Nick the house help – episode 10


Nick the house help

Episode 10

(Natasha c@m£ in,she was looking S-xy,,Hmmm what is all this? I told tunde let me follow him o,She was just smiling and i gave her the face of

Me : Natasha what is it this time? Don’t you have something doing?

Natasha : (still smiling) yeah, and that’s why i c@m£ to see you.. Why are you always acting like a novice when you see me?

Me : what do you mean?

Natasha : (coming closer to me) You know what i mean dear.. She sle-pt beside me and starts ru-bbing my stomach.
I wasn’t feeling comfortable this time.. I was trying to resist her but it’s not easy. At last,I got my self.

Me : Natasha plea-se st©p.. I just met you yesterday and you’re doing this.

Natasha : Nick,that yesterday have taking over me,, am fallen alre-ady.
This time she start k!ss!ngme,not giving me a breathing space,I tried to push her out but she won’t let go.
“She is a witch i think” trust me my di-ck was growing ha-rd this time, I start pressing her b00bs,she was m0@n ing so ha-rd .. She pu-ll-ed my trou-ser down and start robing my di-ck. Who will save me from this..?
Suddenly my phone starts ringing.. Then i recovered.
I pushed natasha with great f0rç£,gr@bb£d my phone and picked it. It was yvonne tho.
(Breathing fast while natasha was looking at me)

Me : (still breathing) Hello,Thank you yvonne.

*trust me,I don’t know when it c@m£ out from my mouth*

Yvonne : What is wrong with you nick? Why thanking me? Are you ok?

Me : Ehrm!! Yeah,am ok

Yvonne : No you are not,, why breathing so fast?

Me : it’s noting, I was dreaming, one mad woman was chasing me in my dream.. So, your call just wake me up. That’s why i was thanking you.

Yvonne : Hmmm.. When did you leave the bank and you’re slee-ping alre-ady?

Me : When i c@m£ back i tried calling back but you didn’t pick.. And i was also tired,so i sle-pt off

Yvonne : Ok.. I was eating then,so this mad woman that was chasing you in your dream, who is she?

Me : (see question o) I don’t know her

Yvonne : Sorry tho.. Have you opened the account?

Me : Yes,they’ve not s£nt the account number to me.

Yvonne : Ok,s£nd it to me when you receive it,meanwhile.. I have to go, takia. *she hang up*

Natasha was still there.. I turned to her

Me : Are you still here?

Natasha : Yes and Who is she?

Me : She is my wife.

Natasha : Your wife??

Me : (Angrily) Yes and it’s better you stay away from me, Ok??

Her face changed, She c@m£ closer to me
Natasha : so you are married?

Me : Yes i am.. So go and do the same

She lift her hand to sl@p me,but i hold her and I just managed to say.

Me : Get out of this room

Natasha : (smiled) We shall see.

*She walked out of my room*

(de-ep breath.. What have come over natasha? I asked my self.. Well thank God she knows am married #LoL. Tunde cursed this o,as-suming i followed him all this won’t have happen.
I was so exhausted,I nee-d to eat something,I cooked spaghetti,after eating,I sle-pt off, I woke up around 6pm. Tunde wasn’t back yet. I took my bath and strolled outside where i sat down waiting for tunde to come back. He didn’t and there was no light. I waited for tunde for so long,yvonne called me and she reminds me of our meetings which she said it was very urgent. Tunde c@m£ back after a while.. We shake ourself,we both walked inside the room, he told me how he went and how he join the transportation park union,, that he leaned a lot.
I told he how my dey went and how natasha tried to s£dûç£d me.

Tunde : Guy you no mean am?

Me : Na true o

Tunde : (laughing) Oh boy,you don enter gobe.. Hope say you no enter am sha

Me : Nearly o, if no be yvonne wey call,I no no we-tin for happen o

Tunde : Chai.. That girl na witch o

Me : Witch better pas-s am

(We both laugh,we ate the remaining spaghetti, I sle-pt of immediately..
Day pas-sed,it was not easy,natasha have not been calling ever since i told her am married. Saturday went cool,tunde went to work and made up to 40,000N, everything went well. Yvonne and i was always on call. She never missed reminding me of the sunday meeting.. Well” that was how my day went for saturday.

Tomorrow i have to know  what yvonne have to tell me that is so urgent.

To be continued…..

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