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July 24, 2021


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National School Prince Is A Girl Episode 96 to 100

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🤴🤴National School Prince Is A Girl🧏🧏

Author : Warring Young Seven

Chapter96 Lord Jiu Beats You Swollen with His Domineering Power!



After Fu Jiu delivered her words, a tumultuous uproar broke out across the entire live streaming platform.

The staff were staring from the sides, with many of them looking at Liang Xuguang with shock on their faces. It seemed that nobody expected such a backstory!

Liang Xuguang simply couldn’t face the camera anymore. He tried hard to cover his face with his hands.

However, Fu Jiu’s words didn’t end there. She sat in the noisy crowd, crossing her legs and looking like a queen who had the entire situation under her control. Her half-curled lips were visible from under her silver hair. With everyone else busy commenting, nobody paid attention to the good-looking young man wearing black headphones and sitting in the corner of the internet café. With a single move of her hand, she flipped the whole world over.

“Are you feeling embarrassed now? Didn’t you just mock He Honghua’s company, saying that they didn’t know how to nurture talents? Liang Xuguang, Zhang Yingchao, and Nie Xu, I’m telling you right now, go back and give my message to your new boss. I will beat all the contestants in your company until their faces are swollen!”

With Fu Jiu’s words, the views on the live streaming platform broke through one hundred million!

It started out as a normal fan PK, but ended with a declaration of battle between two teams!

The media smelled gossip, and they rushed in like a flood.

Countless people were asking, “What company is the He Corporation?”

Some were extremely stunned, because they knew that the He Corporation was a company on the brink of shutdown.

Conquering the whole Zone C right after his debut, achieving 29 First Clears, and terminating a professional player in 18 seconds—this Spade Z was a signed contestant of this company!

They thought of many possibilities concerning Spade Z’s background, but nobody had guessed that this contestant would be from this company!

That night, He Honghua’s phone exploded with calls from sponsors.

She didn’t know what had happened. She only heard people screaming, “Boss He, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had such an awesome contestant! Spade Z! I wouldn’t have withdrawn the money if you had told me! Let’s renew our cooperation! This time, I’ll give you half a million, deal?”

He Honghua looked at her phone in deep confusion. She couldn’t believe those sponsors wanted to invest more money in her company, and they called… called her Boss He?

This was even rarer than a free pie dropping down from the sky!

He Honghua’s first reaction was, This is a lie. Good things like these wouldn’t happen in the whole wide world!

They wanted to steal the last bit of money away from her!

But one phone call like this was fine!

She got eight calls in total—five of them from sponsors, and the other three from mass media companies. They said they wanted to interview her contestant, Spade Z.

She had also heard of Spade Z, a godlike player who had conquered Zone C.

But there was no Spade Z in her company!

The media asked her to send a picture; that would be good for their promotional pieces.

But the point was, she didn’t have such a person in the company!

He Honghua was profoundly confused.

The media realized that they weren’t on the same page, and they sent her a voice message, the sound of excitement evident in their voices. “Ms. He, listen to this. Think about it first and give us a call anytime!”


Chapter97 Scheming Lord Jiu, Master of Money-making


He Honghua was totally technologically illiterate, and didn’t even know how to open a web link. In the end, Chen Xiaodong came over and the two of them faced the computer, playing the video from beginning to end.

Chen Xiaodong couldn’t keep still after hearing the end. He stood up and screamed, “F*ck, I can vent all my anger now! Now, everyone in the country knows the true ugly face of that Three; no one will support them anymore! They deserve this for betraying us!”

“Spade, Spade Z…” He Honghua found the voice familiar somehow. She was so close to guessing it, but she suddenly couldn’t remember where she had heard this voice. “Why did he help us?”

Chen Xiaodong laughed out loud, “He must have wanted to seek justice for us! Madam, you don’t know about these kinds of online master players. They love to pull reversals on such people!”

“But we don’t have such a person at our company. What should I tell the media when they call?” He Honghua was the boss, and in the end she had more things to think about than most people.

