome : call her for me..

*i went to call sara, she followed me to the sitting room*

Mrs Onome : sweetheart, how are you?

Sara : Am fine mum,and how’s work today?

Mrs Onome : it was fine dear.. Ok guys, meet yvonne. My cousin sister and yvonne meet my daughter sara and my house help, Nicholas.
Sara and Me : welcome yvonne

Yvonne : (to me and sara) Nice meeting to you both.

Mrs Onome : I’ll be going on a business trip tomorrow, Yvonne will be here to as-sist Nick.. And also be the one to cook while am out, plea-se Nick, I don’t want you to misbehave or start following bad gangs. Take care of the house, and keep them safe, as you can see,you are now the man of the house. I’ll be s£nding money to sara account for your feedings. And sara plea-se,, always go for lectures just to make mummy proud.

Sara : Ok mum *smiled*

Me : Thank you ma

Mrs Onome : You may go.. Sara ,you and yvonne will share the same room ok?

Sara : Alright.

(We all dismiss,yvonne prepare the meal for that night, I as-sist her,she is so funny and she doesn’t look like someone whom just c@m£ from village,we talked throu-gh out the preparation of the meal.. Until it was done.. We served dinner and everyb©dy in the family ate including that werey boy called tunde.. I went to my room, this time. I was happier than ever. Took my bath,say my prayers and sle-pt off.

I Can’t wait to be the man of the house thou.
What do you think?

To be continued….

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