Chen Xiaodong was troubled too. In fact, he didn’t understand why Spade Z said he belonged to their company after all that had happened.

If their company had such a godlike player, would Madam even have to worry like this?

While he was pondering over the matter, the door opened. A young man holding a skateboard under his arm came inside. Brushing through his wet chopped hair with his right hand, he was completely wet from the rain as he showed off that handsome face that could flip all the living things on earth over. “Mom, why did you come home so early today?”

He Honghua’s mood became delighted whenever she saw her daughter. She dragged Fu Jiu over and said, “Jiu, we received help!”

“Yeah?” Fu Jiu knew clearly what was going on. She never did anything that didn’t bring in benefits. She curled her thin lips up and smiled deviously, “Those sponsors called you to add to their investments?”

He Honghua was so overjoyed that the volume of her voice rose. “Not only sponsors, but the media, too. They want to promote our company… Wait, how do you know about it?”

“I pay attention to anything related to you, Mom.” Fu Jiu freed one of her hands and held onto He Honghua’s thick waist, bringing her to the sofa.

Hearing that, He Honghua was deeply moved. She didn’t think about it too deeply, and those rough hands simply couldn’t let go of her daughter. “Jiu, Mom will give you the company after I make some more money. These things are not difficult. Don’t worry, Mom will help you. I won’t let anyone make fun of you.”

“Of course I don’t need to worry when Mom’s here.” Fu Jiu laughed lightly as she still held onto the old lady’s waist. “Let’s talk about the media first. How would they promote our company?”

He Honghua didn’t realize her daughter was extracting information from her. She tugged on her curly hair, feeling troubled. “They said they want to interview the gaming god Spade Z, but the thing is, we don’t have this person at our company. How can I just have one magically?”

“Hmm…”Fu Jiu laughed with a certain sense of wickedness, “Mom is right, you’re not being blindly dazzled by good things yet.”

The unexpected compliment made He Honghua blush slightly. How could her family’s daughter be this handsome?

Fu Jiu tilted her head and looked into He Honghua’s eyes. “Mom, how about this. If reporters call you again, tell them that Spade Z is our ace player and will say hi to everyone at the electronic gaming new players selection contest. Any live streaming platform that is interested can come and seek possible cooperation with you.”



Chapter98 Don’t Send Such Pictures to Me Again Anymore


Upon hearing that, He Honghua’s eyes brightened. “Jiu, how do you know this trick? This way, our company can make a fortune out of it!”

Fu Jiu didn’t say anything. She just smiled lightly.

Very soon, He Honghua thought of something and frowned. “But that Spade Z really isn’t in our company. We can’t lie to people.”

“Mom, how could this be lying?” Fu Jiu patted He Honghua’s shoulder as she said in a low voice, “I saw the live stream today as well. Since Spade Z himself said that he is with us, then he will show up on the contest day. He won’t damage his own image, so don’t worry about that. He will show up, so go ahead and bravely handle the media.”

He Honghua listened to what her daughter said, and she jumped and bounced away to call her friend from the media back!

Chen Xiaodong looked at his young master’s sparkling eyes. He said seriously, “Young Master, why do I feel that you are deliberately tempting Madam? What are you hiding?”

“Xiaodong.” Fu Jiu reached out her arm and rested it on her little servant boy’s shoulder. “You’ve watched so many movies, and you still haven’t figured this out? You die sooner in a film when you know too much. I’m so beat from playing games all night, so go make me a sandwich. And also, bring a glass of wine, then I will consider not killing you.”

All of Chen Xiaodong’s body hair stood up on their ends with that casual gesture from his young master. “I’m going right now. Y-Young Master, don’t you even think of turning me gay!”

Turning you gay?

Fu Jiu lifted her beautiful eyebrows. She thought that even if she wanted to turn someone gay, she would do it to Almighty Qin, not this little brat.

Fu Jiu blew the hair on her forehead out of her face and took her buzzing phone out. Qin Mo had sent a short but domineering message in the same old frigid tone. “It’s raining outside, don’t wander around in internet cafes.”

He was really acting like a big brother. Fu Jiu was drying her hair with a towel, and she looked towards He Honghua who was on the phone. She was wondering how her mum would react if her mother knew that she had found her such a godson.

“Brother Mo, I’m home.” In order to prove that she wasn’t lying, Fu Jiu took a picture of herself and sent it over.

Qin Mo looked at that young man’s side profile, which had water dripping down it. He looked so soft and smooth, with all her hair perfectly tamed. Continuing on, his pretty and delicate collar bones could be seen down below.

Qin Mo’s fingers paused before lowering his phone. He looked out of the window and at the flow of cars for a few seconds. Finally, he raised his phone back up and ordered, “I told you not to send such pictures to me. Now go to bed and I will pick you up from school tomorrow.”

Fu Jiu didn’t understand. What was wrong with her picture? It wasn’t blurry or out of focus or anything?

Mere mortals really couldn’t figure out what a god was thinking.

But another issue definitely had to be prioritized.

Since she claimed that she would teach the Three a lesson at the contest, she needed to recruit enough players.

Fu Jiu tapped her chin with her finger and smiled suddenly. “I should check out the games during class tomorrow. The equipment that Almighty bought will be useful.”

He Honghua came back after her phone call. She didn’t see her daughter, and the wine was gone, too. The sandwich that Chen Xiaodong made was still in the same spot.

“Where is Jiu?” she asked.

Chen Xiaodong shook his head with deep sorrow. He endured and didn’t tell his madam that Young Master had locked himself up in the room to play games and chase after Young Master Qin…


Chapter99 Protecting Lord Jiu’s Bestie


The next day, Fu Jiu kept yawning on her way to school. She had spent the entire night assembling her laptop, so she could barely even lift her arms. She didn’t skateboard today, and instead, took a bus from two stops away. Along the way, many girls wearing school uniforms were taking photos of her.

Fu Jiu had a lollipop in her mouth as she smiled at them. When someone leaned in, she would hold that girl’s hand like a real gentleman.

When she was getting off the bus, all the girls were blushing. They excitedly followed after Fu Jiu and sighed with immense pity after the young man entered ‘his’ classroom.

However, things weren’t as pleasant in the classroom.

As soon as Fu Jiu walked in, she saw a floor full of litter, while Xue Yaoyao was squatting on the floor. With her long hair covering her face, it was easy to tell how low her mood was. Even her fingers tightened when she touched her textbook.

“Stupid Fatty, get the hell away from me when you know very well how ugly you are!” the boys said as they kicked Xue Yaoyao’s book from her hand, “Want to pick it up? I’m telling you, I’ve had enough of you, fat pig. If you want to stay in this class, then tell the class teacher that you want a seat change. What the hell! So ugly and poor, simply insulting to my eyes!”

Xue Yaoyao’s fingers tightened even more, lodging her nails deeply into her palms.

Fu Jiu knew that she was enduring it and that she couldn’t cry. If she cried, then she would completely lose.

People were watching the commotion, especially those girls who were shielding their derisive smiles with their hands. Their critical eyes swept over Xue Yaoyao again and again.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Why did she come back after being expelled? Even though she was wronged as a thief last time, she really is poor. Now that it’s so cold, she still doesn’t change her clothing. She only has one set of the uniform. Does she even wash it? And her hair smells like rotten cabbage. Does she even shower?”

“Eww… Stop, that’s gross!”

Mocking laughter was more lethal than punches. Xue Yaoyao lowered her head even more, almost burying it into the ground.

The boy standing next to her wanted to kick her again, but his leg was pulled to the side by someone with a banging sound!

Fu Jiu reached out and pulled Xue Yaoyao into her arms. Before that boy could cry out in pain, she covered the back of Xue Yaoyao’s head with her left hand and pressed her head into her chest. She grabbed tightly on his collar with her left hand, and there was a sharp evilness in her smile. “Men who beat women are worse than scum. You either shut the f*ck up now, or come with me to the playground, and I will let you have a taste of my fists!”

Fu Jiu kicked him so hard that he could barely stand straight. Furthermore, the way she looked at him gave the boy goosebumps all over his body, and he backed away like a coward.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow and loosened her collar. She picked her school bag back up as she turned around, and her uniform was half-open. She sounded cold as she said, “You don’t want to sit next to Xue Yaoyao, huh?”

That boy’s face was extremely pale and spoke up, “Who… Who would want to sit beside such a woman!” He didn’t dare to call her a fat pig anymore. He was scared that Fu Jiu was going to kick him to death.

Why didn’t he realize that this gay was so capable before?

“I’m taking your seat.” Fu Jiu let Xue Yaoyao sit down first, and then she threw her school bag handsomely next to Xue Yaoyao. She raised her chin at that boy. “Take my seat.”


Chapter100 Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight?


The people in the classroom were all shocked when Fu Jiu held Xue Yaoyao in her arms.

Some of the girls’ eyes were opened extremely wide. They couldn’t believe all this!

Xue Yaoyao herself was stunned from the very beginning. She wanted to thank Fu Jiu, but she was afraid that she would be unable to hold in her urge to cry once she spoke up.

Fu Jiu acted like nothing had happened. She sat on the chair, and her left arm casually rested behind Xue Yaoyao as she smiled lightly. “The dumplings from last time were really delicious. You got any more for me today?”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t say anything. She nodded first and then shook her head. As she lowered her eyes, big, fat teardrops hit her textbook.

She didn’t understand why she didn’t cry when she was being bullied, but was now crying helplessly after this young man had shown his concern.

Xue Yaoyao thought that maybe it was that warm hug. It was so warm that she could overlook all the insults.

“No more, huh.” Fu Jiu rubbed her belly disappointedly. She then moved her left hand, and a lollipop showed up in front of Xue Yaoyao. Fu Jiu was slightly smiling, the corner of her mouth turned up. “Here you go. Girls should eat more sweets.”

The students around them were watching their interactions. Some were jealous and envious.

The most beautiful girl in class couldn’t figure out what was so good about that fat pig to deserve such special treatment from Fu Jiu!

“Fu Jiu really likes that fat pig?”

“No way, isn’t he gay?”

“Look at his attitude towards her. Does he look gay? He’s clearly straight!”

“But he liked handsome Jiang and wanted to keep Almighty Qin. Just how do you explain that?”

“I don’t care, I believe that My Highness Jiu is straight now!”

In order protect Fu Jiu’s reputation in school, they had set up a small fan club in school, and they affectionately called Fu Jiu “His Highness Jiu.”

Every time His Highness Jiu showed up with that mischievous look, that attitude of torturing trashy boys, those bright and clear eyes, and that calm and natural way of dealing with the media, he would look so much like a prince from ancient times who held all the power in the palm of his hand.

Therefore, the term “His Highness Jiu” emerged quickly.

Perhaps because the same kind of people always gather together, those who liked Fu Jiu were all people with honest values. They had wanted to fight against something like this for a long time already, but their power was weak, and that boy was not one to be messed with; he was connected to bullies outside of school. Just when the three of them wanted to fight, they saw His Highness Jiu kick him to the side. That gesture was extremely handsome, and it also vented their anger!

From that moment on, they decided that no matter whether His Highness Jiu was straight or gay, they would protect this young man with their lives!

Fu Jiu completely had no idea that her gesture just earned herself three fans.

Yesterday, she assembled her laptop all night. Now, all she wanted was to sleep on the desk.

Fu Jiu slept through the first two classes. Xue Yaoyao was covering for her, so the teacher didn’t notice.

Jiang Feiyang, who was sitting on the other side, was distracted. He looked at her the whole morning, and he didn’t understand how that little wimp who once liked him could give up being his deskmate.

This feeling was totally different from when he was being educated by that little wimp a few days ago. He was not sure why, but his chest felt tight from distress…



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